Thursday, August 27, 2009

Because I can't lie.......

This was what my bookshelf looked liked after I cleaned it and culled through books. I still have all of this years school books to go through and put on the shelves. Also I'm still waiting on books that should have been here a week ago. I'm not very organised. I'm flying by the seat of my pants again. So if anyone thinks I've "got it together" I don't.

This is what the rest of the schoolroom looks like after I tossed the bookshelf. It ain't purdy. Books, broken crayons, expo markers and even Dane's undies scattered everywhere.

You couldn't walk without stepping on books, paper and some sticky substance that still won't scrape off the floor. I'm still not finished cleaning it up. We have had to do our schoolwork in the dining room and now we've trashed that room. It's too ugly to even show. I can't seem to get a grasp. But the girls don't seem to mind. They are happy to be back in school. Back to a routine and some normalcy. Even if its a controlled mess.

Tomorrow we are going on a field trip with Dave and we're excited. The girls have cleaned out the van and already started to do some of tomorrows school work so they won't have as much to do "on the road". I'm not sure of where we are going. Some place call Newry. I have to GOOGLE where it is and whats around it so we can have some sort of plan. Of course, at times, plans are over rated.........
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Mama Goose said...


Honesty is good.

Have a great trip!!

Stacy D. Briefing said...

Have a great field trip- Seize the day!!! Don't worry about the mess...It's been MY experience that it's always still be there whenever you do get around to it. ;)