Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Price you have to Pay

Our girls started basketball a few weeks ago. Two practices each during the week and games at noon on Saturday. So that's four nights a week playing basketball, Two games on Saturday (at the same time at different schools) plus choir which is twice a week. No my kids don't socialise. We had been sailing through everything just fine. Choir is out at 5:30 swing around McDick's for nuggies, drive twenty minutes to the school to get which ever kid who has practice their on time. Watch kid practice, write notes so I can explain what pivot means and free throw and travel. (This is our first year playing.)
Tuesday night, Dave and Chrissy brought Mimi to practice. I got to stay home with Dane. I had big plans for my hour. Do some dishes, put Dane to bed, paint my toenails, braid the hair under my arms. (Remember, we homeschool, we don't shave and we wear denim jumpers.) Actually, I as I was getting Dane some jammies from upstairs and talking to Kadie on the phone, I noticed how icky dirty the stairs were. It looked like the girls took cocoa upstairs and spilled some on every step as they went up them. So on my way back down I grabbed a wet rag and started to wash them as I went. Are you bored yet? This is real life baby. Half way down the phone beeped in I had another call. Sigh. I hate when that happens. Being in the middle of something and having to stop to answer the other line.

Phone: Ring Ring or beeeeep beeep
Me: Hello (said with a HUGE sigh like I'm put out)
Dave: Hey, Marian's hurt.
Me: Hurt how, you just fuc83n got there.
Dave: No, she's really hurt, I'm on my way to the Fire Station with her. I think her shoulder is dislocated. Bye. Click

Oh MY WORD!!!!!!!!!
I stand in shock then think, Fire Department? What? I call a neighbor to come sit with Dane. I forget to call Kadie back. I race to the Fire Department. When I get their they are finishing up. They didn't think her shoulder was dislocated, just badly jammed.

Upon getting home I find out that the kids had just started practice and were running to the other end of the court where Marian slipped in water that had come in off another child's feet. Her feet went up over her head and she came down on her shoulder. Ouch.
She looked pretty pathetic. Huh? Trust me, she got A LOT of attention. The next day I took her to the doctor and we did an ex-ray. She had some serious swelling of the clavicle. But nothing was broke, cracked or out of place. Thank you Baby Jesus!
What she did get was a nifty sling to wear. She's supposed to wear it for a week so she doesn't forget her arm is hurt and do something to really hurt it. So far she's worn it on the way home from the doctors office and this picture. She keeps talking about how cool it is and how it will make a great Halloween costume.
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Stacy D. Briefing said...

Girl! You are "wearing" that sling ;)...that's me trying to be hip and cool....yeah, lost cause.

Life it's always something huh?! So sorry Mimi got hurt! Basketball-bad. Chess, Debate team, or knitting club-GOOD!!! ;) LOL!

FishermansDaughter said...

Damned kids - it's always someting! Glad nothing was broke....all the more reason to stay home, unshaven wearing those denim jumpers...


my word is


I got nothin.

Frank said...

My sister used to play basketball in high school, and she got injured a lot. Interestingly, all of her injuries came during practice, not actual games, leading the rest of the family to believe that they were more due to her own clumsiness than basketball itself.

Mama Goose said...

Oh heavens! I've got one of those too... Glad she's okay.

Now, back to braiding the armpit hair. SNORT!!!