Wednesday, November 4, 2009

He Likes CAKE

There is no doubt in any of our minds that we are going to have to keep Dane active. He likes cake. He likes candy. He likes chips and dip. He likes pudding. Ice cream, Popsicles, fudge and anything else he can reach or push a chair to climb up to get his big mitts on. And cookies, let us not forget the cookies!
Dane has done an about face with his eating habits since my mom died. Oh, he's always loved the junk, but he always ate fruits and veggies. Now meal time is a battle zone and I'm Hitler.
Some other changes in my boy are his ability to repeat EVERYTHING he hears. Case and point. One recent evening after I put him to bed (and he didn't want to go to bed) he yelled down in a possessed voice (Mooooommmm, get your ass up here now!!!) and I did. He also speaks of dying all the time. Things like, "If you don't let me watch TB (V) I will die you. Or, while playing with his sisters and not getting his own way he will scream, "You die and neber come back!" Isn't this just what every mother wants to hear from her two year old? Sigh
Yes, my children all stand on their chairs while they eat cake. I think they get it from their father. But maybe not.
Truly, Dane is a good boy. He just needs his mother to get it together and get it together I will. Today is a new day and the sun is shining.

Other Dane funnies.....
Dane pees off the porch, I've told you all that, but now his aim is much better. He can now hit the cat with his stream. Also sometimes the stream is so powerful he can hit the wheel of my car. He has also walked up to his sister and and declared, "I pee on you." and does. Now, if he's naked they immediately help him finds something to wear. Being urinated on is not a fetish they care to partake in.
My favorite is when he had just woken from his nap and had removed his diaper but we had not put undies on him. I was baking when he came in the kitchen, I was also talking to Dave on the phone. Dane pulled a chair to the fridge and climbed in. (He had a cup and was going to get a drink.) We have a fridge that has the pull out freezer on the bottom. So, I'm talking to Dave, and Dane is getting a drink and is wearing nothing but a shirt. All of a sudden he starts to say in a desperate voice, mommy, mommy, oohhhh, I'm sorry mommy, I'm sorry and there was my boy, peeing in the fridge. It needed to be cleaned (Bleached) anyway. Who needs asparagus? It was actually quite comical as I grabbed his a flung open the door to hold him off the porch. I'm laughing my backside off and explaining to Dave what happened and my ever practical husband said to me, "Why would you let him pee in the refrigerator?" Yeah? Why would I?
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FishermansDaughter said...

Nature boys ROCK. Biggs didn't wear pants unless we were going off farm till - well - ever - Now that he's 11 he's finally gotten a bit more modest and at least wears boxer briefs to cover the manly around the homestead. I used to have a blog called "Where Are Your Pants" - a phrase I said at least 100 times per day for the first decade of Biggs' life. Both boys have been known to hold it until we get home so they can wee out of doors - which never ceases to amuse me - it's the little things.

Been home too long tending the sickies - my fingers are chatty.

My word is logra

my definition: a technical term for low grass

Mama Goose said...

Hahaha! My boys love to pee outside too! Oh, and eat crap. Apparently, potato chips are a food group. Who knew? They get that from their father. Yep. I'm sticking to that.

Stacy D. Briefing said...

Dane, you are too funny!!! Your chore should be to keep the flowers watered. :)

My boys learned the f-bomb from me....NICE!!! It was a proud moment I tell ya, when one said it in front of Ricardo.... :(

Anonymous said...

I peed in the kitchen sink after I read this.

Frank said...

Get him into running! That's how I can be thin and eat an entire pizza in one sitting.