Wednesday, January 28, 2009

More snow please.

Well it's here. The snow that is. It just keeps coming on down. At some point tonight it is supposed to turn into sleet. Lovely. Just lovely.
Up until yesterday morning no one knew how much we would get. I don't think they know now. Every news thingy I've looked at has been different. I don't think we'll get eighteen inches.

Last night when Dave got home we had to go get our front end loader. It was down at the wood lot. That wouldn't be a big deal but the wood lot is two and a half hours away. I didn't want to go. HELLO, I GET CAR SICK! This was different though, I was told. I'd be in the truck. An old, very old, truck. Just so you know. Did I say I didn't want to go? So we packed up the Great Dane and off we went cause it wouldn't be fair to make Dave go alone. But I really wanted him to.

It was a terrible ride. I bounced all over the place and felt like I was going to puke the whole damn time. Then I had to pee in the woods and didn't have a tissue. Agh! What's a girl to do?

That's all I got. I'll post tomorrow if I get a chance. We are supposed to work on "the room" tomorrow. We had better cause I'm tired of sharing with two girls a two cats. The girls snore all night (like freight trains) and the cats purr. All I want is some privacy. That's not asking much, is it?


KimberlyDi said...

Hang in there. You were a good wife not to make him go alone. I've been in the same situation when we last moved and I wanted him to make the last trip by himself. But I couldn't because he was just as tired as I was and it wouldn't be fair.

Mama Goose said...

Oy! I hope you guys can get your room finished soon! Then you can lock yourself in there for a few days! If only, huh?

Stacy D. Briefing said...

Truck rides, snow storms, AND co-habitation...OH MY!!!Perhaps one day you'll look back on this experience and laugh......oh it will be awhile,but still:) I feel some of your pain, my youngest has decided to camp out in our bed the past several nights. It's like a lethal game of Twister...right foot lodged firmly in mommy's back. Left hand "smack" right across mommy's face...etc :) Good times!

Anonymous said...

Yippie Yi Ya


I don't know why I woke up thinking about that stupid song.

Sorry, totally off topic.

I love road trips in the snow, too bad I'm not there. I'd have to drive, though, or I'd barf.

FishermansDaughter said...

Yech, made me pukey just reading about it and I don't suffer from motion sickness. How much snow/ice did you finally end up getting? We're in the 'daytime melt/nighttime refreeze' merry go round here now. WHEEE! BTW, Thanks for the speech therapy link on my blog the other day.

FishermansDaughter said...

Still digging out?

KimberlyDi said...

Hey? Where you be?

Anonymous said...

Everybody is waiting for your next post.

Better make it a good one !!!

Don't feel like you are under any pressure though.

Just make it as awesome and excellent as your other posts.

Ha HAA !