Friday, November 20, 2009


I don't think I've ever been so happy that Friday is finally here. Except maybe when I was twenty one and I was going bar hopping. But that was a different time.
We have had an extremely long week here in Kennebec. It started a week and a half ago with Dane getting sick. We just got him on the right track and I came down with it and within a day Mimi has got this vile thing. AGH!
I don't like being sick. I know, no one does. For me though, I act like a baby. I want to be held and spoon fed. I want the world to stop and comfort me. (Meaning I want my husband to stop everything he's doing and care for me.) That didn't happen for me though. Why? Why? Because DAVE'S NOT HERE!
Where is he? He's far away. Too far away to be of any comfort to me. Too far away to run and get me Ginger Ale. Too far away to tell me if my head is hot. Too far away to listen to my complaining that I'm sick every hour.
My darling husband in in Omaha. He'll fly back home tonight but the airport in an hour and a half from home so it will probably be the wee hours before he gets in. I can't wait! I have a weeks worth of whining to do.

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Stacy D. Briefing said...

I'm so sorry you are under the weather! Perhaps with any luck,
Dave will read your blog and come bearing gifts-tissues, cough syrup, ibuprophin, Vicks vapor rub, and a couple of good magazines and movies for you to watch while you are recouperating. "Calling Dr. Dave....Emergency! Emergency! Come right away!!!!"...(Sorry, I channeled Bewitch there for a happens. ;)

Hope you're better soon!!!!!