Tuesday, September 29, 2009

La La Land

I thought, while things are still fresh in my mind that I'd write down a few things that have happened in recent weeks. So that maybe later I can write them all down in order and have them for family history. So I'm going to start with one story that keeps making me laugh over and over.

A week ago today my mom seemed fine. Not fine in the sence that she was well but fine for a dying woman. Her nurse came to see her and I told Berta that mom keeps getting out of bed and it was scaring me. She brushed it off and said she seems fine. Her colors good she's talking and knowing all of us. I said but I don't think she is.
Well darn it all about three in the afternoon my mom is in bed and sounds like she's on the phone. I think how'd she get the phone? I quietly go to the door of her room to listen and this is what I hear.
Mom: Here kitty kitty.
Mom: Marian, did you bring grammy a kitty?
Mom: Thank you for the kitty, can you bring him here?
I stick my head in the door and say what's up mom? She says nothing, the kids brought me a kitty. Oh I say and walk back out to the kitchen. (My kids are NOT at the apartment) A few minutes later I'm getting ice out of the freezer and as I turn there's my mom not two inches away from me. It suprised the daylights out of me.
Mom: I can't find kitty. Will you help me?
Me: Umm, sure. What does it look like?
Mom: It's a yellow kitty.
Me: Okay.
I start to walk around singing here kitty kitty. Then I asked her if kitty had a name.
Me: Does kitty have a name?
Mom: Yes. Then a long pause. Kitty's name is Meow.
So now I'm really getting into this whole thing and I'm looking under furniture and opening cupboards all the while my mom is crooning in a child like voice kitty kitty.
Then she decides that I should call my sister to tell her to bring cat food and kitty litter. So I did.
Me: Hi
Sister: Hi, what's up I'm about ten minutes away.
Me: Could you bring me some water?
Sister: Why?
Me: Cause the water here tastes like shit and I'm sooooo thirsty.
Sister: I guess, is that all?
Me: Well, now that you mention it, (as moms still calling out for kitty kitty) mom wants you to pick her up some cat food and clitty litter. (I don't know why my sister and I have always called it clitty litter. We are sick)
Sister: What!?
So I told her what was going on.
Sister: You wait until I get their. I'll set her straight. You can't be going along with her like that! I"m not picking up fucking cat food!
Me: Okay see you soon.
Carm brought me a case of water and went right in to see mum to let her know she was here, (She came up from Jersey) and as I was putting the water away my mom and sister were chit chatting. The next thing I know my sister comes out of the bedroom calling,"Here kitty kitty."
See, I said, I knew you couldn't break her heart.
Over the coarse of the evening and into the the night the illusive cat had more than one name. Meow, lucifer and then finally son of a bitch. It was at that point we gave my mom an anti hallucinogenic called Haloperidol. It didn't kick in for quite awhile after that and we listened to my mom have conversations with dead people and people that she worked with thirty years ago before she finally drifted off to la la land.


FishermansDaughter said...

Better living through pharmacology! :)

Philly said...

You gotta laugh, it's the only way to get through this.

I was slightly turned on by the Gman's trauma doctor today.


Audrey at Barking Mad! said...

I agree with Philly...you gotta laugh. Else you might just cry. And seriously, it is kinda funny in a really sad way.

Oh and our kitties have multiple names too! Son of a Bitch being among the most popular lately.

Good idea to write all of this down. Stories like this will ease the blow of those that have come and will come that won't have such a humorous slant.


Mama Goose said...

I'm glad that you're still able to find the lighter side of things these days. Makes the heaviness a little easier to carry. Keep moving forward and keep a little laughter in your pocket at all times.

Stacy D. Briefing said...

That story will bring you countless laughter (and tears) in the years to come.