Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday morning

This morning I got up when I could no longer make Dane go back to sleep for twenty more minutes. His first bellow of "I want oatmeal" came at 4:44am. I went in to calm him down and tell his on no uncertain terms to go back to sleep, but I notices his right ear was all red. I asked him if it hurt and he said my ear hurts. My blue ear. Blue is his favorite color. He calls everything blue now. This week we'll have to work on other colors. So I rocked him for a minute and he asked to go back to his bed. Yes! I thought, maybe he'll sleep until 7:00.
Twenty minutes later the routine started over. I got up rocked him, layed him back down. The next time it happened I made Dave get up. Well, I didn't make him get up, I poked him in the ribs and hissed, "Your turn." In the end we both crawled out of bed.
I got Dane his oatmeal and Dave hooked up the dog and went for a walk.
When he got home I was on the computer trying to catch up on my bloggy friends. He thinks I have an addiction with the computer. Its not the computer it's that Damn Farm Town on face book! At least I can now get horses.
Anyway, Dave has really been getting on me about exercising. It's not that I hate to do it, I just hate to do it. But today for some reason I decided to haul my ever growing ass out of the chair, put my Zune on, do some stretches (which by the way were harder than the walk.) and take Trapper out to the interstate. It's not a long walk, about four miles, but I thought it was going to kill me. I wasn't winded like I thought I'd be. Nope, I had to pee. Not five minutes after I started walking I had to pee so bad that I wished I was a man. The walk took me about forty two minutes. The last two minutes were the worst.
When I got back Dave was cooking us some breakfast. I love it when he cooks breakfast. I don't function until I've had two cups of coffee and by then I'm so hungry I can't make anything and I eat a cookie. Or a piece of pie. You get what I mean. The only thing is, when he cooks he uses all the space. He opens cupboard doors and leaves them open. Every time he needs a fork he grabs a new one from the drawer instead of washing the one he's been using off. Usually the dirty dishes are piles into both sinks. And he hates to use the dishwasher! Can you even imagine!?

I can't believe it. Is the the kitchen I spent hours cleaning? It looks like a hurricane struck. When I complained to him of this he reminded me of the MANY times he's done dishes just to cook a meal and I immediately shut up.

It's true. My husband cooks as much if not more than I do . And, as the kids say, he's a good cooker.

Dane's ear seems to be better but his nose is poring green snot.

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Anonymous said...

Oh I wish I had your kitchen...

It reminds me of Pam's kitchen on harvest lane...

Stacy D. Briefing said...

How wonderful to have a hubby who cooks! All the best cooks are a little messy making their masterpieces! :)

I hope Dane is feeling better today. Poor little guy, earaches are the worst!!!

Frank said...

I live with three college guys...believe me, your kitchen isn't that bad :)

KimberlyDi said...

blue snot

Auds at Barking Mad said...

Hubby's who cook are the bomb!

And hey, good for you on the walk! That's something that I need to start doing but it sounds a bit too much like exercise. *lol*

Hope Dane's feeling better and that the green gunkies are gone.