Monday, March 30, 2009

Happy Monday

Well last week sure was a humdinger! We spent the whole week either frantically going from one doctors office to another or at a full run getting to the hospital. I don't care to repeat that ever again. Though I have the feeling that the fun has just begun.

My moms lymphodema swelled to epic proportions and it was thought that she had come down with cellulitus, which is a bacterial infection. Not good going into your Nader week. I just liked saying that. It sounds like I know what I'm talking about. Your Nader week is the second full week after chemo when your white blood cells are at their lowest point. So after much running around the doctor decided to stick her in the hospital for a few days and juice her up with antibiotics. When we got her all settled in at the hospital the PA for the cancer center and the Charge Nurse for the floor decided it was not cellulitus. Just really awful lymphodema. Are you following me? Good, good. Cause I'm a little lost and might need some help staying on task here. What we found out though from my mom at the hospital that she had not told anyone cause she was embarrassed, is that she had not pooped in six days. Ewwwww, I just used the word poop and mom in the same sentence. Now that doesn't sound like a big deal, for me it would be, I would just think you'd pop an Ex lax and go. So to speak. When you have cancer it's another story. Something about back up and yuck, yuck, yuck I'm going to puke and next thing I know she's on a bowel regimen. Needless to say she was damn glad to get out of that place and come home.

It was a long frustrating and guilt filled week. I will write about all of that later. I even spoke to my sister for the first time in four years. Don't get all excited, she isn't hopping any planes to see mom. She just wants to know if theirs a will and who gets what. (Another fun fucking fact is that my mom doesn't have a will and doesn't think she has anything but junk and says crazy things like, it's all in your basement.)

On a great note, my cousin came in a moments notice and car pooled my kids and their friends to choir practice. I just love her. My neighbor Paula came everyday at less than a moments notice to watch the kids. Not once did she complain about being rudely awakened at her crack of dawn with me at the bottom of her stairs yelling Paula we need you now! She always came.

The children didn't do much school and I called out at work every night except Monday. I actually put in my two week notice. I think that's a record of the shortest time I've held a job. But maybe not. Today I cancelled all of our appointments and have been cleaning all day. I have to work at 5:30 but a decent dinner will be made and the house will be clean. I'm even caught up on the laundry.

I have more to write but I have one more bathroom to clean so I will write more tonight. Maybe you guys out there can help me out with some answers that I'm looking for. Or maybe you'll tell me about the special place in Hell that bad daughters go to cause I think that's where I'm going. But I'll drag my sister with me if I go.

The wonderful picture I posted I took on the first day of spring. I've been so busy I forgot to post it. They are so pretty. Even my Hollyhocks are coming up! Yea, spring:)
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Stacy D. Briefing said...

Wow! Your week sounds exhausting! Hope you are taking care of yourself during al this too! Special Kudos to Paula! What a wonderful thing to have a neighbor like that! Salute!! As for bad daughters in hell....I seriously doubt you'd end up there! As for my mother, she thinks I'm the spawn of I guess it'll be good to see the old homestead again one day! LOL!!! Love your spring photos-very cheery!!! Happy Monday to you!

KimberlyDi said...

You are not a bad daughter! You opened your home to your sick mother. Being a care-giver is messy and embarrassing. Give yourself a break for not being perfect. You keep trying your best and that's all that matters.

Your sister just called about the will? I have an extreme urge to track her down. What a b*tch.

Hang in there. What if no one took your mother in. Where would she be? How would she handle this? You are incredible for taking her in. Don't forget that.

Mama Goose said...

Oh Melissa, I'm sorry you're going through this hell. You're an amazing woman - both mother and daughter. I'm sure your mother is incredibly happy to have you to help her through this. I wish there was something I could do to help. You'd let me know if there was, right? Sending big hugs and prayers your way.

Philly said...

Do what I'm doing, spending all the money that my dad has on a nurse 5x a week. This way, he is getting the help he needs and saved his money for and I get some ME time.
Now if I only had someone on the weekends......

FishermansDaughter said...

Holy crap (get it?! I said crap as a comment to a post about not pooping, yes, I'm 7). I've got news for you sister - you're the GOOD daughter - the made of awesome taking care of your mother because it's the RIGHT thing to do going straight to heaven (if there is such a place and I hope there is) girl. Glad to hear you've got some peeps that step up when you need them, oh and by the way, QUIT HARSHING YOURSELF - what you're going through is made of raw fucking suck - you're a friggin rock star. Seriously.