Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Have you ever had an animal in your life that you loved more than the people around you?

Well, we have had not one, but two of those animals. Don't get me wrong. I love the kids more than anything. When I said people around you, I meant, well you know what I mean.

How can you not love animals that love your baby? This was a daily occurrence at our house. Our dog, Gus, our cat JB and our baby, Tina.

Nap time looked like this everyday. The dog and the cat would stay there until she woke up. Sometimes all afternoon.

Sadly neither animal is still with us. JB disappeared one day never to return and Gus (also know as anal gland boy) made it here to Maine with us but passed on right before his tenth birthday. (We still have baby Tina but now we call her Chrissy)

See, we have more than one picture of them this way. In case you thought this was a one time thing. Though this ones minus the cat.

I've been thinking a lot of Gus lately. Especially since the girls always ask if I think he's cold buried out back. Chrissy is worried that green blanky isn't keeping him warm and wants to dig him up and put another one around him. Did I mention that he died in 2004? Posted by Picasa


Stacy D. Briefing said...

What darling, gorgeous photos! I love that beautiful naptime ritual! Very special pets indeed!!! So sorry about Gus! Losing a pet is soooo stinking hard. But tell the little ones that besides the green blankey, he's wrapped up in love-and that will keep him warm always!!!

FishermansDaughter said...

This entry and these pictures made my eyes well up with tears. I know EXACTLY what you mean and have also been lucky enough to have a few of those rare four legged gems in my/my children's lives. The pictures and sentiments are precious. Thank you for sharing.