Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Another Blow Off and some DISGUSTING Wallpaper

This used to be mine and Dave's room. Please don't judge us. We didn't paper it or paint it. We bought it this way. At the time there was too many other things to do so we just left this alone. Here I have already removed the border. Also I had already pulled up the mauve colored carpet that was on the floor. Can you say eww? It was nasty.
Dave and I decided that since this is the biggest bedroom, instead of us moving back into it, we will give it to the girls. So we have a two week time line to get it pre- teen ready. Rip off the wall paper and paint over the GOD awful Salmon color that is on the walls. (And why did they put wall paper on the top and not the bottom of the walls.) (And why that color paint?) Put in some new flooring and install shelving in the closet. Plus (maybe, keeping my fingers crossed) some new bedding and matching accessories. The only (well one of) problems we are having is that we can't agree on a wall color. The girls want each wall a different color. One purple, one green, one orange and one fire engine red. Then they want to stand in the center of the room with these paints and splatter the walls with it. My head aches and my eyes hurt from thinking about it. So hopefully we can come to an agreement. No more Trading Spaces for them!
Well Saturday I really got into peeling off the wallpaper. We were supposed to go to my ex sister's house for a big party. (My dad has been married a few times.) It was supposed to be THE summer event. Keg beer and slip and slides. The works. But about four in the afternoon I was still peeling off wallpaper and it was coming off really good. The humidity was high and I had all the windows open. I was listening to my Zune and really enjoying myself. So when I took a quick break I went to see what Dave was up to (He was making chocolate chip cookies for the kids.) I told him I didn't want to go. He didn't want to go either but we didn't know how to get out of it. So I finally decided on this. I called her up (My ex step sister) and told her that our babysitters mom called and said her daughter couldn't babysit that night. She didn't tell us why and we didn't ask. That we'd try to find another sitter but don't count on us at this late time. I didn't even feel guilty. I went back to peeling wallpaper and Dave went on to making us a delicious dinner. After dinner we sat outside and watched the kids play and drank a great bottle of wine. We must be getting old:)


Stacy D. Briefing said...

You know what a home body I am... and throw choc chip cookies into the mix...forgetaboutit!!! ;) I'd have been in a sugar coma by 9pm. ha!

As for the splatter paint...Perhaps just let them splatter paint an accessory pillow or something. Everyone is a winer! LOL! ;) Can't wait to see the big reveal!!!

Mama Goose said...

Oh MY. Those really are scary colors/paper! But then again,90% of time spent in a bedroom is while your asleep!

Once you get the girls settled I hope you and Dave will focus on doing something equally nice for your space.

Have fun. Peeling paper can really be cathartic. Oh, and wine too. Especially with chocolate chip cookies!

Audrey at Barking Mad! said...

You're not getting old...you're enjoying the good times in your own home!

FishermansDaughter said...

MMMMM! Cookies! I don't think it's getting old if you'd rather spend time at home with your family - at ALL. Then again, it takes A LOT to get me off the farm so consider the source. Can't wait to see the finished bedroom product - oh wait...that sounds wrong...!
My word is cingstab a cingular stab ;)