Wednesday, November 25, 2009

It's all about the Cream Cheese

Our household had been sick. Very sick. If I ever complained about how sick my family has ever been, trust me it's nothing compared to this past few weeks. This little guy, for instance, started puking in the van the Monday after Halloween. His sister caught it or tried to with her own hands. (Then shortly after, she started puking.) My van still smells even though I've gone out almost every day and scrubbed. I even took the seats out (heavy friggers they are) overnight to air them out. That's when the fun really started. One of the barn cats decided to urinate on one of them. Now I'm cleaning cat piss and puke smell.

As you can see, it's apparent we have no rules at out house. You want a bagel? You just get it. You want cream cheese, you get it. You don't need to ask. You just push the chair over and climb up and in. It doesn't matter that mom said no. Who needs rules? Rules are for wimps.

We thought the dreaded H1N1 had struck our home. Dane was sick and Mimi followed. For over a week they coughed, sneezed and puked. Then everything seemed to get better. But I was wrong, VERY,VERY wrong. I started to get a sore throat, my sinus's felt like they were going to explode and then Mimi got it again. The worst part was Dave. He was out of town for the whole week. There was no one to take care of me! Yes, ME, Dammit! I had to suck it up. Fend off intruders (now that's another story I'll talk about soon) get up everyday, teach school, blow my nose at least a gazillion times. But then as fast as I got sick I felt sort of better. (I still feel like crap, but functioning crap)
Now Mimi on the other hand just got worse. So Friday afternoon I did the dreaded. I took her to the doctor. Who sent her for a chest x-ray. Which came back fine but in the process Mimi got a funky rash down the front of her chest and down her back. Okay, I thought, she has a fever, this can happen. Well then the doctor calls back and explains she has been in council with two other doctors in her practice and they would like Mimi to go see the Pediatrician on call at the hospital. Marian has had specific pain in her back and neck and since her lungs were clear and she didn't have strep they were concerned of her having something else. Like meningitis. Or Epstein Barr. Did you know that Epstein is Mono? Who knew? So back to the hospital we went. All the while my poor husband was trying to get home. He had hell flights. He had to change planes three times. Every time he landed and called I told him more bad news.
Some people sky-dive for thrills. We don't have health insurance. You don't need to jump out of a plane to make your heart thump out of your chest, just have a sick kid and an emergency room visit.
Things I learned over the past few days. Marian is fine. Sort of. She has H1N1, probably. Did you know that the test for H1N1 takes between three and five days to process? Did you know that Tamaflu, the "miracle" for H1N1 has to be given in the first forty-eight hours of getting it in order for it to work. The doctors are not even testing for H1N1. They are just giving out the drug. Why,? Because people are demanding it. They are panicking. Thats all I have to say about that. Except we did not take the Tamaflu. No test, no drugs. That's how I roll baby.
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FishermansDaughter said...

Holy Mother! Reading this SO makes me wish we lived closer, again. I'd cook you up a vat of chicken soup, homemade bread and...leave it on your porch! Few things suck as hard as having sick kids and being sick yourself - solo. I feel and have experienced your pain. Good on you for now bowing to panic. From what I've read there really isn't anything to be done for H1N1 that you don't do for any other flu. Rest, fluids, etc. My Beaner STILL has a cough from our bought. So sorry ya'll have been laid low and hope you're on the mend soon. Hang in there.

Stacy D. Briefing said...

Only thing I hate worse than being sick, is having one of my kiddos have it. Hope your ALL well n rash free soon! I recommend a nice warm, laced toddy...or a strong cold one would work too ;)

P.S. Dane, you make me giggle and give me a 1000 heart attacks all at once! :)

Branden said...

Funny I used to sneak butter :) way to go Dane. I miss you I wish you went sick. love u all kadie

Branden said...


Mama Goose said...

I hope this crud is past, once and for all.

Anonymous said...

Hope your Thanksgiving went grand.

We watched movies.

Five Easy Pieces - awesome

Crash - hated it, talk about cheesy and fake

Sling Blade - incredible, best flick ever, i cried and cried.

Them - French horror flick with English subtitles - REALLY scary.

Hope yer doin' great...