Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday morning

This morning I got up when I could no longer make Dane go back to sleep for twenty more minutes. His first bellow of "I want oatmeal" came at 4:44am. I went in to calm him down and tell his on no uncertain terms to go back to sleep, but I notices his right ear was all red. I asked him if it hurt and he said my ear hurts. My blue ear. Blue is his favorite color. He calls everything blue now. This week we'll have to work on other colors. So I rocked him for a minute and he asked to go back to his bed. Yes! I thought, maybe he'll sleep until 7:00.
Twenty minutes later the routine started over. I got up rocked him, layed him back down. The next time it happened I made Dave get up. Well, I didn't make him get up, I poked him in the ribs and hissed, "Your turn." In the end we both crawled out of bed.
I got Dane his oatmeal and Dave hooked up the dog and went for a walk.
When he got home I was on the computer trying to catch up on my bloggy friends. He thinks I have an addiction with the computer. Its not the computer it's that Damn Farm Town on face book! At least I can now get horses.
Anyway, Dave has really been getting on me about exercising. It's not that I hate to do it, I just hate to do it. But today for some reason I decided to haul my ever growing ass out of the chair, put my Zune on, do some stretches (which by the way were harder than the walk.) and take Trapper out to the interstate. It's not a long walk, about four miles, but I thought it was going to kill me. I wasn't winded like I thought I'd be. Nope, I had to pee. Not five minutes after I started walking I had to pee so bad that I wished I was a man. The walk took me about forty two minutes. The last two minutes were the worst.
When I got back Dave was cooking us some breakfast. I love it when he cooks breakfast. I don't function until I've had two cups of coffee and by then I'm so hungry I can't make anything and I eat a cookie. Or a piece of pie. You get what I mean. The only thing is, when he cooks he uses all the space. He opens cupboard doors and leaves them open. Every time he needs a fork he grabs a new one from the drawer instead of washing the one he's been using off. Usually the dirty dishes are piles into both sinks. And he hates to use the dishwasher! Can you even imagine!?

I can't believe it. Is the the kitchen I spent hours cleaning? It looks like a hurricane struck. When I complained to him of this he reminded me of the MANY times he's done dishes just to cook a meal and I immediately shut up.

It's true. My husband cooks as much if not more than I do . And, as the kids say, he's a good cooker.

Dane's ear seems to be better but his nose is poring green snot.

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

I Didn't Do It!

Last night when Dave was on his way home from work, he called and asked if I needed anything from Sam's Club. I always need something from Sam's Club! The closest one is forty minutes from our house. So I really don't get there as much as I would like. Fortunately Dave drives all over the state and passes by one a couple of times a week. I think there are three in the state. I like to buy my milk, eggs, half & half and coffee there. Oh, and the spring salad mix. Yum!
While he was in the store, he called me and asked if I wanted some Pull Ups for Dane. (A diaper type thing that looks like underwear for all of you that don't know) I really don't like them but Dane has had a hard time getting the hang of pooping on the potty. I REALLY can't stand washing poop out of undies. These are not skid marks people! So we finally decided to try a box and see how it goes.
When Dave got home the girls ran out to the car to help bring stuff in. They always know that dad is going to bring home strawberries and grapes and maybe a pineapple if they are lucky. So they race to the car. As the back end opens, Chrissy spies the Pull Ups and an uh oh comes out of her mouth. She said mommy is going to be unhappy with you.
This is what he purchased...

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Conversation

I've been driving everyone crazy taking pictures. So much that Dave took the camera away from me and took pictures of me to see how I liked it. I DID NOT LIKE IT! I don't know who that beast is but it can't be me. Time to staple my lips shut and start moving.

I did get these great pictures of Dave and Dane. I don't know what they are saying but they sure are happy.

Yes daddy, I'll always remember that mommy hates spiders and if your not around I'll put them in her shoes to hear her scream.

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You know, I just absolutely love the outfit that Dane is wearing and when I took it off him I set it somewhere because it had a spot on the top that I wanted to treat and now I can't find it. (The outfit) I've been looking for four days! How does this happen? I did all the laundry (what a feat that was) looked in his dresser in case I missed it. The bathroom closet and even the basement. I make my life sooooo much harder than it needs to be.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

We just came in from outside. We've been out the last few hours planting in the garden and picking rocks. We are tired and bit all to crap from the black flies.
I'm tired and I just finished bathing Dane to wash his bug bites and get some dirt off of him and my mom, the women who's too fucking sick to take her dog out to use the bathroom comes down stairs and won't look at me. She's mad cause I told her I would mow the lawn this evening when I was done with the garden and she figured it should be done when she said so. Anyway she just went outside and is mowing the lawn. I am so darn angry right now I am crying.
I tried to explain to her that since she's not stable on her feet or anywhere else that she can't be out doing stuff like this. Saturday afternoon she drove herself to town and went shopping. She was so done in when she got back home that she fell asleep on the side of her bed and fell off! She hurt her chest (She had a port put in on Thursday) Her knees and one of her feet are numb. (She is also diabetic) Now she's mowing the lawn!
What do I do or say to her? I tried to explain to her that if she sprained or broke something than she'd really be up a creek because she'd be bed ridden. I also told her it wouldn't be fair to me either. She told me to mind my own business.
I can't get the doctor or the nurse alone to talk to them and I just don't know what to do. Any suggestions?
I feel like such a whiner...

Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Feet

We went to the Orono Bog Walk on Friday. We all had a great time. Much more fun than I expected. I have many more pictures to share but these picture are what really got me.
Dane's nick name is Happy Feet. When he runs they just flop around all happy like. He followed the girls through the whole walk. I didn't have to carry him once. The total trail that we chose was only a mile.
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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Soccer Saturday

I've been playing with my new camera and have decided to read the manual. Most of my pictures are blurry at best. I do hope these pictures of Mimi make you smile. She is so serious about soccer. The picture below I didn't even know it was her until Kadie told me.
She can be very aggressive but she hesitates first. I'm the mom screaming from the sidelines, "Don't Hesitate!" He who hesitates Masturbates! No I REALLY don't scream that but what movie is that from?
Here she was like the bionic woman running down the field. I couldn't believe I actually got this picture.
Or this one. Watch out David Beckham, Mimi's going to kick your ass.
Speaking of ass kicking, we have to scratch that from our vocab. The other day on a home school field trip Dane told another little boy no and the kid pushed him and Dane said I kick your ass. Now that got me some looks....Can you sneeze and say redneck at the same time?
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Tuesday, May 12, 2009


For any men or man that is about to read my blog today, I'm sorry, but it is what it is.
I stink. There I said it. I've been playing around with different deodorants for the past year since I was told I shouldn't use anything that might promote breast cancer. I have used a slew of different products and have dropped at least a hundred smack er oo's. Before I'd buy a stick of Secret and not think about it for at least a year. It's so strange because before I had Chrissy I didn't sweat at all. Well, not my pits anyway. But that's a story for another day. Oh get your mind out of the gutter. Once I got prego for Chrissy I became a pool of sweat. Slippery slimy stinky sweat and it has never stopped. Until now. If you never tried Crystalux Stick Deodorant you have to. I bought it at the cancer center for under four dollars. I was hooked the second day I tried it. I had a hard time to believe that because it had no perfume Oder that it would work. BUT IT DOES!!!! Better than anything else I have ever used! That's all I have to say about that.
Also, what should I do with this? I mean besides finishing putting primer on it? It's a pie safe. What color should I paint it? Where should I put it? For the past year it's been in the barn where I promptly put it right after I begged Dave into buying it for me.

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Monday, May 11, 2009

Saturday my mom and I went flower shopping. I don't want to even talk about the BIG HOLE in our (her) wallets. We did have a great time finding flowers. It is one of the things that she really enjoys. So if she wants to purchase flowers and plant them in my yard I'm not going to complain. Well, not a whole lot. So the pictures that you are looking at are me and my mom making up flower pots. The moron taking the pictures ,that don't include our heads, or only partial heads is my oldest daughter. Kadie, if you read this you must know that your picture taking skills need a bit of help.

I suppose though, in her defence, she is using the NEW CAMERA I got for Mother's Day! It's a Nikon, COOLPIX L100. It seems to be a good camera. I wanted a different one but Dave said I wasn't a professional photographer. I think he looked at the price and thought that's double the mortgage payment. I did try begging but I must be losing my touch cause it didn't budge him a bit. I have not read the manual yet but as I fiddled with it this morning I can see that I'm going to have to.
I have a bit of news to tell all of you wonderful people out there. Saturday, as we were leaving for the Fedco Tree Sale, the phone rings and I answer it, it's my sister. I give the phone to mom and she hangs up after a minute and turns to me and said, "Your sister will be here this afternoon." Well, you could have knocked me over with a feather. (Wow I'm really hanging out with my mom too much, she says weird things like that.) What I should have said is "I almost shit my pants." The visit went quite well, I have a lot to think about. You know when you have so much swirling around in your head that you don't know what's going on and need time to sort it all out? You don't? Hmmmm. Let's just say I need to think about everything she said and how I feel about it. Then I'll tell you. I have not even been able to talk to Dave about it yet. Which is pretty amazing since I normally suck his brain dry.
My mom has done remarkable this time with chemo. At one point I was thinking that she's going to recover. As I sat outside watching Dane on the swing set I wondered what was so different about her. Why now was she seemingly doing so well? Then it hit me. Other than getting two bags of fluids every few days the only thing different is they upped her morphine and she's taking it. So she's taking more morphine than ever and she's taking Lorazapam for nausea. Lorazapam is also an anti-anxiety drug. She takes this every four hours. So I guess what I'm saying is she's not really getting better, she's getting better drugs. I don't know how I feel about that......
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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thank God it's Friday (almost)

We've been very busy this week. A lot of school work to catch up on and a lot of worry about finishing up on time. I don't know why I worry. I don't really stop school. We go all year around. I still worry the home school police will come and find me passed out on the couch and the girls singing Brittney Spears songs standing on the coffee table in clear colored high heels.

We have had an excellent week. Actually it probably was only good but after the last couple it seems excellent. My mom is feeling really well! I know, can you believe it? She actually made me take her house shopping. We have looked at seven houses so far and they all sucked. Do I think she'll actually move out of here into her own place. No, no I don't. But her eyes have a happy shine to them that I have not seen in ages so who am I to shoot her down. If she wants to look at houses, we'll look at houses.

I don't have much else to report and really need to go and finish laundry so we have clean clothes to wear tomorrow or else my family might fire me. Oh yeah, my camera shit the bed. So I'm taking donations for a new one. Have a great Friday everyone!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Friday's are getting crazy around here.

As I have said recently, my mom has been pretty sick. It has something to do with the fact she doesn't like the taste of water. She has been like this ever since I can remember. As a child all we were allowed to drink was water. No juice, milk or the drink of our choice, Kool-Aid. My mom drank Tab. Than switched to Diet Pepsi.
When I was in high school we all used to go to a store named "Buzzy's" (which was aptly named since we all got high behind it) anyway, I used to buy a diet soda and one day "Buzzy" told me if I was going to drink a soda, drink the real thing not a diet one. I laughed at him and put my Diet Dr. Pepper up on the counter. He said I'm telling you, that fake stuff will make you sick, mark my words. Ever since than I hardly drink a diet soda. I hardly drink soda at all. I switched to starting my day with a beer instead of a dube and a can of coke. No, just kidding, coffee is where it's at. When you have 4 kids and one is 21 and doesn't live at home, you tend to lay in bed at night and wonder if she's home or in a bar and would she remember to call you if she needed you no matter what she's gotten herself into. Wouldn't you think that I have enough on my mind than to add extra worry? This is why I drink gallons of coffee, to stay awake.
Wow, I really got sidetracked. Now back to Friday. Well actually Thursday night. I'm just crawling into bed and the phone rings. It's my friends daughter. She tells me her mom has had a stroke and they have her in the hospital three hours from where they live. I'm sorry to say that I was elated to hear this. Not that she had a stroke but the fact that this hospital was only forty five minutes from my house. The hospital by her is three hours and forty five minutes from my house.
So I told her daughter that I would be there tomorrow afternoon. I than had to get up and start calling around for babysitters. AHG! Friday morning we get up and I get everyone ready to go to my friends house for the day. We drop Dave's VW off to have a tire put on it than mom and I head for the cancer center. It should have been a quick in and out and then pick up Dave's car on the way home. Of course the doctor was running an hour behind schedule. He never has before but I was in a hurry today so of course he was late.

We start to head for home and I call Dave to ask him to call and make sure the car is ready and I find out that it is NOT ready. They took something apart and couldn't put it back together without a special tool. What? Are they not the repair shop? WTF? So I get home, drop off mom and she tells me she'd let me take her car but it's the only one she has and if I get in an accident she wouldn't have a car. Two things here people maybe three. 1. I'm 40 and have not been in an accident since I tried to slap the kids in the backseat and tried to back up at the same time. It was only a mailbox, so does that really count? 2. What's insurance for than? 3. How bout the next time you hand me a load of laundry to wash bitch, I direct you to the nearest laundry mat.

I get to my friends house and burst into tears and she promptly gives me pie and coffee. That's what friends are for. I bring Dane home with me but the girls won't come and have been invited to spend the night.

Whew this is a long story. If I was talking my jaw would hurt. Okay, I get home and Dave calls and tells me he's in stop and go traffic because of lane closures. So his 3:30 arrival is way off. By now I don't want to go anywhere. I just want to take a nap. Instead I start dinner.

At 4:55 pm the car shop calls and tells me Dave's car is ready and I say "so". She than tells me, well Dave said you wanted it because you has somewhere to go. Then she tells me my husbands just walked through the door. I just hung up. I didn't even answer her. I couldn't trust myself to say anything nice.

I leave for the hospital at 5:30 and get their about 6:30. I got lost trying to park. I know, I don't know how that happened. My friend was very happy to see me and I was VERY happy to see her alive and talking. Come to find out she didn't have a stroke. They don't know what happened.

When I got home Dave told me that his tire didn't get changed.