Monday, July 13, 2009

Cancer Center

Friday we had to spend yet another day at the cancer center in Augusta. This time I remembered to bring my camera. It was a beautiful day. It really sucked that I had to spend it there. That and the fact I had to bring Dane with us. This first picture is the view from the infusion clinic. So sitting in your chair getting chemo or platelets or whatever this is your view. My picture really does not do it justice.

This is one of the many patios that are placed all around the center. There are flowers, trees and shrubs galore.

Of course I had to take a bunch of pictures of Dane, he was hard to shoot because he wouldn't stop running. Occasionally he'd stop to smell the flowers.
I couldn't keep him on the trails. It was more fun for him to run through flower beds and stuff.

I tied the string of his balloon to the back of his sandal. It made for much entertainment.

It was a tough appointment for my mom and some big changes are going to to be coming up for her. Good for her, bad for me. That's another post for another day, hopefully soon if I can ever get Dane to settle down and let me type.

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Stacy D. Briefing said...

That view is so tranquil! I bet everyone who required treatment that day was smiling seeing Dane running around. He's darling!!!

Mama Goose said...

I suppose if you have to be at a cancer treatment center it should at least be beautiful. The center my mother went to was just depressing...

Audrey at Barking Mad said...

That really is a beautiful view. It reminds of the Maine Botanical Gardens in Boothbay.

I bet the other pt's there that day really got a kick out of seeing all that energy Dane has!