Sunday, September 6, 2009

Laying Down Beets and Blue Teeth

Kadie was here one day a few weeks ago to paint Halloween Aprons with the girls. She also took them to get Blue Slushies and their teeth are blue. Which drives me crazy. You should never ingest something that stains your mouth. But sometimes the children overpower me. I do pretty good until Kadie comes and then she turns into the ringleader with her band of merry men. (Or children) They will do or say anything she asks. Even if they know I'll get upset. If Dave is home it's even worse. He'll whisper in Kadie ear,"Hey I bet I can make the vein on mom's neck bulge." To which Kadie whispers as she's laughing, "No dad, don't, she'll get really mad!" It doesn't stop him though it just eggs him on.
Kadie has an innocent look to her. She looks like she's sixteen. I'm not naive though. She left for boot camp two months after turning eighteen and hasn't looked back. She's now twenty one almost twenty two. She still doesn't know what she wants to be when she grows up. She's kicking around Massage Therapy School but isn't sure if she wants to commit. She should though because she's great at it. DO YOU HEAR ME!? I KNOW YOUR READING THIS!!! GO TO SCHOOL!!!
I'm also not a very up on things parent. I'm getting old.
This picture here is a joke on me though. She was showing me a blunted up face. One night not long ago I was talking to Kadie on the phone and Dave was telling me questions to ask her. She's been partying quite a bit lately. Well probably not to her but to us it seems like quite a bit. Anyway Dave told me to ask her if she was blunted up. So I asked her. Moooooom she said and started to laugh like a hyena. This was not funny. If he would have said, smoked a dube or dubage or a fatty I would have know. I feel like he set me up. Doesn't it sound like that to you? Then after all the laughs had died down, he tells me to ask Kadie if Grand Master B (The name I have for Kadies BF after Bud Bundy) has laid down any beets. "What", I don't know what that means. "Just ask," he said. So I did. Kadie again started laughing and said that's BEATS mom. Not beets from the garden but music.
Why do I fall for this? After the whole ImaJo thing I thought I doing good catching on. Apparently not. I'm glad I can be some amusement for the family.
I have a new momdate coming up but am waiting on the nurses report today, (Tuesday) she has been going downhill rapidly and I really wish I could find someone who has been in my position so I could play twenty questions with them.
Oh yeah, where is ImaJo lately? Posted by Picasa


Stacy D. Briefing said...

My oldest came home one day after playing at a friends house down the street. He was bright red from the heat and his lips were blue. I almost had a heart attack, thinking he was having one from the heat...then he tells me they just finished blue ice pops! Whew!!! I agree-blue food/drink just CAN'T be good for you. ;)

Oh...I'll tell Ima Jo she needs to get off her lazy bum and write something. ;)

FishermansDaughter said...

Glad I'm not the only mom who finds blue teeth/lips disgusting - I don't let the kids have any of that blue junk - their father is another story - when the kids ask me why he'll let them and I won't I say, "It's because he doesn't love you." My standard answer to every question they ask me of that nature. Heh heh.

Audrey at Barking Mad! said...

My 19 year old twins still make sure they get the bluest slushies or icees they can find, because they know it drives me batshit crazy when they come home and their teeth and tongue are blue. Oiy!

Kadie is gorgeous. Absolutely beautiful!