Saturday, April 11, 2009

Going, going, gone

The weather here in Maine has been getting warmer. So that means I have to drag the kids outside daily to get the "stink" blown off of them. It also means that they can drag out toys that they can't play with inside. Like this baseball stand. It is one of Danes favorite toys. I think maybe his basketball hoop might be his favorite. Or maybe the soccer set or or or the football. As long as he can thrown it, swing at it or kick it, he's a happy boy. The girls love to play with Dane to. I think it's because they can always win when they play against him.
Dane's at that age where everything is new and exciting. I wish I could find as much joy in everyday things. He would spend all afternoon just hitting the ball over and over.
He doesn't even mind running after it and bringing it back.
Unlike this guy here. If he gets hold of the ball, you might as well kiss it good bye. And put on your running shoes to take off after him to get it.

Other news, my mom had been really sick again. She didn't receive chemo Friday but we did go to the cancer clinic to get her blood checked. We were there on Thursday also, to get her hydrated. She was very concerned about not getting her chemo treatment this week. The doctor explained to her that it was okay that she didn't receive it because we know that it is working for now, but because her cancer will never completely go away it wasn't worth making her sicker by giving her chemo. My mom has so much hope that the chemo will keep the cancer at bay and she will live for at least five years. All I see is her getting sicker and sicker and I think she's been given a lot of BS. I wish I could feel such hope. She is feeling better today and has even been to the city twice with me today. She looks like hell, her face is very pale and kind of grey. She needs to go in and have her head shaved because it's falling out in clumps. There was a big clump of hair in her room the other night and I grabbed it and put it on the kitchen counter as Dave was making dinner. He made all kinds of noises when he saw it and made me remove it. He said it would have been funny had it not been so gross. I thought it was funny...


Stacy D. Briefing said...

Sorry your Mom is having such a tough time with the Chemo. Hope it gets easier for all of you! LOVE the photos of Dane! You captured some great moments. I can see the absolute fabulous time he is having just by looking at him! How funny your dog thinks he's an "outfielder" LOL! Hope you and yours have a wonderful Easter!

Mama Goose said...

I'm sorry your mom is having such a hard time with her treatments. I, too, have lots of hope that the cancer will respond well to the chemo.

Cute, cute Dane!

Our golden is ball obsessed too. My SIL took care of him while we were on our honeymoon. She told us he found every ball ever lost on their property in the 20 years they had lived there. Then she asked, "But how do you deal with the constant dropping of balls in your lap in the house? While we're eating, watching tv, tyring to sleep - always with the balls that dog!". Um... we don't allow balls in the house. Doh!