Thursday, October 29, 2009

My Mimi

My girl turned nine this week! I can't believe it. Time just keeps marching on.
I remember the day she was born like it was yesterday.
Once again I had to be induced because I made it so nice inside of me that babies just wanted to stay. Maybe they knew that once they were born what was waiting for them.
Anyway, Marian was born at 10:56am. after being in labor fortyfive minutes.Not too shabby. She was the spindliest baby I had ever seen. Is that a word? She was all arms, legs, fingers, and toes! I remember not wanting to put her down or let the nurses take her because I thought they would hurt her if they were not extra careful. I told them that too.
Marian didn't have to be born on that day. I had a choice. I could have waited until the following Monday but my brother in law was coming in town. I wanted to wait until Monday to have her because I didn't want to miss anything. Let's face it. I knew if I had the baby before he came, I wouldn't be able to go to dinner with everyone. I'd have to stay home. Yes, that's what goes through a pregnant womans mind. FOOD!
Then my lovely brother in law mentioned that it wiuld be nice if I had the baby while he was in town so he could actualy see the baby. He did have a point and I was sick of being knocked up.
The real fun began after we got home from the hospital. This was baby number three and Chrissy was only two. Kadie was already 13 and in school all the time. I thought I was doing great until the neighbors came.
As they all stood around my baby, making the approiate noises, one gal had the nerve to say how did you come up with her name? I tell ya, I was a deer caught in the headlights! I just shrugged my shoulders and said it was a family name. The truth was, I couldn't remember her name.
How does something like this happen? A mother who can't remember her babies name! I would call Dave and wait for him to ask how the baby was doing and pray he'd ask how she was by name. Then I'd think okay, it's Marian. I won't forget that but later that same day at the park I told three different sets of people her name was Mable.That got back to my husband in a big hurry. I won't even go into that conversation but I was happy he finally knew my secret. After that, he made a list of all the kids names, birthdates and birth weights just in case I couldn't remember. I don't know why I didn't think of that. Then again I couldn't even remember her name. This went on for about six weeks and one day I was back to normal again.
So Happy Birthday my little Mimi, Marian, Mable, Baby Moo Moo, Baby Schlow Mo and every other name we call you by. You are my favorite nine year old in the world! And the most beautiful and the kindest, blah, blah blah........I love you.

Friday, October 23, 2009


The girls are finally in there room. It's not quite completed yet. We still have stuff to go the walls and shelves to put in. We also have the problem of the closet. Ha ha, I said we have the problem of the closet. Dave has a problem with the closet. I'm just the painter. I don't use power tools. We had a chain saw incident awhile back. That's all I'm saying about that. The shadows in the room really hide the brightness of the paint. It really is blinding until you get used to it.

I am not impressed with their bedding but I have felt so guilty I let them pick it out and I've sucked it up. Its that shiney slippery material that is Dry Clean Only. I read that after we bought it. Yea me. I have to say for what we paid, I can't complain. Each set came with a comforter, dust ruffle, two (yes two) sheet sets, one sham, two throw pillows (one holds an ipod) and two window valences. All for niney- nine smacker roos. So I can't compain right? Right!?

I can not believe how dark these pictures came out! We've been singing I wear my sunglasses at night.

The floor didn't take anytime at all to lay. I even did some. I think it turned out quite nice. It is a lamenent made by Dupont. I got it at Mardens for seventy nine cents a foot. If you don't live in Maine then you don't know Mardens. They have a jingle that goes You have bought it when you saw it at Marrrden's. Thats the case with this floor. I saw it on a Friday, well not this exact floor, but one a different color. I didn't put it on hold and when I went back the next morning it was all sold out. This floor I didn't even know what it looked like when I bought it. It was still on the truck. The guy thought it was darker than the other stuff I saw. I told him I'd make i'd make it work. Then Dave and I decided to buy enough to do the other two bedrooms that need flooring. That's a lot of flooring! Luckily they had enough. The guy behind us. Not so lucky, I got it all. Hee hee hee
The closet isn't very big but hopefully with shelves we'll be able to maximise space for the girls.

Tomorrow is the day we spread my moms ashes. I'm going to take pictures so be prepared!!!!!

My spellcheck is gone!!!! Please excuse any misspellings. Darn! I wonder what I did.....
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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

No I don't do evertyhing my eleven year old tells me to.

Right before my moms funeral I decided to get a manicure. I also decided that since the girls birthdays were at the same time I would let them get manicures also.
Once we got in there and sat down, Chrissy started telling me I should get acrylics because they were so pretty. Then of course everyone in the place started in so I caved. They looked beautiful for about ten seconds.

I wonder how the little nail girl is going to feel when I ask her how to get paint off of my nails? I also have wanted to call her and ask her a few questions about my nails.

Like these questions: How do you pick your nose with these things on?
How do you dig the wax out of your ears so you don't look like a drill?
How do you wipe your backside or anyone Else's without stabbing the crap out of them?
I'm just glad that Mary from Redbank isn't here yet. By then I'll have probably ripped all these darn things off.

On other fronts we are learning our prepositions. This is a paper that was hastily done by one of my offspring. She took about a minute to do it and I took about ten seconds to hand it back and say this is a test I suggest you read the directions. She did and now the world is good. I never knew exactly what a preposition was until now. I wonder if I could go back and repeat this part of school? Would it have made a difference? I think the best part about teaching my kids is that I now understand the stuff I didn't understand then.
Chrissy and Mimi are going to spend the night at their sisters tonight. Actually they are going this afternoon. I'm one small molecule from snapping and she's going to help make sure I don't snap. We pretty much have the girls room finished but are in the process of moving from one to the other and neither girls wants to part with anything. AGH!!!!! I can't wait for them to go. I already have the van parked up to the front steps and as I clean and make piles for Goodwill and for the dump I can bring them down and load up the van. My gosh I live an exciting life.
I also need to go pick up my moms ashes. We are going to spread them this weekend. I'm not looking forward to it. Every time I think too hard on the subject (which is anytime at all) I feel like I'm going to puke. I feel like time bomb waiting to go off.
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Monday, October 19, 2009

We don't want our room to be pink.

Do you remember the room we were getting ready for the girls? This is it right here. Well. we finally started working on it. It's not like we're slackers or anything. We have been busy and as Dave puts it, I'm in a funk, oh am I ever in a funk. You can't even walk thorough the house. It's more like an obstacle course. I hope I pull out of it soon. Complete strangers must wonder if I have it together as I walk through the aisle of WalMart with tears steaming down my cheeks. I cry everyday. I'm not a crier either. A whiner yes. Anyway, back to the room. The girls picked out bedding and even though I can't fricking stand it I got it anyway. The only request from the girls was, we don't want our walls pink. So off to Home Cheapo we go and we came back with ........

Ta DAAAAAA Orchid Pink. I know, I couldn't believe it myself. We are making great progress and hopefully the girls will be able to move in tomorrow. I seriously hope so.
And because we homeschool you know I have to make the kids help. What I really need to be teaching is How to make your pants stay on your ass 101. And why you shouldn't take pictures of your younger sisters ass 102.
This is what I do as I'm working. I drink coffee and listen to my Zune.
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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Happy Birthday's

You never know what life is going to hand you. Last Thursday was not only the day we had my moms funeral but it was also Christina's birthday. That's her new Chrissa doll. She is The American Girl Doll of the year. (In case you don't know these things.) My mom bought both little girls dolls for Christmas off of QVC a few months back. I gave them to the girls before we left for the funeral. (To soften the blow of having a funeral on your birthday.) She really didn't mind much though. She got to see all of our family and extended family and many people she didn't even know. All of which gave her dollar bills because it was her birthday. She cleaned house, so to speak. My wonderful, beautiful cousins, Jenn and Cheryl decided that I was too busy to go shopping for Chrissy's birthday so they took it upon themselves to shop for me. Jenn and family showed up early last Thursday with arm loads of gifts and a birthday cake made by Chrissy's favorite cousin Libby. She really cleaned house here too because we would NOT have got her so much stuff. She was so surprised that she had a good day even though the day had much sadness.
Today is my first Born's birthday. Kadie will be twenty-two at 11:56am. Following her 11:56am birth I sent my dad to McDonald's for a burger and fries. I can still remember how good those fries were. I can also remember how little Kadie was. She was three weeks early and I had only gained 11 pounds with the pregnancy. I remember vividly the doctors putting the helicopter on stand by to fly her to Portland. Everything happened so fast, I was in labour under four hours. When she was born she weighed in at 7lbs 14oz. Not the preemie they expected. She didn't have to go to Portland.
Last week she really showed her maturity. She was a huge help with the days following up to the funeral and with the mess of packing and cleaning afterwords. For the last three months she went to my moms everyday. Even if she could only stay fifteen minutes. (Most of the time she brought her laundry and stayed awhile.) This has been so tough on her because she and my mom had a very close bond. On top of that, I've been a basket case. Snapping at everyone, especially her because, well, I don't know why. On a side note, when Kadie used to ask me why (when I would tell her no to something) I would tell her because Y is a crooked letter. My GOSH she really hates that. I bet she does it to her kids.
So Happy Birthday KadieRoo, KadieRella, KadieDid, Kathryn eLizardBreath and every other name we have ever called you. Oh and I forgot Moose.
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