Monday, January 4, 2010

New Years Escape

A few weeks ago Dave and I went to a real adult party. It was his work Christmas party. It was also almost two hours from the house. Which means you can't drink and drive. Not that I would or ever have done that. At least not in the last twenty years. SO in order to keep all of us safe, that live in our neck of the woods his boss gets us all Villa's. They thought we were bringing the children and so they rented us a two bedroom villa. We didn't bring the kids. I'll tell you a secret. We only stayed at the party two hours and then we hauled arse back to the villa. Yeah BABY! It sure was nice. We decided at that point we would bring the kids down over New Years. So that's what we did.

Now the villa we got this time was NO WHERE near as nice as the first one we had. When I called to reserve I didn't know I needed to say exactly what I wanted. IE the same as what we had. It was still lovely and a real bargain. Over the winter they run a weekday special. Eighty nine dollars a night! The third floor costs a little bit more. That's where we stayed the first time. It was well worth the little extra. But this was still nice. You had a dining room.

A full kitchen, including a dishwasher and just about every kind of pot, pan, baking dish, piece of silverware that you could think of. Some I don't even have at home. No, I didn't take anything.

The living room was spacious and the girls liked the TV. As a matter of fact there were three TVs. The bedrooms each had one also. So Dane could watch Special Agent Oso and not drive the rest of us crazy.

This is the bedroom we stayed in. The bed was horrid. It was supposed to be a king size. I swear it wasn't even a queen. We tossed and turned both nights.
What was really cool, the unit had a washer and dryer. I just love washers and dryers. We didn't have any dirty laundry when we got home!
They have an indoor swimming pool, a weight room and a lame, I mean game room. You can rent DVDs and video's. Plus you are very close to the beaches. If you are on the third floor you can see them from your window.
We had planned to take the kids out on New Years Eve. Old Orchard had a big bon fire planned. We were stoked.
Unfortunately, when we left right before two, we had no idea it would take us four hours to make a one hour and forty minute drive. We were making great time until we got to Yarmouth and right after that all traffic stopped. We sat for just under two hours without moving. All I have is this to say: To the person who's car caught fire, YOU ARE A COMPLETE AN UTTER F#CK*IN% MORON.
We were so stressed that all we could do when we finally got there was run to the grocery. We didn't even see the ball drop.
All in all, it was very relaxing and we'd stay there again. The web site for Village By the Sea is:
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Mama Goose said...

"To the moron whose car caught fire..." Bwwwwhhhhhaaaaaaaa!!!!! Good thing I wasn't drinking anything when I read that!

Glad you had a nice get-away! I've heard good things about that place. I'll have to check it out.

Happy New Year!

Frank said...

Looks more like an actual house than a villa. It's got a very "lived in" look to it.

You sure you guys didn't just break into someone's house and spend the weekend there? ;)

Stacy D. Briefing said...

Oh you crack me up! You should really work with the highway dept.-being in charge of the neon road signs! I would love to see a sign reading "3 hour delay due to F*&ng moron ahead!" LOL!!!

Glad you had a great get-a-way!