Wednesday, January 28, 2009

More snow please.

Well it's here. The snow that is. It just keeps coming on down. At some point tonight it is supposed to turn into sleet. Lovely. Just lovely.
Up until yesterday morning no one knew how much we would get. I don't think they know now. Every news thingy I've looked at has been different. I don't think we'll get eighteen inches.

Last night when Dave got home we had to go get our front end loader. It was down at the wood lot. That wouldn't be a big deal but the wood lot is two and a half hours away. I didn't want to go. HELLO, I GET CAR SICK! This was different though, I was told. I'd be in the truck. An old, very old, truck. Just so you know. Did I say I didn't want to go? So we packed up the Great Dane and off we went cause it wouldn't be fair to make Dave go alone. But I really wanted him to.

It was a terrible ride. I bounced all over the place and felt like I was going to puke the whole damn time. Then I had to pee in the woods and didn't have a tissue. Agh! What's a girl to do?

That's all I got. I'll post tomorrow if I get a chance. We are supposed to work on "the room" tomorrow. We had better cause I'm tired of sharing with two girls a two cats. The girls snore all night (like freight trains) and the cats purr. All I want is some privacy. That's not asking much, is it?

Help me life got me by my nuts. (If I had any)

I've been super busy. My mom has "The shingles" and is a wreck. The kids are bogging me down with school. They actually want me to teach them stuff and sit with them and read. Right now it's Blubber by J.B. (I still aint lovin her but I love her books) So I'm reading every chance my kids can get me to. Thankfully it's almost done. Also I haven't been able to post. I tried to post this already and it didn't even save it. Then I couldn't remember what I wrote and had to start over. I think it was better the first time.

Stress is running amuck at this house. Even the kids are feeling it. I think we have finally got a handle and life will settle soon. Good news, my moms dog doesn't stink anymore. I think she had the dog so stressed out and she was sticky because of it.

I'm working on a new post. I was asked to write about something that happened to one of the kids to go in the history of the town. (For the historical society) I'm really nervous. They have been asking me for four years and now I'm finally going to take a stab at it. I'm going to give you guys a chance to read it first and let me know what you think. Did I tell you I'm nervous about it?

So for now I thought I'd entertain you with some drawings my darling did instead of writing her report on why she can't laugh when her sister gets hurt.
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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mugshot Marian

This is what we call Mugshot Marian.

We gave it to her after the release of Lindsey Lohans Mugshot. As it looked sorta the same.

This pictures is old. We have several pictures like this one, this one was the first one I came to so I posted it.

Our youngest gal looks this way 5 out of 7 days towards late afternoon. She just falls apart. If you want to have a great conversation with her you have to do it at 5am. Which I do. She normally has all of her school work done by 10am. She gets upset if it's not finished by lunch. Sometimes I give her extra projects to make her miss her own deadline. Not to be cruel (hee hee) but to try to teach her that shit happens and sometimes you gotta roll with it. She doesn't like to roll with it.

She gets up every morning and makes her bed. God help me if she catches me going in and straightening it out. If she does, she will rip everything off the bed and pile it in the center of the room and start over. The whole time weeping that it's her bed and it was the way she liked it. If she doesn't catch me it's all good. I don't understand the logic. She is like this in every aspect of her life.

She also has a huge heart. She will bring home strays. People included. If she's outside she will invite people in to have coffee with mommy. Thankfully we live on a relatively quiet street and I know all my neighbors. I've had coffee, tea or water with all of them. Thanks to Mimi.

She loves animals and wants us to get some chickens and a few goats. I want to, but sometimes I forget to feed the dog for a day or two I can only imagine what what would happen with livestock. They would probably rebel and come after me in my sleep.

Out of all of my kids, I wonder who she'll grow up to be? Will she be a teacher or a vet? Will she be a missionary or part of Green Peace? I just don't know. And can't even begin to guess. Her sister says's she's going to be a Proctologist because her butt crack always shows. It would be nice to have a doctor in the family. Posted by Picasa

Monday, January 19, 2009

A Letter To My Brother In Law

Dear You know who you are,

I hope that you enjoy my Blog. It surely took you long enough to find it. I am not ashamed of anything that I write. It's true and it's from the hip. I don't know why you are so interested in it but since my brother reads it why can't Dave's.

What you should do is sign up on Blogger and write you own blog. You can also sign up just to leave comments. If you have any questions please feel free to ask me. If I don't have the answer you are looking for I'm sure we can find it. I hope you have a nice afternoon.

Do you think, just maybe, that you have too much extra time on your hands? Or are you genuinely happy to read about our family?

Your sister in law,

Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Tale of Anniversaries Past

This past week Dave and I celebrated our 16Th anniversary. We didn't have anything planned and Dave only worked a half of day. So we got on each others nerves right away. You know, the way only a spouse can do.

I'd about called it a day when the girls told me they wanted Chinese food for dinner. Not only that but I had to take dad and Dane with me when I went to get it. So that's what I did. (Any meal I don't have to cook is a good meal) It takes 40 minutes round trip to go to Waterville and back. When we got home there was a sign in the door saying, Please Come In and Be Seated. The next sign we saw was Welcome to Chrissy and Mimi's Restrunt. Note to self, put restaurant on the spelling word list.

So anyway we went into the dining room to be seated and John Denver's greatest hits was playing,the table was set with our best dishes and candles were on the table and lit. There was even a bottle of wine. I couldn't believe it. Cloth napkins, serving dishes even the salt and pepper shakers. They didn't forget a thing. The best part was when my mom said she didn't do a thing. She had just came downstairs when she heard us pull in the dooryard. We had a wonderful night with my mom and the kids.

Now I have to tell you about a past anniversary. I'm not sure which one. Maybe 12 or 13. I was working out in Readfield which is forty five minutes or so from the house. I used to clean a huge house out their once a week, just because I loved the house so much. That's another story. Anyway after I finished up for the day I went to Walmart. It was our anniversary and I wanted to get David a Leatherman knife. He already had two, but not the really nice one. It had started snowing quite heavily right before I had got to the store. I thought I'd just be a minute and I wasn't too concerned cause it was still light out. Sorta.
It was true. I was in and out of Walmarts in ten minutes. On my way out the door I thought, should I go pee. But my brain, dumb, stupid brain said," No Way Hose!" "You only pee in Walmart if it's an emergency."
So up the road I go. I get out of Augusta and into Sidney and everyone slows down to a stop. It's now 5:47 and dark out. Yes, I remember exactly what time it was. Well, I sat there and sat there and pretty soon it was 6:30. I don't have a cell phone with me and I'm thinking that I hope no one is worrying about me. Then about 6:45, I have to pee. Not just pee, but PEE. So I look around and realize there is nothing I can do. I see a couple of men leave their vehicles and go in the bushes. I can't do that. I keep thinking that the mess up in front of me will clear up soon. It didn't. At 7:30 I'm a frickin mess. I'm going to wet my pants and I'm sure my family must be frantic about where I am. I start looking around in the van for something to pee into. Nothing. Then I spy an empty gallon water jug. I'm thinking, that's great, I can't pee in that hole. But Wait! I have Leatherman! And that's what I did. I cut the top off and you know the rest.
About 20 minutes after that I was greatly relieved (In more than one way.) that traffic started to move. I started to gather speed and I as did I noticed that headlight were facing me. Huh. Then I got it. Everyone started out going tooo fast and the roads were sooo icy that they ditched. I started to panic but just took my foot off the gas peddle. I didn't go in the ditch and the rest of the way home I went 25 mph. I walked into the house at 9:05pm. The kids were all in bed sleeping and Dave wasn't even home. No one had even missed me. Dave came home right after that and when I asked him where he'd been he said he'd been out to the bar with some guys from work. Let's just say he didn't get his Leatherman or anything else that night. The next day I went and got myself a cellphone.

Little Man

Posted by PicasaToday is an excellent day. We were at Walmarts at 6:30 am. The shelves were stocked and the people were friendly. It was such a great experience that I got the kids Dunkin Donuts on the way home. Well maybe for myself to. But I only had one.
When we got home no one even knew we had been gone. Dane was with us. With out a diaper! He made it home without making a mess. Then after we got home he pooped on the potty! Yea! It's the first time! What a big boy. Now he probably won't do it again for 6 months but hey that's what diapers are for. Actually I'm hoping to have him day trained by the end of the week. It's up to him though. I'm not a big potty pusher. What I am is LAZY. I figure as long as they are trained by the time they are married, that it's all good.
Actually, I'm trying to cut back on shopping. Food and personal products. With the exception of toilet paper. I'll try anything once with the exception of T.P. Don't nobody mess with my paper. I won't go into detail but with a house full of girls, good paper is hard to come by.
This morning we cleaned out the cupboards and the pantry. I bet we have three weeks worth of food. With the exception of fresh foods. It was a good feeling. Now I'm in a cooking mood. I'll let you know how it turns out.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Okay, the news people lied. It is -30 outside. I bet it's even colder than that. The news said it was only -9. But I know they lie because we have 4, yes, 4 thermometers hung up outside. Not all in the same place either. As I walked the dogs I took the flashlight and read them all. The one one the front of the barn actually said -35. So there. It's truckin cold here and has been for the last few days.

Right now it's only 60 in the house. That's what happens when you buy a house that 140 years old. You sink Lot's of money into it hoping you'll be warm in the winter and you get stuck with 60. The warmest spot in the house is the hall closet. It's probably 80 in there. I think I'll grab a sleeping bag and take a nap. I'm really dragging arse today.

Did I tell you we went out last night? Yup, we did. It was the first time we have been out on a date since News Years Eve 2007. We went out with my x-step sister who I'll always call my sister and her husband. We started out with mudslides at their house and went to dinner. We had more mudslides, dinner and I paid $7.50 for a shot of Bailey's. WTF? That place wasn't moving much. It was too cold for all the drunks to come out I guess. So we went to a club that was having a retro night. There we got white Russians. They made it with Allen's. Warning, never get cheap booze. The Very gay bar tender gets angry when you bring it back and tell him it tastes like shit. He'll even tell you that you need to be more specific than that. How much more did he need? It tasted like coffee flavored cough drops. But much worse. After we got that settled we sat back to enjoy the show. The DJ was spinning 80's music and there was a movie screen playing the Wizard Of Oz. Now I haven't been to a club in more years than I can count. There were elevated stages in the corners and people dancing on them. One female couple needed to get a room. I think they were doing it for shock value, they probably were not even lesbians. I will say my husband watched them a bunch. In the other corner was a man about 50. He was dancing with a young gal in her early 20's. He danced 8 songs in a row. I counted. I thought they were going to have to get out the defibrillator. Ewwww he was all sweaty. Sorry I just wanted you to picture what I saw. And in the other corner was this man and woman. The lady had longish blond curly hair and 80's glasses. She had on a tank top and jeans. She was swinging her thang all over the place. I'd say the couple was in their 40's but I'm not sure where. The man, now he was a different story, he was thin, wearing a pair of blue jeans and a short sleeve button down shirt. What was really creepy was his facial hair and glasses. He had a beard and stash that was kept close. He just looked creepy. Pedophile creepy. The worse thing was he sang to every song! I mean like he was the singer. At one point Dave said that guy is making me uncomfortable. At that point I didn't even know he noticed that couple with all the other boobs flopping around. I said what's up with them? He said, "You know, they look like swingers." At that I laughed and asked him how he would know what swingers looked like? Then we all laughed because that's what you'd imagine they would look like.
I will say that I do not know any swingers or at least I don't think I do. DO you? Ha Ha hee hee I crack myself up.

I started this post yesterday, but I was hung over and didn't finish it. It has warmed up since than and we are do to get 6 to 9 inches of snow today and tomorrow get another 3 to 5. The snow is coming down wet and is great for snowballs and forts. So I'm going to put on a pot of white chicken chili and then take the kids out to have some snow fun while we can.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

We are the norm

This is sort of a hard post to write. My husband said I can write about whatever I want he doesn't care. Just don't make me look like an arsehole he said. What exactly does that mean?
I think he is going to think I am making him look like an asshole with this post. But I'm not. My husband is a hard worker a great father and a loving husband who will do anything for me and the kids. Including let my mother move in with us.
Here is our dirty secret....

We don't have health insurance. It's offered to us through his work. At a whooping $849.00 a month. It doesn't even cover much. So we had to decline it. We even had to sign a statement saying that we declined it. So I thought, I will get a job. I will work for health insurance. I got a part time job. It's all I could get without an education and being out of work for 10 years. A big orange company hired me part time and offered me health insurance. I thought we hit the jackpot!
During the summer I worked almost full time. Insurance cost roughly ninety bucks a week. I had to pay a babysitter at times because of schedule conflicts with Dave but I didn't keep track of what I was paying out. Fall rolled around and hours were cut. Marian got sick and I took her to the Dr. It was the first time I used the insurance. When I produced the card the receptionist smiled at me and said "Yea, you have health insurance now, Mrs. Zawistowski." I have to tell you. I was proud. So proud of the fact that I had insurance and my kid could go to the Dr.
How quickly I deflated when her face fell as she looked at the card. She said," I will submit the bill and we'll see." That was it. End of conversation.
Marian had a virus and they did a strep test.
Six weeks later I get a bill from the insurance company. My portion of the Dr.s visit was $90.00 plus I had to pay for the strep test. The Dr.s visit itself was $120.00. They paid $30.00.
Sometimes I only worked 4 hours at a time. The store reasoned, we will work you a few days a week between 4 and 6 hours. I tried to explain I lived 13 miles away. That was 26 miles round trip. With gas prices it wasn't working. Then I didn't make any money. All my money was going to insurance. Then I didn't have insurance cause I wasn't working my $90.00 a week. Does this make sense? I was driving back and forth to work, paying for gas and a sitter and sometimes not getting any money at the end of week because I owed for back insurance. That I couldn't use. I was really confused.
This caused major strife in our lives. I kept telling Dave we HAVE TO HAVE health insurance. I couldn't see the big picture. We didn't have it. I worked all summer and lost money. After we sat down and went through receipts we figured I spent at the least$1,500.00 going to work. Holy fricken hand job.

I quit my job.

We can't get insurance just on our children. Even though the state of Maine said, and I quote, " No child shall go uninsured." Mine are. We make more that fifty eight thousand a year. That's the cut off. That's before taxes. After taxes we don't. That doesn't count. We have four kids. Just because one is over 18 doesn't mean we don't help her or we never buy her anything. "Excuse me child, your over 18 we must never help you, now get out of our house." Yes, I'm being Sarcastic.
A side note. Maine's Next Generation, the college fund you pay for now while the kids are small so they can go to college later, you have to make under fifty eight thousand dollars..... Yeah, that's right. Just telling you so you know. Also the "Gear up" program. You have to qualify for free or reduced lunch.

What's a family to do? I have a husband who feels like he's failing because we don't have insurance. Society makes it that way. My husband has a wife that lays awake at night and thinks of things like, what if the Dr. tells us on of our babies has cancer and they can't help us cause we don't have any money. This does happen. I've seen it.

Every time we spend a dollar in the back of our minds we are thinking what if someone gets sick. Two weeks ago our daughter was sick and thankfully she was okay. I wanted to bring her to the doctor but couldn't. So we waited it out. She is allergic to penicillin products as well as macrobiotics. When she gets ill it is a guessing game of what to give her. Not only that but most of the time it has to be administered at the hospital which they charge you for or at the doctors office with an ambulance on stand by. And what they give her, nothing is generic and costs a fortune.

I'm not telling you all of this for pity. Don't think that. What I'm saying is this is the norm. People out there that have good insurance need to realize how fortunate they are. It's not normal.. That's all

I have to add this in. After I wrote this I lost one person who followed me and everyone else seems to pity me. It's not like that. We could pay for health insurance. We just would have to go without other things. Some of them are more important than others but we could do it. I'm just trying to be honest. I like that, honesty. It's important to me. I want to thank the gals who sent info of where to look for info. I'll check it out. What I won't take is any form of welfare. We don't need welfare. Our bills are all paid and paid on time. Our kids have everything they need. Just don't ask them because thay will tell you they don't have a wii and everyone else has one. I just wanted to throw that in cause I can see my husbands blood pressure starting to rise after he reads this....Ha HA hee Hee

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Have you ever had an animal in your life that you loved more than the people around you?

Well, we have had not one, but two of those animals. Don't get me wrong. I love the kids more than anything. When I said people around you, I meant, well you know what I mean.

How can you not love animals that love your baby? This was a daily occurrence at our house. Our dog, Gus, our cat JB and our baby, Tina.

Nap time looked like this everyday. The dog and the cat would stay there until she woke up. Sometimes all afternoon.

Sadly neither animal is still with us. JB disappeared one day never to return and Gus (also know as anal gland boy) made it here to Maine with us but passed on right before his tenth birthday. (We still have baby Tina but now we call her Chrissy)

See, we have more than one picture of them this way. In case you thought this was a one time thing. Though this ones minus the cat.

I've been thinking a lot of Gus lately. Especially since the girls always ask if I think he's cold buried out back. Chrissy is worried that green blanky isn't keeping him warm and wants to dig him up and put another one around him. Did I mention that he died in 2004? Posted by Picasa

Friday, January 9, 2009

This week has been very difficult for us. I started the week out sick and the girls finished it sick. We tried to get all of our school work in but it didn't happen.

I don't often talk about home schooling my kids. I never know how to answer people who throw out questions or comments that aren't nice. I know everyone has an opinion and seldom is that opinion like mine.

Recently a woman that I know from town let me in on a secret. People in my neighborhood think I'm strange because I don't send my kids to a school. It apparently doesn't matter what kind of a school they would go to as long as they went to school. I'm sure they think I'm strange for other reasons also but she didn't go into that. I'm thankful that she didn't, my self confidence is at an all time low right now. Anyway she went on to say that it didn't bother her that I home school but others wondered if the girls were learning anything at all. I could feel the venom start to roll through my veins at that point. Damn. I was proud of myself. I stood there with, I'm sure, a dumb half smile on my face as she listed off my faults. Those girls don't get to play with other kids. They won't know how to interact with others. They will think they are better than others and I could keep going on. By the way, this was all going on at the library during a story time. (With other kids their age who like them brought in their book lists to get a prize.) I really wanted to scream at that women and just when I was about to get into a bout of fist a cuffs a scuffle ensued from the front room. Apparently a child spit on another child because he called her momma a bad name. The lady I was speaking to then turned to another and said, You know they come from the trailer park.

At that point I grabbed the kids and booked it for home. And on the way I waved and said hi to each and everyone we saw. I may be strange but at least I'm nice.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Now everyone else has a cold

I finally am feeling more human today. I thought I could loaf one more day before I got back in the swing of things. But as I was showering Chrissy came hauling ass in the bathroom and puked and couldn't lift the lid up on the toilet seat in time. It was so pathetic. Mommy, she cried, I'll clean it up. So I let her. Just kidding.

It took me two hours to clean the bathroom. Once I got on a roll I didn't stop. Walls, windows curtains etc. Now my nose is bleached out. It's all I smell.

I wanted to really clean tomorrow but we have to go get wood. That really sucks. The wood lot is two hours from the house so we have to leave by 6am. I would let Dave go himself but if he cuts off a limb or a tree falls and crushes him he'll need someone there to laugh and scream. Today I got the van stuck because I took it out back to spin on the ice and he slipped pushing me out. When he got up he said," You were laughing weren't you?" No, I lied, I wouldn't laugh at you. I guess if he reads this he'll know for sure.

I think my mom is doing better than when she first got here. Although she is cold all the time and wants the heat to maintain in the seventies. It just isn't gonna happen with a house that is this old. I tried to explain that some people we know keep their thermostat on sixty at all times. She doesn't like when I say that. She also doesn't think I discipline my kids enough. So much so that she attempts to do it herself. I'm not sure what to do about that yet. Her grand kids now stay away from her for the most part. Any ideas?

We haven't done anything else in the room. I think I'm going to explode! Sharing a room with the girls is fine but we homeschool as it is and there is not any alone time. If you know what I mean....

Monday, January 5, 2009

I still feel like crap

I still feel like shit so I thought I'd entertain you with pictures of trying to get the perfect Christmas picture past. Does that even make sense? My cold had made my Brain into mush.

My poor girls. Really they are wearing skirts. Just how damn short were they? And those sweaters? My mom got them at Cracker Barrel and forced me to take pictures of them.

I must have 30 pictures of her eyes closed.
What did I do to their hair? You'd think I was an 80's child. Oh wait, I was. All through the 90's my husband called me Missy Big Hair. Now I'm Missy flat Head.
Hope everyone is feeling better than me......
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