Sunday, August 2, 2009

Some stolen moments and a boo boo

We have a few rough weeks but it seems we are going to be pulling out of them. We hope. The weather here in Maine has been ridiculas!

The doom and gloom of the weather relly compounded an already bad situation. So last Saturday after a full day of rain, the sun came out! At first Dave said lets go in the pool but then mentioned the lake. We all ran for the van. We hadn't been to the lake all summer. We had a great time. When we first got there only a coulple of people were there. After we were there about an hour the place started to fill up. I've never seen so many people at the lake at seven at night. I guess they must be as sick of the rain as we were.

I did not go into the water. I took pictures instead. This was Danes first time at the lake. (He's been before but he doesn't remember) He had a grand time but was a little intimidated by the size.
Then a few days ago, the day we were supposed to move out my mom but didn't, we stole away with Dave for the afternoon. He had an appointment in Freeport at someone home on the ocean.
It was beautiful out. The only thing that semi ruined it was a yuppie. Yup that's right a yuppie. Fucking yuppies. The girls found a grocery bag in the van and asked if they could collect some shells. Of course I said yes. Let me first say this is private road we were on. Though no one owns Maine's beaches sometimes people think they are entitled. So as the girls were picking up shells which by the way were all broken. And ugly. Just plain old white shells. A man who was in the house down the beach was watching us through the bushes. I just ignored him. No big deal. Well pretty soon here comes Mr. Yuppie with his little Sperry top siders on and his Panama Jacks AND his Jack Russell Terrier. I knew the second I saw him leave his driveway he was zoning in on us. So I did what any real Mainer would do. I ignored him. I made him walk right up next to me and say,"Excuse me" before I would acknowledge him. So I looked Mr. Yuppie dead in the eyes and said,"Yes." He said, "Do you live around here?" I said, "No, my husband is over at (the customers) home." He than told me that this is not a very big beach and we shouldn't be collecting his shells. Since it wasn't a very big beach. I started to laugh. Right at him. I said you don't want them to collect broken shells? Nope, he said, I don't. So I said, girls dump out your Hannaford bag. Chrissy said really they are all broken. Yuppie had a smug smile on his face and turned to leave and Marian said just who does he think he is. No one owns Maine's beaches unless you own an island. So we didn't bring home any shells but I did tell my husband about the incident after we had already left. He was not a happy camper. He wanted to go back and have a talk to the yuppie. We had permission to be on the beach and all that stuff. Blah blah blah. I told him it didn't matter that guy was probably only renting the place anyway. He was just an ass. Something Mainers have to put up with. I'm not sure he got it. Anyway I also took a picture of Dane's Boo boo. He fell on the rocks at the beach. Rock cuts hurt like a son of a gun. This kid has huge hands.
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Mama Goose said...

Seriously? I just can't believe some people.

I'm so glad you've had some nice beach time. I know it must help with all the other stresses.

Audrey at Barking Mad said...

People can be idiots, ya know? We were over in East Boothbay Harbor on Saturday and came across someone who could have been related to the person you ran into! Oiy!

It's great that you've had some time to just pull back and bit, get some space and breath a bit. Glad you guys had a nice time out there. Hopefully mother nature will cooperate and you'll have an opportunity for more of those days!

Stacy D. Briefing said...

Glad you had some fun family time... sorry about the shell incident. Sounds like he was a real "son of a beach." ;)

P.S. Hope Dane's boo-boo heals quickly!!!