Monday, June 22, 2009

Puttin Up (Not to be confused with puttin out)

On Saturday morning we anxiously awaited the sound of a big truck coming down our street. Since we live in a farming community (The Dairy Capitol of Maine) we hear big trucks all the time. Finally we heard this one. As they slowed down to back the truck up, Mimi ran out to snap a picture. And I quickly shoved Danes gum boots on his feet.
We raced out in the backyard so we could watch them unload since we had never seen it done before. Usually we get our own wood but because we get it in Southern Maine we didn't want to transport wood due to the Ash Boring Beetle. Which is not in Maine yet but could be. Make sense? Nope? Me either. Plus this was soooo much easier. Take a look at that clamp! Weeeeeeeell Doggie!
I'm not sure what this fellas name is, I leave that up for you to decide, but he sure was nice. He had the best job. I also think he thought we were hicks standing outside with our cameras watching hm unload the truck. We home school darn it! Everything is an education! What we really wanted to do was climb right up with him and try and do it ourselves!
It is a pretty big wood pile. Nine cord of wood, people! It's a start. One more load like this and we should be set for the winter! Anyone want to come over and help cut, split and stack? All th beer you can drink......... (And maybe a ride to the ER after you cut off a limb.)
I pulled this up on The National Weather Service. It's our 5 day forcast....

RainLikelyLo 58 °F
TuesdayRainLikelyHi 68 °F
TuesdayNightShowersLikelyLo 57 °F
WednesdayChanceShowersHi 72 °F
WednesdayNightSlight ChcShowersLo 58 °F
ThursdayChanceTstmsHi 82 °F
ThursdayNightChanceShowersLo 60 °F
FridayChanceTstmsHi 80 °F


Stacy D. Briefing said...

Cool pics!!! Ricardo would have had a blast saying "I got your wood baby!" during the whole unloading process... LOL! When will we ever outgrow juvenile humor???!!!

Auds at Barking Mad said...

You seriously have to chop up all that wood? OMG there is no way I could deal with that. And then the stacking of all that chopped wood. It would drive me completely insane and come to think of it, that's not a very long drive at this point! *lol*

Totally cracking up at Stacy's comment.

And this weather...could it get any more depressing? No wait, don't answer that.

carsick said...

LOL Stacy, I hear many wood jokes.
Audrey, we live in an 1860's farmhouse. 4 years ago we went through a tank of oil in 11 days. So you can imagine what it would now cost us for oil. Not paying it! We wouldn't be able to.
When I see that wood and think of the hard work it will involve I don't freak out. I think THANK YOU BABY JESUS we'll be warm this next winter. Just to clarify, it doesn't mean I won't complain to Dave the entire time we are doing it:)

Mama Goose said...

I love stacking wood!! I love beer!! I'll come help!! Oh wait. I've got my own load right here...

Are you really going to burn 18 cord this winter? Holy crap.

Anonymous said...

Ho - leee - cow

eighteen cord of wood ?

When I win the lottery, I'm comin' down to put on some aluminum siding, with LOTS of insulation...

Frank said...

Ooh, I like the looks of all that least it's cooler there than here! It was 94 yesterday, and it's supposed to be 91 today.

I'd like to think that bearded guy's name was Harvey. Tis a good name.