Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Long Road

These past few weeks have been very difficult for my family. With all the rain comes boredom, depression and just plain craziness.
I couldn't get a grip on the kids. They would wake up fighting and go to bed fighting. Dane has taken up the new sport. It is called,"If I don't get my way, I'm going to run up behind you and kick you as hard as I can." Towards the end I even thought I was going crazy.

Ever since mom was in the hospital a few weeks ago my mom and I have been overly testy with each other. I forced the issue with having home nursing come and it didn't make her happy. During this time she let me know that when she was in Florida she also refused home health care. If you've been reading my blog long enough or if you used to read Still Digging for Gold you know how many times I've bought a plane ticket in about a ten minute notice. Now you guys have known me long enough to know that I almost fucking blew a gasket. She could of had help but refused and got so sick that I had to fly down to take care of her. Not once or twice but several times. That's all I'm going to say about that because I'm afraid my blood pressure will start to rise. (Though at this time my blood pressure is fine and I've never had a problem with it.)

Also during this time I called Hospice and told them of my plight. My mom keeps driving. She won't drink fluids because she can just go get fluids pumped in her so why bother. (This takes up about six hours of my day one to two times a week. Not to mention all of her other appointments.) I also told them that I just didn't understand her prognosis. The cancer was worse so, you know, what next? It is a lot to handle with three kids under ten and a twenty one year old that likes to bar hop. Though I didn't tell them the last part. I did tell them I home school and we were behind because of all of this. Not to mention the fact the the only time my mom likes kids is when they are sleeping. In another state.

In return, Hospice called her doctor, (who is also the director of Hospice here) and he wonderfully ordered the home health care. And (Yes I know not to start a sentence with and but who made up that rule? It's dumb) at her last appointment the doctor let her know that realistically she had maybe a year or two left. In return she told us that she wants to move out into her on place.

For the past two weeks we've been looking at apartments. It's been HELL! The social worker tried to get her to go into an assisted living place and she told them once she moved out of here she would get better and wasn't going to die. So she didn't need that. After that conversation I left the room and didn't return. But in the end we found a place for her to live. It really is wonderful. It's brand new and has elevators. It is a handicapped apartment that has one bedroom and these huge windows that overlook the downtown. It is so new that it has never been lived in. It is something we never though she'd live in. She didn't think she would until we looked at it and we all fell in love. Management is on site. You don't even change your own light bulb. She moves out August 1st!!!!!!!!!! I'll still have to schlep her around but I'll have our house back. At least until she gets really bad and has to move back in. (The doctor told me it could happen in as little as three months.) But I won't think about that today.

I have more to say but I think I've sucked your brains dry enough for the day. So until tomorrow, ttfn:) (I'm so happy she's moving I'm doing a happy dance)

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FishermansDaughter said...

To Quoteth Monty Python and the Holy Grail

"and there was much rejoycing...YEAAAA!!!"

That is some fan-damned-tastic news - the mom moving part - not the worse cancer and refusing to drink or do what she's supposed and you'll still have to cart her around part - but you knew that.

I think not thinking about three months or even one month from now is a GREAT idea and to prove it will now join you in the happy dance - and booze, let's not forget booze.

my word is authommo - my made up definition is the politically incorrect word used to describe same sex loving authors.


Stacy D. Briefing said...

Ohhhhh, I am soooo happy dancing with you at this moment! Are you counting down the days?! 16...but you probably already knew that huh? ;)

I'm glad your Mom found such a great apt. Fan-f'n-tastic news!!

Don't even think about months into the future. Think about peace, less stress, freedom, sleeping in your OWN bed, and not sleeping in your own bed (wink, wink) Look out Dave-...bow chicka bow bow! :)

Anonymous said...

De Nile is our family river...

KimberlyDi said...

Maybe God is working through her to save your sanity. :) Joining you gals in the happy dance.

My word is nomentin. Def: A tin of breath mints for women only.

Philly said...

As you know my dad has moved out so I know what you are feeling right now.....EXCITED !! I know I was. Enjoy what time you have by yourselves in the event that she has to move back in. Your Mom is a fighter just like my Dad. Sometimes I wished he would just be bedridden , it would of been much easier and he would still be here. But NOOOOOO, he had to roam during the night and get into trouble. Hopefully she will do fine in her new apt. My dad has fallen several times already, bruises everywhere, but until he starts using his walker then the falls will continue. It is not my problem any longer.
I still do all the appts. also, and I'm the one picking him up on a sat. or sunday to spend the day. My siblings are fucking unbelievable, but I will continue to do this as long as he doesn't have to live here.

Good Luck !!


Mama Goose said...

Finally something positive for all of you. Even short lived, this is so good.

Audrey at Barking Mad said...

You can literally FEEL the waves of happiness and relief floating off of you.

This is great news. Take a deep breath and enjoy this time.