Thursday, July 23, 2009

A New Home

We went today and signed the lease to my moms new home. She can start moving in at any time. The only problem is my mom is sick. Last Friday morning she went to lay down and didn't get up until Sunday. Sunday she got up enough only to sit in her recliner. Monday she had to go to an appointment and was back in bed by noon and didn't get up until Tuesday afternoon. You can't get much packing done under those circumstances. Our visiting nurse, we'll call her Berta cause she really reminds me of Berta from Two and a Half Men, thinks that mentally this is so much for mom to take in that she just can't take it in. So Dave and I will start moving in all of her big furniture and what boxes my mom and I have been able to through. Hopefully by next weekend she'll be able to stay there. Really we are not kicking her out. She wants to go. She wants her own place. Who can blame her?
She was so sick this morning. We had to be at her place by eleven to sign papers. I knew she was going to be sick, I just didn't know when or where. That's a sucky thing when your dragging three kids in tow. She was sick at the bank. (At least she made it to the bathroom.) In the parking lot at her new home. (Several times.) In her new apartment. In the car on the way home and finally in our driveway trying to get to the bathroom when we got home. On the drive home I couldn't even look at her. I blocked my face. I was afraid I'd get sick if I looked at her getting sick. I looked through the rear view mirror and saw Mimi covering her face and ears. I knew that if I started to gag then Mimi would and then we'd have a real puke fest going on. In the end we all made it home safely and mom was put to bed. I took the kids back to town so I could talk to them about whats going on. I tried to explain that grammy's cancer makes her stomach upset that is why she throws up all the time. It was at that point the girls and I knew that we will NEVER be in the health care field. It is just wrong to make fun of someone who is puking and so sick but as we sat at Applebees we all started to giggle and talk about how we didn't think we were ever going to make it back home with gram puking in the car. We showed no compassion or empathy for the situation. I tried to scold us all but I just couldn't. These kids are living this nightmare too. When we got home though we all went up to my moms room and hugged and kissed her. Chrissy brought her up a Popsicle. Sometimes you gotta break free.
This is the view my mom will have. She just loves it. It is of the downtown area and it makes her feel very urban. (She doesn't have an urban bone in her body.) She likes it because she knows that when winter rolls around, and its dark by four, the lights of the downtown will shine in. Making her think of life not gloom. On a side note when we walked out of my moms room the girls went and put their jammies on and put a movie in to watch in their room. They said they didn't feel well. Sigh.
Then when I didn't think the day could get worse Fed Ex came. And delivered this.
They call it A Hospice Comfort Pack. I call it box of death.
I wasn't sure just what was in it and I didn't want to bother "Berta" so I googled it and came up with this, (Which I stole from someone else)
A small bottle of liquid morphine (Roxanol) for fast relief from pain. The liquid form of oxycodone (Oxyfast) is substituted in the event of a morphine allergy.
Promethazine (Phenergan) tablets for nausea/vomiting.
Prochlorperazine (Compazine) suppositories for nausea/vomiting. These are used if the patient is unable to swallow or "keep a pill down" due to severe nausea.
Acetominophine (Tylenol) suppositories for fever control.
Lorazapam (Ativan) tablets for anxiety/agitation.
Atropine eye drops. Although an ophthalmic solution, these drops are placed under the tongue (sublingually) to help control excessive secretions... in other words, the dreaded death rattle.
The last is not for the patient it is for the family so they don't freak to bad.
Right now it is about four in the afternoon and I feel I've lived a year in this day. The house is quiet and everyone is sleeping. I can hear car doors being shut at a near by neighbors. Somewhere a dog is barking. (This dog always is barking.) Life moves on. I can't stop it. Its what happens.
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FishermansDaughter said...

Holy shit...

Philly said...

I remember that comfort box. I thought the whole box was for the family !! LOL

Beautiful apartment your mom has. I'm loving the windows. Hope she is feeling better today.


KimberlyDi said...

Keep your mom's new location a secret. Some folks would break into her place to get what's in the "comfort box".

Prayers for you and your mom.

Audrey at Barking Mad said...

Holy Shit is right.

Now I have some sort of idea what was in the "Comfort Box" that the British Hospice Society delivered to my FIL when he was nearing the end.

I love the view your mum has...and the flooring is beautiful. Hope she's comfortable there.


Stacy D. Briefing said...

Wow! "Comfort Box?" Don't see that opening and staring at that would bring much anyone.

Glad the girls and you got to go to Applebees and de-stress. After the car rid from hell, I think a few giggles were in order. :)

The apt is beautiful! Love the view! Hey, look at it this way-until you and Dave get your mom all moved have a place you can get away and unwind for an hour or two.


Frank said...

That is a beautiful living space. I'm glad she likes it.

Mama Goose said...

Oh Sweetie...

sista #2 said...

ohhh i remember the box.

I love the view she has too....hope she is doing better.