Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thank God it's Friday (almost)

We've been very busy this week. A lot of school work to catch up on and a lot of worry about finishing up on time. I don't know why I worry. I don't really stop school. We go all year around. I still worry the home school police will come and find me passed out on the couch and the girls singing Brittney Spears songs standing on the coffee table in clear colored high heels.

We have had an excellent week. Actually it probably was only good but after the last couple it seems excellent. My mom is feeling really well! I know, can you believe it? She actually made me take her house shopping. We have looked at seven houses so far and they all sucked. Do I think she'll actually move out of here into her own place. No, no I don't. But her eyes have a happy shine to them that I have not seen in ages so who am I to shoot her down. If she wants to look at houses, we'll look at houses.

I don't have much else to report and really need to go and finish laundry so we have clean clothes to wear tomorrow or else my family might fire me. Oh yeah, my camera shit the bed. So I'm taking donations for a new one. Have a great Friday everyone!


Stacy D. Briefing said...

Glad to hear your mom is feeling better! I love just looking at houses- I find it relaxing and fun.

The Britney Spears image cracks me up. The girls in heels, Dane with hair up in the barrett. :) Shhhh! Mommy's sleeping. LOL!

Frank said...

It's awesome that your mom is feeling better. Tell her to look for houses with pinball machines.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, you made me laugh, jsut when I was feeling totally overwhelmed with moving. We're gettign ready to take off in an hour in the U-Haul. I'm already exhausted from cleaning and arranging crap.

Fone me sometime soon, k' ?

Auds at Barking Mad said...

I really loved reading this. I'm glad your mum is feeling better. And sometimes it's just the "hope" behind the idea of doing something that house hunt away!

BTW, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! I really hope it's a beautiful one.

Anonymous said...

I had a worlds collide / security breech and had to go invite only on my blog - as soon as I figure out how to invite you I will - unless of course I just chuck the entire thing and start over - which is more likely - either way - I'll let you know what happens and be off line for a couple days - just wanted to give you a heads up on why.
Fishermans Daughter

KimberlyDi said...

I love to house hunt as long as I'm not looking for a house of my own. Enjoy the good moments.

Mama Goose said...

So glad to hear your mother is feeling better! I hope it lasts! House hunting is fun even if nothing becomes of it. Enjoy your time together.