Friday, June 5, 2009

They are keeping it real, I'm not.

I had another post I was working on. It started out really great. I thought I was putting my point across without seeming look I was a whack job. Then I read it. Then I deleted it.
I'm a big chicken. I couldn't write what I was thinking. Partly because I was scared of me, the real me and partly because my brother in law just slammed another one of my posts. He doesn't do it to me. He does it to Dave. He let's Dave know when I need to use spell check, when my pictures are too common and when he thinks I'm talking bad about him. (Dave) He told me he wouldn't do this anymore but he did it any way. So I'm sorry Audrey, I just can't do it today. But I haven't given up hope, someday soon the beast from within will Break on through to the other side! (I just love that song!)
So instead I will blog this very fine evening of a grouping of pictures. Pictures of my crazy girls swimming in my neighbors pool in water that is 62 freezing degrees! Anything to get out of school work.
They had so much fun! It was so nice to see them acting like best friends and sisters. The whole time they were laughing and shrieking (like only little girls can) about who was colder and who didn't get their whole head wet. It amazed me when I downloaded the pictures and looked at them how grown up they were starting to look. The looks they give each other and the ability to read other's mind. The other day they were really going at it. For hours they did nothing but bicker. If Chrissy was singing while she was doing her math, than Mimi would tell her to shut up. If Mimi read her book out loud than Chrissy would tell her to shut up. They couldn't work together let alone be in the same room together. After awhile of this , as you can imagine, I was fed up. My patience snapped when one gave the other a flick when she was walking by. The other one started to cry and I was up and running. As I grabbed the Flicker to open up a can of whoop ass, the Flick-E jumps in between and screams, "NO" "Don't hurt her I didn't mean to cry!" What did she really think I was going to do? The two of them stood together clutching each other saying they were sorry. I proceeded to lecture them on being nice to each other and all that happy crap and they were all, yes mommy, we love you mommy and all that blah, blah, blah, we aren't really listening to you stuff. Finally I just gave in and walked away and I heard one whisper to the other, man I didn't think she'd ever finish, I wonder what has her panties in a bunch.......
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Stacy D. Briefing said...

62 degrees? Buuuurrrrr!!! Anything less than 78 is too chilly for my pansy, puny, wuss arse self. Love how the girls pester each other and then become each other's protector-too cute! How's Dane?

FishermansDaughter said...

Crazy drunken pool guy came with his flunky last week to help me open Aqua de FD last week - temperature upon uncovering 58 f-f-f-freezing degrees. It hasn't gotten above 64 degrees and won't if it doesn't stop frickin raining down here - my boys won't go in, you're girls are TOUGH! Great pics of the girls too - how about a private "carsick uncensored" blog for just us gals? Just an idea - you should be able to say whatev on your own blog. If it's any comfort I find myself censoring sometimes too - just so I don't come across as the whiney beyotch that I am. :)

KimberlyDi said...

Do an "invite only" blog. It'll drive him nuts that it's there but he can't read it. :)

Frank said...

Boo, nobody should slam anyone's blog for their spelling or picture usage! This is a place for your own writing, not something that's going to be critiqued and graded. This Dave fellow needs to lighten up.

Mama Goose said...

I hope some day your BIL realizes what an ass he is. This is YOUR blog where you get to say whatever you want!

I love the pics of the girls. It's amazing how kids can fight tooth and nail but still come to each others defense. I hope they will always be best friends.

Keep the blogs coming and the rants too!

Auds at Barking Mad said...

I got the chills just reading about swimming in 62F water. Brrrrrrr. But ya know, kids they'll do anything, even freeze if they think they're going to have a good time.

Sisters have an incredible bond. Reading your post makes me really wish mine were closer in age to me than they are. *sigh*

And hey, don't sweat not being comfortable with what you're blogging. There are days when it all flows and days when it doesn't. But just the same, it must suck having a BIL constantly looking over your shoulder and acting like judge and jury. That would get old real fast!