Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mugshot Marian

This is what we call Mugshot Marian.

We gave it to her after the release of Lindsey Lohans Mugshot. As it looked sorta the same.

This pictures is old. We have several pictures like this one, this one was the first one I came to so I posted it.

Our youngest gal looks this way 5 out of 7 days towards late afternoon. She just falls apart. If you want to have a great conversation with her you have to do it at 5am. Which I do. She normally has all of her school work done by 10am. She gets upset if it's not finished by lunch. Sometimes I give her extra projects to make her miss her own deadline. Not to be cruel (hee hee) but to try to teach her that shit happens and sometimes you gotta roll with it. She doesn't like to roll with it.

She gets up every morning and makes her bed. God help me if she catches me going in and straightening it out. If she does, she will rip everything off the bed and pile it in the center of the room and start over. The whole time weeping that it's her bed and it was the way she liked it. If she doesn't catch me it's all good. I don't understand the logic. She is like this in every aspect of her life.

She also has a huge heart. She will bring home strays. People included. If she's outside she will invite people in to have coffee with mommy. Thankfully we live on a relatively quiet street and I know all my neighbors. I've had coffee, tea or water with all of them. Thanks to Mimi.

She loves animals and wants us to get some chickens and a few goats. I want to, but sometimes I forget to feed the dog for a day or two I can only imagine what what would happen with livestock. They would probably rebel and come after me in my sleep.

Out of all of my kids, I wonder who she'll grow up to be? Will she be a teacher or a vet? Will she be a missionary or part of Green Peace? I just don't know. And can't even begin to guess. Her sister says's she's going to be a Proctologist because her butt crack always shows. It would be nice to have a doctor in the family. Posted by Picasa


KimberlyDi said...

Children can be such creatures of habit. My son was the same way. I am the same way. :)

noble pig said...

Okay she's funny and perfect. I loved reading about her.

Mama Goose said...

Is she a virgo? I have eerily similar traits. When Daddy-O offers to help make the bed I cringe.

And Cathy is right: She's perfect.

FishermansDaughter said...

If she catches you straightening her bed? BWAHAHAHAHA!! Like Mother like daughter...the only time I mess with the kids beds is to tuck them in or change the sheets. She sounds like a peach. Mixing it up trying to teach her to roll with it, it's a good thing.