Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Well I finally pulled off the rest of my fake fingernails. It was a tough job. I am now missing most of my pinky fingernail and the rest of my nails look like crap. My only options going into the holidays are to either get them done again or don't care. (As I'm typing this my daughter asked me why I keep nodding my head? Maybe she should just go back to her math and stop watching me. Nothing in this house is sacred.)
We don't have any Christmas parties to go to anyway. That is the one thing I miss about living in Florida. We had many friends. Starting the weekend after Thanksgiving right up until New Years Eve we partied every weekend.
Not that we don't have friends here in Maine. People in Maine are some of the kindest and most generous you'll ever meet. You just have to drive over an hour to see them. Actually you have to drive further than that in most cases. But I know with these friends I could just show up and say "We're Here!" and everyone would be happy. This weekend I'm going to meet a new friend. She feels like an old friend. But we've never met in person before. I'm so excited I feel like I'm going to puke. Well, maybe I feel like I'm going to puke because I have this dratted flu. It will all be gone by Thursday though. I'm willing it away. The last time we were going to meet up I had to move in with my mom and then my mom died. So I don't have anymore moms to take care of so we should be all set. Unless she gets sick.
We aren't going anywhere for Thanksgiving this year. We rarely go out on holidays. We have invited our neighbor over as we do every year. A long time ago in the third year of our marriage and after being run ragged by our families we started to lie to everyone. We would get bombarded with Thanksgiving Day invations and like Christmas spend the day running all over to please everyone. So we started to tell everyone we had plans. Yeah, we had plans alright, plans to be alone. We would turn the phone off and pull the curtains shut and have the day to ourselves. Just the three of us. Even though we had dinner together all the time, Thanksgiving was always special. Now Kadie is grown up, I can't tell here to be here. If she wants to be with Grand Master B I have to accept it. Though it makes me sad. Also because I refuse to accept her not being here at Christmas. She did that one year in her rebellious stage. We let it ruin our whole day. Now if she tried to pull that shit I'd hunt her done and drag her sorry arse back here. That's right Kadie, I mean you. Until your married and have children your expected to be here Christmas Eve. No matter what. You know the rules. When you have children then you can stay home. We will bring our band of merrymen to you. Hee hee

So what is everyone else doing for Thanksgiving? What are you Thankful for? In this world right now all there is is bad news (except for those terrorests that are going on trial in New York, they are loving our country now.)


Stacy D. Briefing said...

After trying acrylics 3 times, I swore never again. Between the edges lifting up and me peeling them off (leaving just a paper thin shell where a nail used to be)-it just wasn't pretty. If short, stubby nails ever come into style-I'll be on the cutting edge of fashion. HA!

Ricardo and I ran around like mad people our first married holidays together trying to please all of our family. After that, we said we would be celebrating all future holidays at our house-alone. Love it!!! Sooooo freakin' peaceful!

Will be giving thanks for our health, being together, still keeping afloat, and after waaay too much food-will be giving thanks for Anatacids! :)

KimberlyDi said...

I'm doing fine. Ever since the health scare, I've changed my lifestyle and I've lost 7 of the 40 pounds that I decided to lose. It sucks, hitting the gym 4 days a week, but I'm seeing results.

I'm almost down a jean size and just about wore them to work but I wouldn't be able to breath when I sat down so I decided not to. :)

Anonymous said...

What am I doing on Thanksgiving ?

It involves and old lady, my "husband", and and old semi-deaf guy.

It'll be a gas.

FishermansDaughter said...

I luvres me some gel nails - LUVRES - but - keepin 'em pretty costs a small fortune and does not mesh well with the abandoned farm wife I work in the dirt with my hands lifestyle. Not to mention all the chemicals and crap leaching into one's system and the fact that when they come off the tips of my fingers feel like exposed eye balls.
The best Christmases I've ever had have been just me and the boyzies - no travel, no drama.
Thankful for health, loaded pellet guns, the internets and racing toward spring.

my word is asifyso

Frank said...

Bah, the terrorists will be convicted regardless of where they're tried.