Wednesday, December 31, 2008

So here we are. Almost nowhere. Getting this room finished has proven to be a HUGE challenge. It's been a constant argument every step of the way. From how high the wall by the stairs should be, how large of a closet and how many high hats should be used? Of course my way is the right way. Well mostly I'm right. The wall can only be 36 inches high or it will chop up the room. I wanted it taller and with a built in book shelf. I still get the book shelf it just won't be as large. The closet will be seven feet long by four feet wide. It can't be done any other way because of the dormer. Damn the dormers. The high hats that were purchased are the large ones and I want only four of them not six like were bought. I think it will be overkill if we have them all. But because there is only one window I worry. I have to tell you , in the morning, the Sun shine's right in and you can see the sun around the cracks in the door at the bottom of the steps. It's beautiful in the morning. Tomorrow the high hats get placed and strapping goes on so we can dry wall. The strapping are long thin boards that will run across the walls so that they will be level. I don't know if I explained that right.
My biggest problem is I don't know what color to paint the room. My mom keeps saying white but I hate white. I like color. Lot's of color. But because (again) the dormers the room doesn't have straight up walls. All of the wood work will have to be painted to keep in theme of the other upstairs rooms. Do you have any advice for me? I have a nervous feeling in my tummy over this one. Maybe it's my cold. The snot is running down the back of my throat and ,I know, am I gross or what!? So any ideas would be helpful. Until then, this is where we are sleeping...

The girls room have dormers also but more windows so it's always bright in there. My SIL said it looks like the cotton candy machine exploded. It's all pink and white. I loved it when I did it and I still do. The girls are out growing it.

Sadly there is always someone in our bed other than me and Dave. Here, everything is a big party. Yea, I'm in bed with mommy, she won't get any sleep.

Here she is saying, no Chrissy you can't get in bed with us. It's MY TIME.
Here's Chrissy and she says, it's always my time, move over, and she bonks her on the head. I didn't post that picture though we have it.

I hope everyone has a Happy New Year!
Melissa and family
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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Tomorrow is another day

My boy is going through a rough patch.
All these big changes in his house. Mommy leaving him alone for two whole days. (When I got home he wouldn't even look at me! I drove 85 mph for 16 hours straight to get home to him and he wouldn't look at me!)
The Christmas tree we put up that he's not allowed to touch. Grammy moving in with her smelly dog. And now he's teething again! I swear it's not fair. He got his first tooth at 3 months 2 weeks and it seems like ever since he's been teething. Now these molars are nasty. One comes in, looks good and BOOM, the next morning the gum is swollen up over it and it looks like a nasty bruise.
The result of all of this is one grumpy, tired, achy little boy. Who is in dire need of a haircut! What's up with this haircut thing anyway? It seems like he always needs it trimmed. The girls I could just pull it back in a pony and be off. This little guy looks like a street urchin. That's my mothers term not mine. But my hairdressers husband passed away on Saturday (God rest his soul) and I can't call Heidi and ask her to cut Dane's hair this week cause you know she'll probably be busy. On the other hand I can't take him somewhere else to have his hair cut cause if she sees him she'll know someone else cut it. Do you see this dilemma? I don't want her to think we abandoned her when her going got rough. So he'll just have to have long hair for a few more weeks until Heidi is open again and when we go in she'll see we waited for her and she'll get out her jar of lolly pops and give Dane one for each hand and sit him on the booster seat and trim away.
I know I'm rambling on tonight. I am so tired. It's really hard to have someone live with you. Especially someone who has lived alone for the past sixteen years. Noise really bothers her and we are all about the noise. Really. Thank goodness her bedroom is large and she can watch TV in there. Hopefully we'll have her computer hooked up tomorrow and she'll only have to come out to eat. I fear for all of our safety if she blows a fuse. She does not find it amusing that we play football in the house or play hide and seek just to see who can scare mommy into peeing her pants. She said she's been biting her tongue. So there you have the past two weeks in a nutshell. IT WILL GET BETTER! Right?
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Saturday, December 27, 2008

It's all about the kids

This is what the tree looked like before it looked like a bomb went off. Way too many gifts. Way too much stress and way too many spoiled kids.
I will say though, these by far, were the little girls favorite gifts. Kit and Ruthie, American Girls. Thanks to grampy. Grampy's are great. I was probably as happy as my girls that they got them. I've had them since November hidden at the neighbors house. They were the first thing the girls opened and we weren't disappointed with their reactions. They shrieked like only little girls can do.
This one fell to the floor and cried with tears of joy. Then told her older sister she wanted to poke her eyes out.

Right after this they tossed the dolls aside and threw themselves into unwrapping the rest of the loot. No, just kidding, they didn't toss the dolls they gently put them aside and then ripped into unwrapping. There was hair pulling, name calling and a fight between a 21 year old and a 10 year old. I didn't know who to root for. I'm just glad it's over. Thank you Baby Jesus.

On other fronts.... My mom is all moved in and set up in what was our bedroom. I have to say it really sucks sleeping in the kids room. If I couldn't get them out of our bed before, now I really can't. There is always someone poking into me and not in a good way. Poor Dave I don't think he's had a nights sleep. We still have some differences to work out. But all in all it's okay. Except( you knew there was an exception) my moms dog. The poor thing is 12 and smelly. I mean really smelly. I mean really really smelly. Her hips are bad and she hates the snow and cold (don't we all?) she takes forever to go to the bathroom and its fricken cold out. And guess who has to take her out? Me, cause I'm afraid mom will fall on the ice. It's sooo slippery everywhere. It seems all I do lately is take dogs out to use the bathroom.
I get up in the morning with Dane about 5am. That really bites. Both dogs have to be fed and go out. One at a time. So I get Dane some food and put him in his high chair and feed and take out Trapper. He goes right away. Thank you Baby Jesus. Then on to Baily, that damn dog takes forever, the whole time I'm out with her I'm praying Dane hasn't choked or flipped out of his high chair. When I bring her in I give Dane a drink and more food, start the coffee and go back outside to fill the outdoor wood boiler. That's another BITCH I'm sick of. It's been so cold as of late that sometimes the fires out. So all in all it's about a half hour of screwing around. Then I come in and clean up my boy, get a cup of coffee and Dane and I park it on the couch and watch cartoons and local news. That's the best part. Snuggling with my boy. That's just the beginning, they have to go out all the time. Agh! So wish me luck I know it will get better soon. I hope!

So Merry belated Christmas to everyone! I hope good things happened and joy was received!


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Friday, December 19, 2008

I'm Back







Sunday, December 14, 2008

I Won!!!!

Have any of you been over to see Liz at What a cool site! I just won a beautiful pillow from !!!!!!!!

So stop on by and see what the buzz is about!

I'm almost ready to hit the road. Just washing the last of my clothes I'll need. I've packed my Dramamine, my barf bag and my pee pee pads. So I think I'm all set!

Of course I don't know how I'm going to leave The Great Dane! He's been my travel buddy for the last two years. He watched me start to pack and he got his shoes and said, me too bye bye? I only cried for a minute. If they haven't packed my moms computer up I'll post after I get to the state where families move to breakup. If not, expect me to post late Thursday or Friday. Do you hear mom? We're going to be haulin ass so pack your puke pills and give that dog a sedative, we've got to get back home and do some Christmas shopping! (Still not ONE present purchased)


Saturday, December 13, 2008

Please, No More Changes!

A week ago Friday we went to a model train exhibit. The kids had a great time. I was bored out of my mind after the first thirty seconds. I just can't help it. I don't understand the attraction of these things. I mean they are okay but to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on this stuff is crazy. I asked one gapped toothed gentleman what his wife thought of his hobby and he replied," Oh, I ain't had no wiife since 1986." Yes I put two i's in on purpose. You have to say it like that to get the whole effect. I also didn't find it hard to believe that he wasn't married. He went on to say when his place burnt a few years back that his trains were insured for thirty six THOUSAND DOLLARS! Can you imagine?
Anyway, our youngest daughter had to be shown the do not touch sign more than the other kids. I asked her why she kept touching the trains and she said," I have an inquiring mind." Okay than.

We accomplished quite a bit today. This is the attic before. Most of that insulation had to be replaced and all of that got done today. Plus the high hats got placed. Now for some electrical and drywall. I'm hoping Dave has time while I'm gone to finish the room, do the laundry, take care of the kids, feed the kids, school the kids and go to work. Ha Ha Ha Hee Hee Hee! Oh and keep the house clean.

The worse thing to happen today was I got up thinking this day was going to be easy peasy lemon squeezey. Right after that Dave informed me that I should move our furniture into the girls room. What!? No!!!! But that he explained that this way my mom can have her room set up right away and our stuff will be right next to the room we will be going in. Less shuffling of furniture this way. This would have been good to know, say this past Tuesday. Sooo I pulled and tugged and threw away all day today. The only thing I couldn't fit into the girls room was my chest. I will have to put it in the babies room for now. I still can't believe how much furniture I crammed into that bedroom. I still can't believe I have to share a room with the girls for the next few weeks! Darn that sucks. I was going to take pictures but my batteries are dead. So tomorrow I will, I hope, and post what the room looks like.

On other fronts, Maine, New Hampshire, Mass and who knows where else got hammered with an ice storm. We were very lucky and it passed by my town! So many are without power and right now it's 7 degrees above zero. Not to mention the wind chill factor. A few of my bloggy friends were hit and I've heard from Nell but still haven't heard from fisherman's daughter. So if your into praying or whatever please send good thoughts out for those who are in need and for the power companies to get the lines up and working. Thanks....

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Change in plans

I had thought that finishing this room would be simple. That's what happens when I think without thinking. I know it blurry. It's do to having a bad camera and not enough natural light in the room. I think. This is the room we have started to put together for Dave and I to move into. We thought it would be almost finished by the time my mom came. But we've had a change in plans. I'm leaving next week (on Monday) to fly to Florida. Hopefully if the packing goes well, we will be out of there on Tuesday. I don't think that will happen though. I think it will probably be Wednesday before we are off. You might say I'm stressing out about it. The kids and I spent 9 hours in the basement cleaning and hauling out junk so we have a place to store her household. I then took a hot bath and went to sleep at 8pm.
Today I started to clean the bathroom closet. Part way through I stepped on a broken light bulb. Ouch. It took 45 minutes to find the tweezers and anouther half hour to get the guts to pull out the sliver of glass. I haven't been back in the torn apart bathroom since. I then started to rip apart the kitchen and wash cupboard down. Then of course everyone wanted lunch because I was in the kitchen. Do they really need to be fed, breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, and a snack everyday? I left that mess and proceeded to put up the rest of the Christmas decorations. I didn't get far because I couldn't find any little nails and Dave get VERY upset when I use the big ones. I then left that mess and started to read blogs. Then I decided to do a post. Because that is easier than dealing with real life. I think I'm ADD. I also wished that I hadn't cleaned my bedroom closet already because now it empty when all I want to do is go in there and bury myself in junk so I can be alone. I really want to be alone right now.

Anyway, this next picture is of the stairs in the room that we are starting to fix up. They are very steep. No, I did not paint anything on the stairs or walls in this picture. We are really struggling as to how to fix the stairs here. They can't be changed because of where they are located and there is not a different place to put them. I think will just replace broken boards and repaint. And put in a sturdy hand rail on either side to catch us when we fall.
I think that this is the smallest Christmas tree we have ever had. I think it 6 feet. Usually we have an 8 footer. The girls decorated the tree this year very well. They had fun. We sang songs and they fought about who got to hang what. Apparently Chrissy has more ornaments that Marian. This is a problem in there world. And I still haven't bought one Christmas presant. NOT ONE. Have Mercy! (Chrissy is watching Full House)
So next week you won't hear from me at all. Mom and I will be driving with her dog from Florida to Maine. Wish us both luck and pray that I get this mess I've created cleaned up!
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Tuesday, December 9, 2008


We have a murderer amongst us. His name is Butterscotch the cat who is walking on a thin line right now.
We had been moving the fish from room to room to keep the cat away from them. Yesterday afternoon the girls went upstairs and found the tank knocked over. We found Raspberry on the floor and immediately ministered CPR and got him back into water. His tail was missing but he was alive. The girls took turns holding vigil until bedtime. He ate and he swam around the best he could but we knew he wouldn't last and when I got up this morning he had passed. So we flushed him to the fish bowl in the sky. For some reason Delta Dawn is stuck in my head now.
We never found Blueberry.
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Monday, December 8, 2008

My imagination runneth away

Last night the wind howled. And howled and howled and howled. I stayed up until 11 pm and when I was brushing my teethe to go to bed, I decided to give myself a pedicure. Or at least try to scrape the inch or so of dead skin off my heels so my husband doesn't cringe when I slide in bed with him. So by the time I hauled my sorry arse up over the stairs and checked on the children it was 12am.

I crawled into bed and as I started to drift I could hear creaking and moaning. That's not unusual in a house this old, so I tried to ignore it and go to sleep. But sleep wouldn't come because the noise kept coming back. I was really tired and that sound was driving me crazy. I couldn't tell where it was coming from. Was it the attic or the kids room? Wait now it sounds like the basement or maybe the front of the barn. So I get up and have to find something to wear cause evidently the laundry fairy forgot to do laundry again and if there was an axe murderer in the house I didn't want to have someone find me hacked up in my bra and panties. That is important somehow.

So I go in the girls room and nothing. I go in the babies room and nothing. I go back in my room and Dave is sleeping like a rock. Why can't he hear this! I try to poke him to get him up but he 's down for the count. I go down stairs and look around and then to the basement. Nope nothing. I'm still hearing the noise! I get brave and grab a wiffle ball bat and head for the barn. (It's attached to the house) I start to do a walk through but you can't pay me enough to be out there after dark so I come back inside. By now I'm freezing cold and scared shit less. I crawl back into bed and lie there. Just as I'm getting ready to really poke Dave to wake him up I hear the noise again. I get up open our window and there flappin in the wind and up against the house are our Christmas lights. Mystery solved. Time? 3:45am. Mood today? Very Tired. I hope everyone else is having a better day!

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Friday, December 5, 2008

Under Contract

Just when we think we have Christmas all figured out this year BAM something has to happen.

Originally my mom was going to fly up here to be with us for Christmas. We haven't had Christmas together in 6 years. That's a long time to not have your mommy at Christmas.
But as luck would have it, she can't come this year either. Last week she put up Christmas decorations. She said , "I know if I put them up the house will sell because I dug everything out." Two days later, it's under contract!

This is a HUGE event in all of our lives. Selling the house means mom moving back here. Back here, right now, means with us. It wouldn't seem like such a big deal but the closing is on the 29Th of this month. Just 4 days after Christmas. Do you know how much work is involved in moving? It's unbelievable! In the next few weeks she has to see all of her Dr.s. She has more Dr's. than anyone I know. But I don't know that many people with cancer either. She had to get different moving companies in to see what it will cost her to move. Thank Baby Jesus it was doable or Dave and I would have had to go down and pack and move her. Her packing and mine are two separate things. I throw everything in a box and pray it doesn't break and she does it the anal retentive way. Of course she still has stuff from when she was 15 and I don't have stuff from 5 years ago. Whatever works.

I'm still going to Florida. I'm going on the 27Th or 28Th to help drive her and the dog up here. Now that should be an interesting trip. An 11 year old chocolate lab, who thinks she the queen, (because she's been treated that way) my mom, (who will be stressed out and dealing with the new and unknown) and me, (who will be coming off the Christmas high and all the stress that goes with it. Oh and I will be PMSing). That's going to be one fun trip I tell ya. Not to mention that it's something like 1900 miles.

So wish us all luck, we are going to need it in the next month or so.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I'm an EBAY junkie

I have to tell you, I love Ebay. I just can't seem to help myself. I love a good deal. Do you see these boots? Do ya? I paid $6 for them, plus $4.50 in shipping. They are Kamics and they run $40.00. The wear you see on them is from little man scuffing around the house in them.
See just look at the soles. No wear. I will say that I don't normally buy shoes and boots that are used. Gross. But she said they were new and she was telling the truth. My next big score was this LL BEAN snowsuit. It's so cool. I paid 19.75 for this plus shipping. Not even a mark on the knees. You bet your bottom that by the time little man gets done with it I won't even be able to give it to Goodwill!
I will say that you do have to be careful. I paid $25.00 for what I was told was a Columbia Jacket and when I got the jacket it was the inside liner to a jacket. I'm still pissed off about it. The people I bought it from are right in Bar Harbor and I was tempted to go on up and open a can of whoop ass. Ayuh. I didn't report it to Ebay I chalked it up to a learning experience.
Last year I bought half of out Christmas presents on Ebay. I just love a good bidding war. Almost as much as I love auctions. I won't bore you with my auction experiences. But I will say that Dave makes sure I only have a certain amount of money on me cause I tend to go crazy.
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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

He's not one of the girls

When this little guy was born we were all happier than I think we have ever been. I hadn't planned on having another baby and after having three girls, really hadn't expected a boy. I remember Dave and I talking about what would be different about a boy and coming to the conclusion that it can't be too much different than the girls.
See, isn't he the sweetest baby? He had baby acne so bad and his skin was peeling off in sheets because, as the nurse said, he cooked too long. He weighed 9lbs 10.02 ounces. Those .02 ounces are very important you know. He looks like he's three months old.

As the boy started to grow, we saw how he was different from the girls. His teethe started to come in at three months two weeks. He was crawling at five months and by the time he was nine months he was running. We should have known we were in for trouble. But noooo, did we think? NOOOOO, we did not. Let me tell you about our last week. Tuesday afternoon the boy comes to me. His mouth is open and he's pointing down his throat. What? I say. He points again and said to me, money. I say money in your mouth? No, he says, money. So at this point I know he probably swallowed a penny. I'm not too worried and pack him up in the car to take one of his sisters on a play date. On the way home, it's raining and very dark. We are on the interstate and it's 8 miles between exits and the boy starts to puke. I started flipping out because it's dark and I can't see and his sister, upon seeing her brother spew forth proceeds to spew forth. I pull over and check out the situation and decide I should probably take him to the ER but I can't cause there is so much puke. So I than decide, since he's breathing okay, he needs a bath. I get him home and bathe him and his sister and the boy if fine. I don't take him anywhere and figure if it doesn't come out the other end I'll call his doctor. I can do this boy thing I'm thinking. It's not hard, I just need to pay more attention. So the next morning everyone is home. Dave is doing paper work and I'm making pie crust in the kitchen. It's too quiet. Hey, I yell out, where's the baby? I dunno, is the response from everyone. Does that happen to anyone else? Or just me? We find him upstairs covered in VASELINE. The whole jar. I wish I would have thought to take a picture but I was too busy trying to find out if it would kill him from eating it. It didn't, and his hair was nice and greasy for a few days. Plus, we didn't have to wonder if the penny would come out. Let's say a lot came out over the next few days.

About two hours after that, I'm in one shower and Dave is in another and the three kids are playing with blocks. My husband starts yelling to me. Melissa!!!! Quick, the boy's gone! Get down here now! I jump out of the shower with shampoo in my hair and throw on my robe and run. Everyone is outside and hollering his name. It's so quiet. No one is around. I start to flip out. The girls are behind the barn trudging through 4 inches of rain water from that the storm left the night before. They don't have on shoes. They think their brother fell in the water and they are looking for him. I am flipping out! Then we hear him. He was in the top part of the barn. He had pulled the barn doors and slid in between the crack. He was okay and so we we. Just very cold. We came in and had cocoa. Then I put the boy to bed where I knew he would be fine. The only other thing I'm going to say about this is, boy's ARE different than girls.
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Monday, December 1, 2008

Stuck in the car

Hi, I just want to say, "It's good to be back!" For anyone that doesn't know what that means, that's okay, it's not important. What's important is I'm back and writing about our lives. Not that they are important or special, "only to me," but just to get it out.
My brother came up with the name to my new blog. At first I was like no way hose and then when I thought about it I was like YEAH. I do puke a lot. I can't even swing. This is one of those trips that I wish we hadn't taken. My husband drives all over the state for his job and a few weeks ago I decided that we all needed to go with him to get out of the house. Since we home school we can just pack up and go on pretty much a whim. Only this day I did NO ADVANCE PLANNING. Not even asking where he was going. We ended up going westofeastbumfuck with no place to get out. Not even for a lunch. We had nasty sandwiches from a gas station. Never eat tuna from a gas station. The picture above shows how you feel after you've done this. You have to lay on the dirty floor of the van and beg to be put out of your misery. And do you know what happens to a little butt that has sat in a car seat most of the day!!!!???? IT'S NOT PRETTY!
Oh yeah, back to my brother, thank you for being older than me and always shoving the puke bucket under my head right before I puked. Or shoving my head out the window of a moving car so I could barf down the side of it. That's important stuff. I'm so glad that I was the youngest. But feel vindicated because I have been paid back twofold since two of your nieces have terrible motion sickness and I have cleaned up more puke than you. I think.
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