Monday, August 31, 2009

Field Trip Friday

Since I turned last Friday into Field Trip Friday I thought I'd tell you a bit about it.

First let me tell you that I didn't make it out of Kennebec County without getting sick. I also puked in the counties of Somerset and Oxford. My family was really thrilled with me. Thank goodness for Hannaford bathrooms and roads with many trees to puke behind.
I personally blame Mimi for my getting sick. Oh, and unexpected company. Thursday night when I should have got all of our stuff together we had someone show up and I didn't do what I should have. It happens. I wasn't worried I thought I'd just wing it like everything else in my life.
But, I should have made the tuna fish Thursday before bed. You see, Mimi will ONLY eat a tuna sandwich. No PB &J's. So when we all woke up late Friday morning I gulped down two cups of coffee with my Dramamine while making and gagging over tuna fish. I did not eat any breakfast. Which may or may not have been a blessing. Needless to say Dave still loves me but does not want to travel anywhere with me ever again. He says this repeatedly but he forgets what a pain in the ass I am to travel with and over time (kinda like childbirth) thinks I won't mess up every ones good time. I fooled him though didn't I? I was a real mood killer.
When we got to Newry I had a chance to sleep for a few minutes while Dave went to work and believe it or not I felt better. Not a hundred percent, but better. When he was finished we went to our first stop, Sunday River Bridge. Built in the Early 1800s this bridge is also known as Artist's Bridge because so many have painted and photographed it. I enjoyed seeing it as it had wonderful views of the river and the woodwork was great (blah, blah, blah) but the beams sway when you walk across it. Kind of like being on a boat but not as bad and I thought I was going to toss my Triscuits. There is a trail so that you can follow the river that was really nice and even Dane could walk it without tripping.

Our next stop was Screw Auger Falls in Grafton State Park. Since Thursday upon finding out this is where I wanted us to go I walked around mumbling screw you. I don't know how my mind works. This is a great place to go. Though I was worried a few different times that if I didn't keep a tight rein on Dane we'd lose him over the edge of the notch. It was really interesting and they have many signs telling about the formation of the falls. So I didn't have to be the teacher all I had to do is direct everyone to read the signs as we approached them.

It was cool out so I didn't think to include bathing suits but I should have. There were a dozen different places to wade in the water. We had a lot of fun exploring.

They have a wonderful picnic area where we ate our lunch and played in the water. It wasn't crowded because of the time of the year but I'm sure it probably is packed in July.

After all the puking and the crap my family went through with me, guess what I ate for lunch? Yup, that's right, tuna fish:)

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Because I can't lie.......

This was what my bookshelf looked liked after I cleaned it and culled through books. I still have all of this years school books to go through and put on the shelves. Also I'm still waiting on books that should have been here a week ago. I'm not very organised. I'm flying by the seat of my pants again. So if anyone thinks I've "got it together" I don't.

This is what the rest of the schoolroom looks like after I tossed the bookshelf. It ain't purdy. Books, broken crayons, expo markers and even Dane's undies scattered everywhere.

You couldn't walk without stepping on books, paper and some sticky substance that still won't scrape off the floor. I'm still not finished cleaning it up. We have had to do our schoolwork in the dining room and now we've trashed that room. It's too ugly to even show. I can't seem to get a grasp. But the girls don't seem to mind. They are happy to be back in school. Back to a routine and some normalcy. Even if its a controlled mess.

Tomorrow we are going on a field trip with Dave and we're excited. The girls have cleaned out the van and already started to do some of tomorrows school work so they won't have as much to do "on the road". I'm not sure of where we are going. Some place call Newry. I have to GOOGLE where it is and whats around it so we can have some sort of plan. Of course, at times, plans are over rated.........
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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Another Blow Off and some DISGUSTING Wallpaper

This used to be mine and Dave's room. Please don't judge us. We didn't paper it or paint it. We bought it this way. At the time there was too many other things to do so we just left this alone. Here I have already removed the border. Also I had already pulled up the mauve colored carpet that was on the floor. Can you say eww? It was nasty.
Dave and I decided that since this is the biggest bedroom, instead of us moving back into it, we will give it to the girls. So we have a two week time line to get it pre- teen ready. Rip off the wall paper and paint over the GOD awful Salmon color that is on the walls. (And why did they put wall paper on the top and not the bottom of the walls.) (And why that color paint?) Put in some new flooring and install shelving in the closet. Plus (maybe, keeping my fingers crossed) some new bedding and matching accessories. The only (well one of) problems we are having is that we can't agree on a wall color. The girls want each wall a different color. One purple, one green, one orange and one fire engine red. Then they want to stand in the center of the room with these paints and splatter the walls with it. My head aches and my eyes hurt from thinking about it. So hopefully we can come to an agreement. No more Trading Spaces for them!
Well Saturday I really got into peeling off the wallpaper. We were supposed to go to my ex sister's house for a big party. (My dad has been married a few times.) It was supposed to be THE summer event. Keg beer and slip and slides. The works. But about four in the afternoon I was still peeling off wallpaper and it was coming off really good. The humidity was high and I had all the windows open. I was listening to my Zune and really enjoying myself. So when I took a quick break I went to see what Dave was up to (He was making chocolate chip cookies for the kids.) I told him I didn't want to go. He didn't want to go either but we didn't know how to get out of it. So I finally decided on this. I called her up (My ex step sister) and told her that our babysitters mom called and said her daughter couldn't babysit that night. She didn't tell us why and we didn't ask. That we'd try to find another sitter but don't count on us at this late time. I didn't even feel guilty. I went back to peeling wallpaper and Dave went on to making us a delicious dinner. After dinner we sat outside and watched the kids play and drank a great bottle of wine. We must be getting old:)

The Blow Off

A couple Sundays back we decided to blow off Church. Yeah, I know, we're going straight to Hell. Not just to Hell, but straight to without any stops. So after we got ready for the day we headed for the backyard for some summertime fun. Fun could not be completed without a bucket o fun. In this case it is a small bucket of Stella. I love that name. Stella. I just want to get drunk and shout STELLLLAAAA. I can't help myself.
We also made a home made slip and slide. No backyard party would be complete without one. A piece of clean space, some baby shampoo, a sprinkler and beer. What more could one ask for on a beautiful day? Well the kids didn't have beer. Just water and ice cream.
They had a great time. Except for the baby shampoo getting up their butts. That wasn't so much fun.

Of course there always has to be a supa star show off. And this is her.
Yes, Dave and I both played on the slip and slide. We had a blast and we took pictures. I won't show them to you though. Of course one of our neighbors might have taped us and downloaded the spectacle to YouTube. But I really hope not. It took me a week to be able to walk without my ribs and back hurting.

In other news, mom took her doctors appointment very well. The doctor told her the "pimples" were actually cancer, like the one that she thought had gone away on the front of her chest. He didn't prescribe any chemo. I think she wanted him to but didn't quite dare to ask. My sister was in town and went with us. I'm glad she got to see this first hand. Hopefully now she'll be able to show a little more compassion. My mom is tired all the time now. She has a hard time to get from the bed to the couch. I've been going almost daily to her place to make sure she eats. Kadie has been going at least once a week and the nurse has been going twice. On Thursday a Home Health Aide will start coming in to help out with whatever. I'm glad and will take whatever help we can get.

Hopefully later today I'll have time to post pictures from the room we have started to prepare for the girls. I can't wait for them to have their own room again. Or maybe its me that wants some privacy. If ya know what I mean....

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Just because

Just because I can, I'm posting pictures of my boy. This guys what gets me up most mornings. (He won't go back to sleep) Otherwise I'd sleep til eight. When I'm down and crying he hugs me and asks me why? Then he takes my face in both his hands and gives me the softest kiss and tells me I'll be okay. He's two and a half and already knows how to twist all the girls in the house around his finger. The neighbor girls to.
But no one and I mean no one enjoys an ice cream like a small child. Just look at his face! The delight and carefree abandonment of the moment.
It really is true, Smile and the world will smile with you.
Tomorrow is going to stink. But thanks to all of my kids for just being them and their beautiful smiles, we'll get through.
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Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Well, the last few weeks here in Kennebec have been insane, wild, crazy and never ending. We've had great amounts of joy and sadness.

We officially moved mom to her new place on August 1. The few weeks prior she couldn't even get out of bed. I really didn't know how we were going to do it. But Dave forged on and drug me along with him. She wasn't ready to move, not packed and hadn't thought about what to take and what to get rid of. She was too sick.

The Friday before she moved she still didn't have a living room set or a TV. She wasn't going to trust me to buy any of these items for her. So on our way to the cancer center we stopped at a furniture store. We bought a couch, chair, sofa table and some bar stools. Oh and I talked her into a forty inch flat screen. All in fifteen minutes. Oh, and she flipped them an extra hundred bucks to have them deliver the stuff that day:) The next day I went back and ordered her two rugs and bought her a recliner and another sofa table.

The news at the cancer center was as I expected. They were not sure why mom was so sick. Stress? Denial? Cancer? All of the above? They did a herceptin treatment and did a tumor marker test. The doctor an appointment for the next Friday. I brought her home and rolled her back in bed.

Saturday morning turned out to be bright and sunny. We had people lined up to help us move but it became very apparent that no one was going to show up. It was just me and Dave. Oh, and the kids.

We loaded up the truck and removed the seats from the van and packed that to. Dane road with Dave, Chrissy with me and Mimi stayed with my mom. She (my mom) was valiantly trying to get around to pack her room and go through some boxes in the basement. It wasn't as tough as we expected. We unloaded in the basement of the building and road the elevator up. We had a great dolly that you could turn into a cart thingy. We were able to move up to four boxes at a time. With Dane and Chrissy holding the doors and pushing buttons it all worked out. Along noontime Dave said for me to call my mom and tell her to stop what she was doing and come to the apartment. It was the scariest hour of my life. I don't trust her driving and she had Mimi with her. But he was right. It was now or she wouldn't be able to leave our house because she was too worn out. And we really wanted her out. She really wanted her out. She and Mimi made it in under an hour safe and sound. It took us the rest of the day and I got the wonderful task of packing her bedroom. I couldn't believe all the stuff she had in there.

The last thing we had to do was grocery shop for her. I'm sure we all looked a sight but then again we were at Walmart, so did it matter? Dave took one half the list and I the other and knocked it right out. By the time we got home we were too tired to anything but shower and sleep. We ate out three times that day. Ewww. And the evening before. We were all looking for the normalcy to come back in our lives. It still hasn't happened.

Then something good did happen. Mom got up Sunday and wasn't sick. For that whole week she felt great. She worked like a mule to unpack her stuff and make her apartment a home. And she did. We made several trips to various stores to buy odds and ends that she needed. She was sooooooo happy. I was happy. I think you get this false hope that maybe, maybe she would be okay and that she'll be okay and she's not going to die. Its easy to do that.

We went to the doctors of Friday and she was still feeling great. Now even the doctor was thrilled. Then we looked at the results of the tumor marker. It was up. Up in the high seventies from the fifties. Sigh. The doctor still didn't want to prescribe anymore chemo. He said that this was the best she had felt in a year and if she took more chemo it would just drag her down. She agreed. We met up with Kadie (oh, I have a huge story to tell you guys tomorrow about whats happening in her life, she just now gave me permission to blab) and had a nice lunch, went to the Christmas Tree Shop and than to Target. Mom was spent by the time we got her home. We did find her what they call a beach buggy for her to use to bring her groceries up to her apartment and to take her trash out. We didn't think we find one and it was the first thing we found.

Monday, mom got up sick and has been ever since. It has been two weeks. Not only sick but in massive amounts of pain. Pain in her chest. Berta, her nurse, called me yesterday and told me that mom showed her three pimples that were on her chest. Berta didn't tell mom (because mom can't handle the truth right now) but its cancer. The cancer has come back through.

What this means is, she has months to live. All they can realistically do is keep her hydrated and comfortable. We see her doctor Friday and he gets to tell her in the kindest way he can. I wish I didn't have to be there for that.
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Friday, August 14, 2009

Good Summer Reading

I thought, because I'm such a neat person, that I'd share to you the book I've read at least once a day and sometimes up to six times a day all summer long. So without further ado I present to you.....
Now I know most of you, those that have kids or are a relative of a small child have heard of Good Night Moon. Which I have been reading also on a regular bases for the past ten years. This book is part of the Good Night series. You can purchase one for most states.
After you read a book so many times, you have to come up with different ways to read it or the yawns your yawning will actually split your head in half. I know this for a fact. So I read it with different accents. I pretend I'm a tourist from another country or are from another part of the US. I do a hellava good "You Betcha" and that's not making fun of Sarah Palin, or any of my husbands relatives that live in Wisconsin or Minnesota. I might have watched Fargo one too many times. I also point and have Dane say what the things on each page are because he says canoe so adorable I make him say it a lot.
I know my picture taking skills lack. I didn't do justice to this page. This pages always scares me. I always scream," No, Not a Moose!" When you live in Maine the last freakin thing you want to see is a moose in, by, or around the road. Their eyes DO NOT shine (like a deers) and if it is really dark you can not see them until it is the last thing you ever see. (That would be the moose coming through your car at warped speed) So I try to have fun with this page.
But this, THIS, is my favorite page of all. It has caused a few raised eyebrows at my house.
I have known many lumberjacks in my time and they don't normally look like this. I suppose they didn't want to scare the children. (If your a lumberjack, forgive me, I calls um as I sees um.)
This guy is quite handsome in a cartoony way. So I read this page like this. (Has to be done in your best sexy voice)
Hello, great Maine woods.
I didn't think of the repercussion's of reading the page like this until my son was reading the book with my girlfriend and mimicked this page the way I do it almost to perfection. I now am not allowed to read it this way.
The End. Oh, please excuse all of the commas. I never know where they should go so I just chuck them in there for good measure.
Also I'll have a mom update very soon. I'm going to town to see her in a bit. She isn't doing all that great but the nurse will be there soon and I'll be there to drill the nurse:) Cause I really like to do that.Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I'm Sorry

Well here it is. The wine I was supposed to tell you all about last Friday. Let me first tell you, I know zilch about wine. Actually less than zilch. So maybe you'll buy this and spit it out and laugh at the wacko that told you to buy it.

I'll get on with it now. This is a white wine. Hence the Sauvignon Blanc. Try to say that in a sexy voice to your husband. Sauvignon Blanc. Mine laughed at me. But brought it home any way.
It also has a grapefruity (is that a word) taste that gets even better with food. The food I paired it with was a Hannaford Brand bake and rise pepperoni pizza. I have also had this wine with appetiser's and it was out of this world. One thing I will tell you is that this wine packs a BIG punch. Two glasses had me giggling like I was fifteen again and had just drunk an entire bottle of BoonesFarm Strawberry Hill Tickle Pink. Fortunately I didn't puke all over the hotel room like I did when I was fifteen.
Here is a close up of the label. The first bottle I had was a 2008. I think it might have been more fruity. You can purchase this right at Hannaford here in Maine. I paid about seventeen bucks for it. Maybe a bit more with tax and bottle deposit. I can assume that you could purchase this at your local grocer. Walmart DOES NOT carry it. Not that I have ever bought wine at Walmart. I'm much too sophisticated for that:) BUT the best thing about this wine, it has a screw on cap! Yup it does! Isn't that cool!? As you can see I have some left that I can't wait to sip up this evening. I hope it's as good tonight as it was last night.
This is what happens to a boy that misses his nap because he was at the lake all day. He falls asleep in his highchair eating his bake and rise pepperoni pizza. While his mommy is sipping wine. I actually got him out of his highchair and bathed him AND put him to bed without him waking up.
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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Another rambling post

As most of you know, my mom has been in her new place since Saturday. Now maybe she can get some peace in her life. If only I could get some in mine.

I have been burying myself in stuff for weeks now so I don't have to directly deal with anything unpleasant. I have been reading useless books, changing my mind on school curriculum's, at least four times. Thank goodness I didn't buy anything! Then to top it all off, Monday morning I decided since the room my mom was in is empty, I should gut it. The girls and I ripped up all the carpet and started to remove the God awful wallpaper that has hung there long before we were. All because I don't want to deal with life. I figure if I don't think about stuff it won't pop in my head. It always has a way to creep in though. When you least expect it. I am an over-tired, over-weight basket case. I'm sure a shrink would just love to get her hands on my brain.

We've had some really great days this week. Though the picture that you see is from last week. Dane and I took it about five thirty one morning. (We were walking the dog.) I really love my backyard. Anyway, this week the weather has been awesome. We've went to the lake with a slew of cousins on Tuesday and really had a nice time. My husband can finally stop asking me if I live in a flour factory. My skin colour went from a pasty white to a red as a lobster. Hee hee. Every time I hear or say the word pasty, I think of those thingies that strippers put on their boobies. Not that I've ever seen a real stripper or anything:)

We also started our testing this week. The girls CATs (California Achievement Test) That in itself is very stressful as you can't tell them any answers or even pronounce a word for them. At one point I wanted to swing some the ceiling and scream, "I know you know what a predicate is!" The girls should of had these tests weeks ago. Maybe even two months ago. I'm supposed to have the results in to the State of Maine by September 1. It probably won't happen. We still have to do math and science. We would finish tomorrow but I have to take my mom to the doctor. It was supposed to be a quick trip but she's turned it into a full days adventure. She doesn't understand that this is so very important. I told her we will be starting a strict schedule of school in a few weeks and won't be available much during the day and her response was well you can come see me every night after you put the kids to bed. She really doesn't get it.
I have been to see her every day since Saturday. (Except today and she was pissed) She doesn't need me for herself. She just wants me to lug out her garbage because she can't. That is another story I will whine about soon enough. I've started writing it but it just sounds so unbelievable that I honestly think people would think I was telling a big fat lie.

On a better note I found some great wine. It is so yummy. It's called Kim Crawford. Or by Kim Crawford. Who knows. I just know the stuff is great. That will be coming soon because I think everyone should try it. I'll take pictures of the bottle in the morning and post them so if you want to try it out this weekend you can.
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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Some stolen moments and a boo boo

We have a few rough weeks but it seems we are going to be pulling out of them. We hope. The weather here in Maine has been ridiculas!

The doom and gloom of the weather relly compounded an already bad situation. So last Saturday after a full day of rain, the sun came out! At first Dave said lets go in the pool but then mentioned the lake. We all ran for the van. We hadn't been to the lake all summer. We had a great time. When we first got there only a coulple of people were there. After we were there about an hour the place started to fill up. I've never seen so many people at the lake at seven at night. I guess they must be as sick of the rain as we were.

I did not go into the water. I took pictures instead. This was Danes first time at the lake. (He's been before but he doesn't remember) He had a grand time but was a little intimidated by the size.
Then a few days ago, the day we were supposed to move out my mom but didn't, we stole away with Dave for the afternoon. He had an appointment in Freeport at someone home on the ocean.
It was beautiful out. The only thing that semi ruined it was a yuppie. Yup that's right a yuppie. Fucking yuppies. The girls found a grocery bag in the van and asked if they could collect some shells. Of course I said yes. Let me first say this is private road we were on. Though no one owns Maine's beaches sometimes people think they are entitled. So as the girls were picking up shells which by the way were all broken. And ugly. Just plain old white shells. A man who was in the house down the beach was watching us through the bushes. I just ignored him. No big deal. Well pretty soon here comes Mr. Yuppie with his little Sperry top siders on and his Panama Jacks AND his Jack Russell Terrier. I knew the second I saw him leave his driveway he was zoning in on us. So I did what any real Mainer would do. I ignored him. I made him walk right up next to me and say,"Excuse me" before I would acknowledge him. So I looked Mr. Yuppie dead in the eyes and said,"Yes." He said, "Do you live around here?" I said, "No, my husband is over at (the customers) home." He than told me that this is not a very big beach and we shouldn't be collecting his shells. Since it wasn't a very big beach. I started to laugh. Right at him. I said you don't want them to collect broken shells? Nope, he said, I don't. So I said, girls dump out your Hannaford bag. Chrissy said really they are all broken. Yuppie had a smug smile on his face and turned to leave and Marian said just who does he think he is. No one owns Maine's beaches unless you own an island. So we didn't bring home any shells but I did tell my husband about the incident after we had already left. He was not a happy camper. He wanted to go back and have a talk to the yuppie. We had permission to be on the beach and all that stuff. Blah blah blah. I told him it didn't matter that guy was probably only renting the place anyway. He was just an ass. Something Mainers have to put up with. I'm not sure he got it. Anyway I also took a picture of Dane's Boo boo. He fell on the rocks at the beach. Rock cuts hurt like a son of a gun. This kid has huge hands.
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