Saturday, May 2, 2009

Friday's are getting crazy around here.

As I have said recently, my mom has been pretty sick. It has something to do with the fact she doesn't like the taste of water. She has been like this ever since I can remember. As a child all we were allowed to drink was water. No juice, milk or the drink of our choice, Kool-Aid. My mom drank Tab. Than switched to Diet Pepsi.
When I was in high school we all used to go to a store named "Buzzy's" (which was aptly named since we all got high behind it) anyway, I used to buy a diet soda and one day "Buzzy" told me if I was going to drink a soda, drink the real thing not a diet one. I laughed at him and put my Diet Dr. Pepper up on the counter. He said I'm telling you, that fake stuff will make you sick, mark my words. Ever since than I hardly drink a diet soda. I hardly drink soda at all. I switched to starting my day with a beer instead of a dube and a can of coke. No, just kidding, coffee is where it's at. When you have 4 kids and one is 21 and doesn't live at home, you tend to lay in bed at night and wonder if she's home or in a bar and would she remember to call you if she needed you no matter what she's gotten herself into. Wouldn't you think that I have enough on my mind than to add extra worry? This is why I drink gallons of coffee, to stay awake.
Wow, I really got sidetracked. Now back to Friday. Well actually Thursday night. I'm just crawling into bed and the phone rings. It's my friends daughter. She tells me her mom has had a stroke and they have her in the hospital three hours from where they live. I'm sorry to say that I was elated to hear this. Not that she had a stroke but the fact that this hospital was only forty five minutes from my house. The hospital by her is three hours and forty five minutes from my house.
So I told her daughter that I would be there tomorrow afternoon. I than had to get up and start calling around for babysitters. AHG! Friday morning we get up and I get everyone ready to go to my friends house for the day. We drop Dave's VW off to have a tire put on it than mom and I head for the cancer center. It should have been a quick in and out and then pick up Dave's car on the way home. Of course the doctor was running an hour behind schedule. He never has before but I was in a hurry today so of course he was late.

We start to head for home and I call Dave to ask him to call and make sure the car is ready and I find out that it is NOT ready. They took something apart and couldn't put it back together without a special tool. What? Are they not the repair shop? WTF? So I get home, drop off mom and she tells me she'd let me take her car but it's the only one she has and if I get in an accident she wouldn't have a car. Two things here people maybe three. 1. I'm 40 and have not been in an accident since I tried to slap the kids in the backseat and tried to back up at the same time. It was only a mailbox, so does that really count? 2. What's insurance for than? 3. How bout the next time you hand me a load of laundry to wash bitch, I direct you to the nearest laundry mat.

I get to my friends house and burst into tears and she promptly gives me pie and coffee. That's what friends are for. I bring Dane home with me but the girls won't come and have been invited to spend the night.

Whew this is a long story. If I was talking my jaw would hurt. Okay, I get home and Dave calls and tells me he's in stop and go traffic because of lane closures. So his 3:30 arrival is way off. By now I don't want to go anywhere. I just want to take a nap. Instead I start dinner.

At 4:55 pm the car shop calls and tells me Dave's car is ready and I say "so". She than tells me, well Dave said you wanted it because you has somewhere to go. Then she tells me my husbands just walked through the door. I just hung up. I didn't even answer her. I couldn't trust myself to say anything nice.

I leave for the hospital at 5:30 and get their about 6:30. I got lost trying to park. I know, I don't know how that happened. My friend was very happy to see me and I was VERY happy to see her alive and talking. Come to find out she didn't have a stroke. They don't know what happened.

When I got home Dave told me that his tire didn't get changed.


Philly said...

At the end of this post is where you switch back to a beer and a dube for your morning jolt.


Mama Goose said...

I'm so happy to hear your friend didn't have a stroke! Finally, something positive...

Yep. I agree that you definitely need a beer and a dube!

Frank said...

I hate having my car worked on for anything. But then again, I suppose that's one of the reasons why the transmission is shot and I can't drive it anymore.

How does someone not like the "taste" of water? I drink lots of Coke and coffee for the caffeine, but I've never been able to taste much in water except the metallic taste that my high school drinking fountains had.

carsick said...

Frank, I'm with you. Water is water and if you need it to survive than I'd think i'd drink it.
Philly A post ago you said you used to leave the bathroom door open I used to do that until Dane had an inccident with a box of tampax. He had them all unwrapped and down the front of his pants.

FishermansDaughter said...

About the water thing - ever see the movie "SIGNS" - if not I won't ruin it for you - if so you'll know what I mean - just sayin.
Buzzy prolly saved your life getting you off the diet soda wagon - that stuff eats brains for reals - if you're anything like me - and I think you are (and mean that in a good complimentary way) we need all the brain we can save.
I'm with Philly on you switching back to a beer and a joint. Spark up - in fact - let's go a step further and teach your mom to bogart, she'll get such a cotton mouth she won't care what she drinks.

Auds at Barking Mad said...

What a blessing, in light of everything else, that your didn't have a stroke.

Oh and come on down here...I'll put some coffee on and a pie in the oven! Seriously!

And hey, I wouldn't hold it against you if you wanted a margarita instead. It would give me an excuse to use the blender for something other than smoothies!

Cookie said...

Yikes! Sounds like a busy day :(

Stacy D. Briefing said...

The phrase "Thank God it's Friday!" certainly doesn't apply here! :) Hope this week is going better for you!!!