Sunday, December 28, 2008

Tomorrow is another day

My boy is going through a rough patch.
All these big changes in his house. Mommy leaving him alone for two whole days. (When I got home he wouldn't even look at me! I drove 85 mph for 16 hours straight to get home to him and he wouldn't look at me!)
The Christmas tree we put up that he's not allowed to touch. Grammy moving in with her smelly dog. And now he's teething again! I swear it's not fair. He got his first tooth at 3 months 2 weeks and it seems like ever since he's been teething. Now these molars are nasty. One comes in, looks good and BOOM, the next morning the gum is swollen up over it and it looks like a nasty bruise.
The result of all of this is one grumpy, tired, achy little boy. Who is in dire need of a haircut! What's up with this haircut thing anyway? It seems like he always needs it trimmed. The girls I could just pull it back in a pony and be off. This little guy looks like a street urchin. That's my mothers term not mine. But my hairdressers husband passed away on Saturday (God rest his soul) and I can't call Heidi and ask her to cut Dane's hair this week cause you know she'll probably be busy. On the other hand I can't take him somewhere else to have his hair cut cause if she sees him she'll know someone else cut it. Do you see this dilemma? I don't want her to think we abandoned her when her going got rough. So he'll just have to have long hair for a few more weeks until Heidi is open again and when we go in she'll see we waited for her and she'll get out her jar of lolly pops and give Dane one for each hand and sit him on the booster seat and trim away.
I know I'm rambling on tonight. I am so tired. It's really hard to have someone live with you. Especially someone who has lived alone for the past sixteen years. Noise really bothers her and we are all about the noise. Really. Thank goodness her bedroom is large and she can watch TV in there. Hopefully we'll have her computer hooked up tomorrow and she'll only have to come out to eat. I fear for all of our safety if she blows a fuse. She does not find it amusing that we play football in the house or play hide and seek just to see who can scare mommy into peeing her pants. She said she's been biting her tongue. So there you have the past two weeks in a nutshell. IT WILL GET BETTER! Right?
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Anonymous said...

Hang in there, it'll get better !

FishermansDaughter said...

OY! Poor Dane, he looks miserable and I LIKE his hair. It's cute as hell. Seems to me Mutha needs a little visit from the GRATITUDE fairy! You went all that way OUT of your way and she's kvetching about petty sh*t?
When all else fails, crack open an adult beverage - MaMa might not approve but you will care less.