Friday, December 5, 2008

Under Contract

Just when we think we have Christmas all figured out this year BAM something has to happen.

Originally my mom was going to fly up here to be with us for Christmas. We haven't had Christmas together in 6 years. That's a long time to not have your mommy at Christmas.
But as luck would have it, she can't come this year either. Last week she put up Christmas decorations. She said , "I know if I put them up the house will sell because I dug everything out." Two days later, it's under contract!

This is a HUGE event in all of our lives. Selling the house means mom moving back here. Back here, right now, means with us. It wouldn't seem like such a big deal but the closing is on the 29Th of this month. Just 4 days after Christmas. Do you know how much work is involved in moving? It's unbelievable! In the next few weeks she has to see all of her Dr.s. She has more Dr's. than anyone I know. But I don't know that many people with cancer either. She had to get different moving companies in to see what it will cost her to move. Thank Baby Jesus it was doable or Dave and I would have had to go down and pack and move her. Her packing and mine are two separate things. I throw everything in a box and pray it doesn't break and she does it the anal retentive way. Of course she still has stuff from when she was 15 and I don't have stuff from 5 years ago. Whatever works.

I'm still going to Florida. I'm going on the 27Th or 28Th to help drive her and the dog up here. Now that should be an interesting trip. An 11 year old chocolate lab, who thinks she the queen, (because she's been treated that way) my mom, (who will be stressed out and dealing with the new and unknown) and me, (who will be coming off the Christmas high and all the stress that goes with it. Oh and I will be PMSing). That's going to be one fun trip I tell ya. Not to mention that it's something like 1900 miles.

So wish us all luck, we are going to need it in the next month or so.


KimberlyDi said...

I'm PMS'ing right now. Last year we moved 2 days before Christmas. It IS hectic and crazy. Congrats on your mother selling her house.

FishermansDaughter said...

I'm PMSing WICKED PISSAH right now too and can't imagine taking the kind of trip you've got planned on my best day, let alone all the holiday, cancer , etc. stress that's on your plate. You're the very definition of selfless in the best of all possible ways. Here's hoping your trip/transition is flawless.

carsick said...

Oh my God don't say that! I am the most selfish person I know. My family that lives with me deserves medals for putting up with me right now! Sometimes you just gotta suck it up and do what's right.

Anonymous said...

the times life leads and roads it takes are only made to bring family and friends together, find something within this time to bond yourself closer with your mother for time is ever changing.