Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Dirty Secret. (Well one of them)

I have a confession to make. Okay, here goes..... I take showers. Or baths. I know, that doesn't seem like a big deal. But it is. You see, I take many of them. Not just one a day like most people. I've been known to shower up five times a day. Mostly I just take two showers. That's not unheard of. Right? I'm not sure when I started this weird thing I do maybe it was when I was working for a big brown package company. I worked a night shift and since there was not air conditioning and it was very dirty I was always in need of a shower. It also didn't help that when we first bought our house in Delray it didn't have central air. I was always hot. So I would shower. Before work, when I got home from work. Then during the course of the day we most likely would go to the beach. We lived under a mile from it. So what happens after you go to the beach? You shower. Then, when I would get upset or needed a few minutes to think, I'd take a quick shower. I don't know why. I think maybe because our house was small and I didn't have anywhere to go so I'd go in the bathroom and lock the door. Since I was in there, I might as well shower. But I can't really be sure.
I've passed my weirdness on to my children. From the day they are born until they are out of diapers, they are bathed twice a day. Got to keep that area clean. I have been widely criticized about this. Your going to wash that babies skin off. Babies should only be washed once a week. (EWWWWWWW) What could they possibly do to make you want to wash that child so much? Umm, they pee and poop in a diaper. The way I looked at it, it took just as much time to just wash them down as put a bit of water in the tub and chuck them in. And they loved it! They were always happy to kick and splash. It really was part of a great routine. Up in the morning, breakfast then a bath. Dinner, bath, story, bed. It worked.

Also living here in Maine, we are snowed in or it's way to cold to be outside for any length of time. So what do we do. We play in the tub. Nothing anymore fun then filling the tub with blocks, little people, boats and other misc. tub toys and hopping in. The girls, they are getting too old to want to play in the tub. Unless it's a bubble bath complete with candles and a preteen magazine. Though they prefer what we like to call Hollywood Showers. Our oldest was famous for these. Between all the water we run for baths/showers and the mountains of laundry I do everyday (hee hee) our water bill is that of a ten person household. Which leads to HUGE disagreements with my husband. It's cheap entertainment I say. You don't pay the bill! He says. We go round and round.

I'm also known to tell the kids to go take a shower and cool off. If they have had a rotten day, nothing anymore relaxing than a shower. If you've been playing in the mud all afternoon, take a quick shower. If you've been wading in the river (the one where you can only eat one fish per year out of because of the mercury levels) go take a quick shower. If you don't feel good and are slightly feverish, or not, go take a quick shower, you'll feel better. I'm sure at this point you all get the drift.

Oh mommmy, must you wash me so much? It's not the water that I don't like, it's the greasing me up like a pig after. No More Lotion!
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Mama Goose said...

I can't imagine how much your water bill is... Ouch.

My boys have always loved a good tubbie. Lately though they want to take a shower instead. Which translates to me taking a shower too in order to get them clean. I miss the tub.

Stacy D. Briefing said...

How can you argue about too much bathing, when someone looks that stinking happy sitting in a tub?! Cute! Cute! Cute!