Saturday, December 27, 2008

It's all about the kids

This is what the tree looked like before it looked like a bomb went off. Way too many gifts. Way too much stress and way too many spoiled kids.
I will say though, these by far, were the little girls favorite gifts. Kit and Ruthie, American Girls. Thanks to grampy. Grampy's are great. I was probably as happy as my girls that they got them. I've had them since November hidden at the neighbors house. They were the first thing the girls opened and we weren't disappointed with their reactions. They shrieked like only little girls can do.
This one fell to the floor and cried with tears of joy. Then told her older sister she wanted to poke her eyes out.

Right after this they tossed the dolls aside and threw themselves into unwrapping the rest of the loot. No, just kidding, they didn't toss the dolls they gently put them aside and then ripped into unwrapping. There was hair pulling, name calling and a fight between a 21 year old and a 10 year old. I didn't know who to root for. I'm just glad it's over. Thank you Baby Jesus.

On other fronts.... My mom is all moved in and set up in what was our bedroom. I have to say it really sucks sleeping in the kids room. If I couldn't get them out of our bed before, now I really can't. There is always someone poking into me and not in a good way. Poor Dave I don't think he's had a nights sleep. We still have some differences to work out. But all in all it's okay. Except( you knew there was an exception) my moms dog. The poor thing is 12 and smelly. I mean really smelly. I mean really really smelly. Her hips are bad and she hates the snow and cold (don't we all?) she takes forever to go to the bathroom and its fricken cold out. And guess who has to take her out? Me, cause I'm afraid mom will fall on the ice. It's sooo slippery everywhere. It seems all I do lately is take dogs out to use the bathroom.
I get up in the morning with Dane about 5am. That really bites. Both dogs have to be fed and go out. One at a time. So I get Dane some food and put him in his high chair and feed and take out Trapper. He goes right away. Thank you Baby Jesus. Then on to Baily, that damn dog takes forever, the whole time I'm out with her I'm praying Dane hasn't choked or flipped out of his high chair. When I bring her in I give Dane a drink and more food, start the coffee and go back outside to fill the outdoor wood boiler. That's another BITCH I'm sick of. It's been so cold as of late that sometimes the fires out. So all in all it's about a half hour of screwing around. Then I come in and clean up my boy, get a cup of coffee and Dane and I park it on the couch and watch cartoons and local news. That's the best part. Snuggling with my boy. That's just the beginning, they have to go out all the time. Agh! So wish me luck I know it will get better soon. I hope!

So Merry belated Christmas to everyone! I hope good things happened and joy was received!


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FishermansDaughter said...

I'm so glad you're back and getting into a routine. I've had a TON of old dogs: A few questions about Bailey - where is the smell coming from? Fur? Face? Butt? If it's fur, maybe just a bath and some brushing for maintenance will do the trick. If it's face, prolly teeth need cleaning. If it's butt - ummmm, that's SUPPOSED to be stinky. :) Hang in there

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful tree.

Nice pictures of the girls !