Friday, August 14, 2009

Good Summer Reading

I thought, because I'm such a neat person, that I'd share to you the book I've read at least once a day and sometimes up to six times a day all summer long. So without further ado I present to you.....
Now I know most of you, those that have kids or are a relative of a small child have heard of Good Night Moon. Which I have been reading also on a regular bases for the past ten years. This book is part of the Good Night series. You can purchase one for most states.
After you read a book so many times, you have to come up with different ways to read it or the yawns your yawning will actually split your head in half. I know this for a fact. So I read it with different accents. I pretend I'm a tourist from another country or are from another part of the US. I do a hellava good "You Betcha" and that's not making fun of Sarah Palin, or any of my husbands relatives that live in Wisconsin or Minnesota. I might have watched Fargo one too many times. I also point and have Dane say what the things on each page are because he says canoe so adorable I make him say it a lot.
I know my picture taking skills lack. I didn't do justice to this page. This pages always scares me. I always scream," No, Not a Moose!" When you live in Maine the last freakin thing you want to see is a moose in, by, or around the road. Their eyes DO NOT shine (like a deers) and if it is really dark you can not see them until it is the last thing you ever see. (That would be the moose coming through your car at warped speed) So I try to have fun with this page.
But this, THIS, is my favorite page of all. It has caused a few raised eyebrows at my house.
I have known many lumberjacks in my time and they don't normally look like this. I suppose they didn't want to scare the children. (If your a lumberjack, forgive me, I calls um as I sees um.)
This guy is quite handsome in a cartoony way. So I read this page like this. (Has to be done in your best sexy voice)
Hello, great Maine woods.
I didn't think of the repercussion's of reading the page like this until my son was reading the book with my girlfriend and mimicked this page the way I do it almost to perfection. I now am not allowed to read it this way.
The End. Oh, please excuse all of the commas. I never know where they should go so I just chuck them in there for good measure.
Also I'll have a mom update very soon. I'm going to town to see her in a bit. She isn't doing all that great but the nurse will be there soon and I'll be there to drill the nurse:) Cause I really like to do that.Posted by Picasa


Stacy D. Briefing said...

Cute book! They should also make a "Hello Lumberjack" book...It could start with something like: "Hello Jack! Got wood?!" Haaaaaaaaaa! ;) Sorry, perhaps I should go buy a self-help book now....

carsick said...

They have a Lumberjack tv show. It is not called that but its on the channel that shows The Most Dealiest Catch. Some people are even stranger than I am.

Also in this book are a lot of boey's Did I spell that right? I also used to listen to Howard Stern every day (Until I moved to the middle of no where) and when Dane see's a boey he Ba Ba Boey. Just like the Howard Stern show. My husbaand is so proud.
When your done with the self help book you might want to pass it my way. (Along with your boots)

Frank said...

Holy hell, I bought that book for my niece!

FishermansDaughter said...

I lived in the NY metro area for the first 23 years of my life - Howard Stern's show was preset on my radio - I was the ONLY woman I knew who thought he was funny - in limited doses of course - there is only so much peen - boobie - poop - lezzie, etc. jokes even I can handle.
Speaking of handling - how's yer ma? My word is "ricalsy" it's a ric roll with a palsy - now I'm proud. :)

Mama Goose said...

HA! We have this book and now I am SO TOTALLY going to read that page differently now!! LOVE it!

Audrey at Barking Mad! said...

We have ALL of those "Goodnight" books...Beach, Lake, Maine! Love them all.