Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Numero Uno

Before your child leaves for BOOT CAMP you need to purchase them cool stationary and stamps so that they can send you letters from there vacation away from mom and dad. (AKA Boot camp)
You'll also want to write your address on the envelope for them so it will be easier for them to write you more frequently.
Like this card here. What a darling little Troll. Doesn't he look like a happy camper? This came in a big bunch of cards that my sister in law gave to Kadie before she left for Boot camp. This also happens to be the very first letter she sent home after leaving for her vacation from me. (I found it the other day while cleaning the school room)

Hey Guys,

It's me and I want to come home. It's Hell here there's no ups just downs. My address is on the front. I'll call at some point. I really, really, Really miss everybody so much. So I'll write again soon. I love you all so much Tell the girls Hi and I them too.

Do you know what happens to a mom who gets this letter? She goes Nuckin Futs. Nobody messes with my baby! I was going to drive to North Carolina an open up a can of whoop ASS! I cried for days. I mean just look at the little Troll! Did she or did she not know just what card to send me? Yes she did! That was the first of many cards and letters that she sent home. We would fight to go to the mailbox. I laugh thinking about it now. In every letter she sounded better and better and more positive.

Then we had Graduation. Oh my God I missed her so much I just wanted to hug her all day. But I had to stand in line because her sisters didn't want to let her out of their sight. I swear she wasn't very big when she left but when we first saw her I couldn't believe how thin she was. Not bad thin but in shape. She looked so grown up to me but as I look at this picture now she looks like a little kid. We were and are so proud of her.


FishermansDaughter said...

Holy !@#@! That's a keeper. You must be SO incredibly proud. I can't imagine what having her go to boot camp must've been like for you as her mom - I let Biggs (my 11 year old)walk down to the bus stop (at the end of our mile long driveway but I can't see it from the house!) for the first time by himself today - I couldn't cry after he left because Bean is here and I don't want to freak him out but you can bet yer sweet *ss I'm counting the minutes till Bean leaves for school so I can burst...ah Motherhood! Congrats on your soldier. She looks fantastic.

Stacy D. Briefing said...

I think any Mom who has a child in the military should automatically get a medal for bravery! And boot camp.. must have been tough for all of you...I can't even imagine! Nope, my mind won't even go there...

All your girls are beautiful! Congrats to Katie for her achievement!!! And kudos to you for restraining from going to camp and sticking a boot up someone's ass! I'd have felt the same way....once a protective Momma, always a protective Momma. :)

Frank said...

Boot camp is basically hell, from what I've heard. Congratulations (and much respect!) on your daughter for making it through :D

Audrey at Barking Mad! said...

I needed to read this as Meg leaves for Basic on November 4th.

Wanna come down and share a bottle of wine...or three with me?