Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Conversation

I've been driving everyone crazy taking pictures. So much that Dave took the camera away from me and took pictures of me to see how I liked it. I DID NOT LIKE IT! I don't know who that beast is but it can't be me. Time to staple my lips shut and start moving.

I did get these great pictures of Dave and Dane. I don't know what they are saying but they sure are happy.

Yes daddy, I'll always remember that mommy hates spiders and if your not around I'll put them in her shoes to hear her scream.

That's my boy, now go wash the snot off your face.Posted by Picasa

You know, I just absolutely love the outfit that Dane is wearing and when I took it off him I set it somewhere because it had a spot on the top that I wanted to treat and now I can't find it. (The outfit) I've been looking for four days! How does this happen? I did all the laundry (what a feat that was) looked in his dresser in case I missed it. The bathroom closet and even the basement. I make my life sooooo much harder than it needs to be.


Auds at Barking Mad said...

Everyone around me knows how Dave feels. But no one would dare take my baby, I mean camera, away from me. *lol* I think it's actually turned into an appendage!

Love the pics of the "conversation"...Dane is so freakin cute. I can't get over that shock of blonde hair. What a doll!

FishermansDaughter said...

SO CUTE! We have the disappearing clothes at our house too - mysterious. Oh and two good days does not a "getting lucky" Fatty make. Not to worry. LOL!! :)
My word verification is

?? *laughing even harder*

Mama Goose said...

Too cute! Glad you're having fun with you camera. Sorry no one else is. They'll appreciate all the great shots later though.

When you find the outfit can you check to see if you have any extra socks in there? I'm missing a BOAT load of them.

Philly said...

Oh my, that baby is adorable!!!

Frank said...

They were probably discussing pickup lines for the girls at preschool.