Monday, April 6, 2009

Who's your bunny?

I had plans to go to LL Bean with my mom today but she wasn't feeling well. So instead I supervised the girls while they made a bunny face cake. I think they ate more frosting than they put on the cake.
Chrissy is very particular. Everything has to line up an be even. Then I come in and try to correct and get told to butt out. Which is what she has just told me here.
It truly is amazing how fast a kitchen can get trashed when two little girls are cooking. They had a great time. Eating gum drops and jelly beans. They would try a new flavor and spit it out then try another one. ( I don't let the kids eat stuff like jelly beans and any candy that sticks to your teethe.) (Very often)
Here is their finished result. I think they did a bang up job. I've made this same cake in years past and had it not look as nice. Normally you would use food color and make green grass all around Mr. Bunny and make pink coconut for the inside of his ears, but for the life of me I couldn't find my food coloring kit. As I looked for it the girls kept changing the subject so after awhile I figured they must have taken it outside to play with and I'm now just missing it. sigh.
When we finished cleaning up Dane and I sat on the couch and before I knew it I was sound asleep. I was woke up by my girlfriend. It was 5 pm! She laughed at me but I know she was thinking, "I can't believe she's sleeping, she doesn't even have dinner cooking." After she left I felt so guilty that I quickly made Ramon Noodles for the kids and made Dave take me to dinner. I don't feel guilty now, everyone got fed. Hee hee
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KimberlyDi said...

It's strange how a picture brings back so many memories. My mother used to make that bunny cake.

Stacy D. Briefing said...

Bunny cake looks great! My compliments to the chefs!!! (It was always one of my favs growing up too!) Like your dinner strategy....I might have to try that tonight! :)

Mama Goose said...

Nice job girls! Glad you got a good nap in. You deserve it!

Auds at Barking Mad said...

The bunny cake looks awesome and I am in awe of your reserve...had that been me, I would have been in there running the show and pulling a Martha on everyone. *lol* I'm such a horrible control freak that way.

I think I'm gonna get a bunny mold and let the Imp have at it! Well until I can't stand it anymore and get in there and take over!

Oh and YAYYYYY for naps! They do a mommy good!