Monday, January 5, 2009

I still feel like crap

I still feel like shit so I thought I'd entertain you with pictures of trying to get the perfect Christmas picture past. Does that even make sense? My cold had made my Brain into mush.

My poor girls. Really they are wearing skirts. Just how damn short were they? And those sweaters? My mom got them at Cracker Barrel and forced me to take pictures of them.

I must have 30 pictures of her eyes closed.
What did I do to their hair? You'd think I was an 80's child. Oh wait, I was. All through the 90's my husband called me Missy Big Hair. Now I'm Missy flat Head.
Hope everyone is feeling better than me......
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Auds at Barking Mad said...

HI there! I linked over from Noble pig and saw that you mention you were from Maine! Yayyyyy another Mainer!

I'm in the Midcoast area, formerly from Cape Elizabeth. Stop by the Barking Mad asylum ANYTIME!

I'll definitely be back. Us Mainers have gotta stick together!

Mama Goose said...

Those pictures made me laugh. Out loud. Oh the trouble we go to...Hope you're feeling better soon!

FishermansDaughter said...

Another day of wishing you lived closer - I have a fresh made pot of chicken soup goodness guaranteed to chase even the crappiest crap attack packin...if I do say so myself!
Love the pics - get well soon.

Anonymous said...

Missy Big Hair... Hahahahaha

THAT made me laugh soda through my nose !

Anonymous said...

I must say, those are THE most hideous green clothes I have EVER seen. The look VERY flammable, too.

It looks to me like there are ceramic elves somewhere who are very cold.