Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Tale of Anniversaries Past

This past week Dave and I celebrated our 16Th anniversary. We didn't have anything planned and Dave only worked a half of day. So we got on each others nerves right away. You know, the way only a spouse can do.

I'd about called it a day when the girls told me they wanted Chinese food for dinner. Not only that but I had to take dad and Dane with me when I went to get it. So that's what I did. (Any meal I don't have to cook is a good meal) It takes 40 minutes round trip to go to Waterville and back. When we got home there was a sign in the door saying, Please Come In and Be Seated. The next sign we saw was Welcome to Chrissy and Mimi's Restrunt. Note to self, put restaurant on the spelling word list.

So anyway we went into the dining room to be seated and John Denver's greatest hits was playing,the table was set with our best dishes and candles were on the table and lit. There was even a bottle of wine. I couldn't believe it. Cloth napkins, serving dishes even the salt and pepper shakers. They didn't forget a thing. The best part was when my mom said she didn't do a thing. She had just came downstairs when she heard us pull in the dooryard. We had a wonderful night with my mom and the kids.

Now I have to tell you about a past anniversary. I'm not sure which one. Maybe 12 or 13. I was working out in Readfield which is forty five minutes or so from the house. I used to clean a huge house out their once a week, just because I loved the house so much. That's another story. Anyway after I finished up for the day I went to Walmart. It was our anniversary and I wanted to get David a Leatherman knife. He already had two, but not the really nice one. It had started snowing quite heavily right before I had got to the store. I thought I'd just be a minute and I wasn't too concerned cause it was still light out. Sorta.
It was true. I was in and out of Walmarts in ten minutes. On my way out the door I thought, should I go pee. But my brain, dumb, stupid brain said," No Way Hose!" "You only pee in Walmart if it's an emergency."
So up the road I go. I get out of Augusta and into Sidney and everyone slows down to a stop. It's now 5:47 and dark out. Yes, I remember exactly what time it was. Well, I sat there and sat there and pretty soon it was 6:30. I don't have a cell phone with me and I'm thinking that I hope no one is worrying about me. Then about 6:45, I have to pee. Not just pee, but PEE. So I look around and realize there is nothing I can do. I see a couple of men leave their vehicles and go in the bushes. I can't do that. I keep thinking that the mess up in front of me will clear up soon. It didn't. At 7:30 I'm a frickin mess. I'm going to wet my pants and I'm sure my family must be frantic about where I am. I start looking around in the van for something to pee into. Nothing. Then I spy an empty gallon water jug. I'm thinking, that's great, I can't pee in that hole. But Wait! I have Leatherman! And that's what I did. I cut the top off and you know the rest.
About 20 minutes after that I was greatly relieved (In more than one way.) that traffic started to move. I started to gather speed and I as did I noticed that headlight were facing me. Huh. Then I got it. Everyone started out going tooo fast and the roads were sooo icy that they ditched. I started to panic but just took my foot off the gas peddle. I didn't go in the ditch and the rest of the way home I went 25 mph. I walked into the house at 9:05pm. The kids were all in bed sleeping and Dave wasn't even home. No one had even missed me. Dave came home right after that and when I asked him where he'd been he said he'd been out to the bar with some guys from work. Let's just say he didn't get his Leatherman or anything else that night. The next day I went and got myself a cellphone.


Stacy D. Briefing said...

Happy 16th Anniversary!! What a wonderful, sweet surprise from your wonderful, sweet daughters! I love it!

FishermansDaughter said...

Happiest of all anniversaries and kudos for raising such awesome kids.

Anonymous said...

You know, your story telling is getting better and better all the time. Pretty soon you'll be almost as good as Grammy Blanchard !

Mama Goose said...


Glad #16 was so awesome. What wonderful girls - so sweet!

KimberlyDi said...

Happy Anniversary! 16 years is a long time to put up with anyone.

Sweet surprise from your girls.

I enjoyed your story about how his gift (that he didn't get) saved the day for you.