Saturday, April 18, 2009

There is always a new day.

Look! I have Pussy Willows. Actually I have 6 of them. Pretty good for the tree's first winter outside. The tree is called a Weeping Pussy Willow. I had no idea when I bought it what it was. The tag said it complimented a Weeping Willow. So I bought it. What this all means is that now I believe that spring is finally here!
Yea me! Yea spring.

Even the river is wonderful to me this morning! I'm hoping we have a great day together as a family.
Mom had chemo yesterday and seems to be holding for now. I have to remember to make sure and check her periodically
through the day. She has her mini fridge so I don't have to check on her hourly. As a matter of fact I have not heard a word out of her since she beeped me for coffee at 6:45am. So I suppose I should check on her soon.
We had some good news yesterday. (If you can call it that. I guess it depends on how you look at it.)

First let me explain this. I'll try to explain it as the doctor did but if I don't get it right don't hold me to it.
Everyone, (yes, everyone) has cancer cells in their body. The normal is in the thirties. (No, I don't know if he meant the thirties or thirty thousands.) My mom was 54. Some people could have a count of 752. It does not mean that their cancer is worse or better than my mom's, it just means that's what they have. (They find out this by doing a blood test and the cancer cells are what have leaked out of your blood cells.) I hope I'm making sense. Anyway, since my mom's first chemo, a month from yesterday, her count went from 54 down to 42. This means that the cancer in her chest is getting "better"!? She still will never be cured but maybe buy her more time. That's all I'm gonna say for now because I have definite opinions on prolonging the agony.

On other subjects, we still don't have our bedroom finished. Not even close. On one hand, it really sucks, on the other we wouldn't hear conversations like the one we heard last night.

Mimi- Where did you go when we were playing soccer?
Chrissy- I had to pee.
Mimi- Did you make it?
Chrissy- No, that's why I didn't stop when you yelled for me.
Mimi- Did you pee them bad?
Chrissy- (laughing) Yup, all the way down my leg.
Mimi- (Really laughing) Do you remember when you "parted"?
Me- (because now I'm laughing) What's parted?
Mimi- It's pooped and farted because we can't say "shart"

Now that's stuff we wouldn't hear if we had our own room!
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FishermansDaughter said...

LOL! Love those girls. Good news about your mom - pussy willows are one of my favorites. So odd and soft. Bean is still feverin' but not as bad. Thanks for checking on me. ox

Stacy D. Briefing said...

Great Photos!!! Isn't it amazing how doctor's seem to have this whole other language?! Sometimes I feel like I should have a "DocSpeak to English" translation book with me when I go to an appointment. :) Glad the cancer cell count is down. Now if they can just get the quality of life count to go up so she's not suffering so much!

The girl talk is hysterical! Priceless moments! Hope your family day is great!

P.S. So glad I made you laugh the other day! Not everyone gets my twisted sense of's an acquired taste...great minds indeed! ;)

Mama Goose said...

Hey. This is good news. I'm happy to "hear" the up-beat in your "voice".

I'm glad the girls can make you laugh.

Hope you had a wonderful rest of your weekend!