Wednesday, December 31, 2008

So here we are. Almost nowhere. Getting this room finished has proven to be a HUGE challenge. It's been a constant argument every step of the way. From how high the wall by the stairs should be, how large of a closet and how many high hats should be used? Of course my way is the right way. Well mostly I'm right. The wall can only be 36 inches high or it will chop up the room. I wanted it taller and with a built in book shelf. I still get the book shelf it just won't be as large. The closet will be seven feet long by four feet wide. It can't be done any other way because of the dormer. Damn the dormers. The high hats that were purchased are the large ones and I want only four of them not six like were bought. I think it will be overkill if we have them all. But because there is only one window I worry. I have to tell you , in the morning, the Sun shine's right in and you can see the sun around the cracks in the door at the bottom of the steps. It's beautiful in the morning. Tomorrow the high hats get placed and strapping goes on so we can dry wall. The strapping are long thin boards that will run across the walls so that they will be level. I don't know if I explained that right.
My biggest problem is I don't know what color to paint the room. My mom keeps saying white but I hate white. I like color. Lot's of color. But because (again) the dormers the room doesn't have straight up walls. All of the wood work will have to be painted to keep in theme of the other upstairs rooms. Do you have any advice for me? I have a nervous feeling in my tummy over this one. Maybe it's my cold. The snot is running down the back of my throat and ,I know, am I gross or what!? So any ideas would be helpful. Until then, this is where we are sleeping...

The girls room have dormers also but more windows so it's always bright in there. My SIL said it looks like the cotton candy machine exploded. It's all pink and white. I loved it when I did it and I still do. The girls are out growing it.

Sadly there is always someone in our bed other than me and Dave. Here, everything is a big party. Yea, I'm in bed with mommy, she won't get any sleep.

Here she is saying, no Chrissy you can't get in bed with us. It's MY TIME.
Here's Chrissy and she says, it's always my time, move over, and she bonks her on the head. I didn't post that picture though we have it.

I hope everyone has a Happy New Year!
Melissa and family
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Anonymous said...

Looking' good there. First rule of home construction/renovation: everything always takes 3 times longer than you planned.

Happy New Year, sweetie. I'm thinking about you.

FishermansDaughter said...

I love the girls room - bet they do too. So sweet and filly. The only ASS-vice I have as far as your room goes is - worry less about sticking with themes, what anyone says and go with what you like. It's YOUR space. If you want to paint the walls orange have purple curtains and a cherry red bed spread - go for it. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Mama Goose said...

How exciting! You're getting closer. I really don't have much advice for you on paint color. I'm phobic... Everything in our house is neutral. The only thing I can suggest though is to not paint all the walls the same color. Maybe pick one bold shade for 2 walls and something a little milder for the others. We did this in our one windowed, dormered bedroom and it seems to work quite well. Gives it something of interest and doesn't box it all in... Just a thought.

As much as I know you are ready to be in your new space, snuggling with the kiddos is pretty awesome!
Happy New Year!!

noble pig said...

Work worth doing. It will be wonderful what ever you choose! Happy New year.