Saturday, December 19, 2009


I really dislike having my picture taken and usually run from the camera. But I'm posting this one to let you see what has happened over the past few months. Do you see the black all around my eyes? It's not make up. It's called not sleeping. It's called falling asleep and dreaming things no one should ever dream so you lay awake the rest of the night.
By the way, I'm making Dane his oatmilk. It's the only thing he really likes for breakfast. I don't know why but he refuses to call it oatmeal.
I haven't been in the Christmas spirit this year. I think I've lost my Christmas Mojo. I do have 99% of my shopping finished and everything pretty much is wrapped. Which is awesome for me. Normally I shop Christmas Eve Day. I really do. Ask anyone who loves me that lives out of town if they get gifts before or after Christmas. They will all tell you after. I secretly wish we could celebrate Christmas on New Years. Think of the deals you could get!
I know the real reason for Christmas and try very hard to remember it's not about what's under the tree.
Speaking of the real reason for Christmas, we have been trying to find a new cake recipe for Baby Jesus's Birthday Cake. Anyone have any ideas? Does anyone have a good Red Velvet Cake Recipe? Is Red Velvet Cake even good? Let me know. Please and Thank You.
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Anonymous said...

Red Velvet cakes is AWESOME, easy to make, and there's tons of recipes for it on-line.

Christmas presents that arrive after Christmas are even better, because they're a bigger surprise, and because it makes Christmas last even longer.

There's a song by a band called They Might Be Giants called "Withered Hope", which is what your post title reminded me of. Now, for your reading pleasure, I've included the lyrics to it below. Enjoy !

Very Sad Sack is a sad bag
Very, very sad
Very Sad Sack

Withered Hope says she is his friend to the end,
But she doesn't like Very Sad Sack

Today Withered Hope saw the Very Sad Sack
And she tried not to meet his eyes
And he cut out a paper heart, pinned it to his arm
Gave her everything he was holding in his head
This is what he said:

Withered Hope, I'm in love with you
Want to live with you, Withered Hope
Are you going to say to me this can never be?
Are you going to say to me, Withered Hope?

Sad Sack
Sad Sack

Withered Hope says she has a soul mate
Living in a city in another state
But the soul mate thinks about a picture in a book of a beautiful crook
And the picture of the crook in the book is in love with the brand new motorbike
But the motorbike doesn't like crooks,
It's obsessed with the Very Sad Sack

Sad Sack, I'm in love with you
Want to live with you, Sad Sack
Are you going to say to me this can never be?
Are you going to say to me, Sad Sack?

Sad Sack
Sad Sack

FishermansDaughter said...

We need to meet - preferably soon and someplace warm - a girl can dream! This is a rough time of year, hang in there.

My word is


Like Hester Prinn - maybe the innernets is tryin to tell me it's time... :)

FishermansDaughter said...

P.S. I don't know anything about red velvet cake other than it looks delicious

Mama Goose said...

I've never had red velvet cake. Something about the food coloring freaks me right out. But I hear it's good.

I'm sorry you can't find your mojo. I remember my first Christmas without my mother... this is # 4 and it's still hard - she loved the holidays so much...

Oh, and, um... my eye bags are worse than yours. Can't wait to get together to compare. HA!

Hang in there sweetie. Remembering the real meaning of Christmas will make everything okay. Promise.

Stacy D. Briefing said...

Oh girlie, I hope you get a peaceful nights sleep soon!

I can't help much with the cake recipe. Never had red velvet. Heard it's good though.

Like the idea of Dane wanting "oatmilk" knives involved in making or eating that.... :O