Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I aint got nothing

I've been a terrible blogger as of late. I can think of all kinds of things to write about but I just don't do it. Partly because I have been sick, partly because all of my kids have been sick but mostly because I'm lazy. I like lazy.
If a job came available for someone to lay around or walk aimlessly around the house I would be your girl. I have it down pat. I haven't even been watching much TV. Well I take that back. Monday I was  sick but had to stay awake because Dane might get into the FLUFF again, and I watched an entire day of HGTV.
I now know how to buy, sell and decorate a house with a little money or a huge amount of money. Too bad some of these people didn't have taste. ICK and double ICK. I truly am addicted to some of these shows.

I am finally almost over my head cold. I didn't think that much snot could come out of one person. Neither could my husband. He, on more than one occasion, claimed that my snot was going to make him puke. I now feel bad for my kids. They all had this before I did and now I truly know how awful they felt. Especially Dane because he still hasn't got the hang of nose blowing yet.

Well I'm done for now. We are getting ready for more crazy weather. Will it rain or will it snow?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Meeting Part 3

Kadie will probably hang me when she sees this picture. It's one of those pictures where someone shouts SMILE and gets you before your ready. I take MANY pictures like that.

I've finally decided to finish the posts on Kadie's meeting with SD. Actually I sort of forgot with everything happening around here. I've been trying to decide how much to write and what I shouldn't write about. After all it's really Kadie's story. In the end I've decided to just wing it cause that's what I do.

So to recap: Kadie is getting ready to meet her biological father for the first time. I refer to him as SD (sperm donor) know that I can't stand this person and the only good thing about him is Kadie.
SD and Kadie have set up a time and place to meet and I was supposed to go but was such a basket case that Dave went instead.

So Kadie and SD are supposed to meet in a parking lot that from there go to a restaurant for a bite to eat. That way there are many people around and Kadie won't feel weird. Dave (my husband, for those that don't know) gets there before anyone else. He sees Kadie pull in and park but she doesn't see him. So he gets out of his car and walks over to her. As they stand and chit chat SD and his sister pull in. They get out of the car and everyone introduces themselves (Kadie has previously met his sister) my husband shakes hands and says, "I'm Dave." at that point everyone decides to go to a local place for a bit to eat.

Dave calls me and tells me everything is fine so far and he'll call me later. Actually I think he said you can stop puking now every things okay. From what I understand they all had a nice time no one bashed anyone (meaning my name wasn't brought up at all) and a path was opened for Kadie to get to know SD if she wants to.

Now here's the good part..........

Kadie calls us after Dave gets home from work and I'm grilling her about every single detail of the meeting and she starts to laugh. She said, "Your not going to believe this mom!" " When daddy (yeah she still calls him daddy) was going to get into his car to go to the restaurant SD said "Your boyfriend seems very nice." I said MY BOYFRIEND! No, no, that's my dad! Ewww mom can you believe that!?

Later after we got off the phone and Dave and I were laughing about the boyfriend thing and he said that the thought was incestuous, I high fived him. He said what's that for? I laughed and said,"Here you are forty one years old and SD thought you were her boyfriend!" How many men (unless they are stinking rich) get a 21 year old girl that look like her? You should be flattered. Once you get over the icky factor.

So that concludes my story for today. I now am going to go take a nap and see if I can get rid of this darn cold I have.....
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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Climbing the Walls

Not too much to do here in the winter. Most of the snow is gone and it's too cold to play outside. (We do have a storm in the works though) So the girls like to entertain themselves anyway they can.
Let us dissect this picture for just a minute. On the right side do you see where the cat has scratched the molding? He's scratched the crap right out of it. I don't even care. Right above the cat scratches are the grow marks. Dave stands them against the wall and marks where they are. I don't even care about that. When and if we ever leave this house, that board is coming with me. Good times baby, good times!
On the floor in the room behind Mimi, is a bed tray. It has a fancy name I just can't remember it. I was served breakfast in bed Saturday morning on it:) It was lovely. I think my husband felt bad because Dane was up many times during the night and I went to him every time. Dave didn't even attempt to go. Sigh. A mother's fate.
Mimi is so funny. Chrissy took these pictures. I was in another room. I could hear them giggling. Mimi would say," Quick Chrissy my feet are slipping!" "I can't hold on much longer!" and Chrissy would say," Did you know Uranus is a planet?" to make her laugh and fall. We are so sophisticated here.
Don't you love my wall border? I'll post better pictures of it another time. For every bunch of hens is a big cock. Because every kitchen needs a cock. As far as I'm concerned, every room needs a cock.......
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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Three years ago today, at 8:01am, this little bugger made it into the world making sure I would forever remember the feeling of what a 9lb. 10.02 oz baby felt like coming out of my po po. Pronounced with a long O. I am now doomed to never get another box of chocolates as long as I live. My gift every year is the remembering of my body feeling like it was being torn apart by wild dogs.
And you know what? That memory isn't fading. Every time I think I want another baby, I remember him. A Dugger I'm not. No more babies for me....
On the flip side of that is this. My beautiful little boy, who isn't a baby anymore. A wonderful little guy that just didn't really get what was happening. He walked around today with this look on his face. "I'm happy, I think." Of course it might have something to do with the 102 temp he ran the day before. Or maybe the vomit that reminded me of Poltergeist. I'm not really sure.
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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What we've been doing

Playing basketball. Two kids, each with two practices twice a week and two games on Saturday. At different schools and sometimes at the same time. (Do you see Chrissy in that huddle of kids? She the short one. I hope she grows this year. If not she said she wants to have her legs broke and steel rods installed. Which is why I wish she'd grow.)
Dave's working. All the time. Seven days a week. If he's not on the road then he's in the office. If he's not in the office he's cutting firewood. You get the picture.
This picture isn't about Dane. (Imagine that) It's about my brain exploding because I can't decide what to do with that damn floor. The whole kitchen needs to be gutted but unless I win the lottery (which I don't play) it ain't happening anytime soon. I'm thinking a huge piece of linoleum for now.
What I haven't been doing is blogging. The computer is in this room. Which is/was the schoolroom. It makes me sad.
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Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Today is day three at public school for the girls. Day one went without a hitch. Both girls came home with big smiles.
Day two. Not so much. Mimi got off the bus, turned and smiled and waved to everyone, walked into the house and started to cry and she cried and incoherently blabbered about all her woes. Until she cried herself to sleep.
Because (yep I know you don't start a sentence with because) our town is soooooo poor they give all the children free breakfast. So my kids think that is really cool. Mimi doesn't eat anything at home (against my better judgement) and gets on the bus withoput eating a thing. Gets to school and goes to put her backpack in her classroom and the teacher tells her to sit down because once your in the room your in. She tries to say she didn't eat but she still couldn't leave the room. So Marian went without food from 6pm the night before until 11:10am. Something happens to Marian if she doesn't eat. She turns into Marian the Barbarian. It's not pretty. I've had her tested and everything. So here's a kid that now is on the verdge of breakdown. She proceedes with her day only to look at the blackboard and see her name on it. (that's REALLY not a good thing) Then on top of that she gets a C on her paper because she missed part of a question that was written on the whiteboard. Which is why her name got on the blackboard. Whew.....Which leads up to the coming home and flipping out. She doesn't do change well......

Chrissy comes home from school with two birthday party invatations and buttload of math. It took her two and a half hours to do it all. With help from Dave. She could have been done in a hour but I couldn't get her to stop talking. In her class the boys are trying to match her up and become someones girlfriend. She thinks his name is Steve but isn't sure because she's never even seen him. He's in another class.  She also said it's very hard to consintrate because the boys are "very disrespectful".
Chrissy then has basketball practice last night and when we get to the gym the 6th grade boys are still practicing. All of the girls huddle up and become oxy morons. All they could do is giggle, slap at each other and trip over air and fall on the ground. I think the boys really dug it.

So as I'm waiting for the last few minutes before the bus comes I have to wonder about what the rest of this year will bring. Boyfriends? I hope not. (dave said he secretly wishes both girls were twenty pounds overweight so the boys won't look at them) Will Mimi be able to pull it together? Do I let Christina go to the dance? Will I buy both girls a pair of Ugg Boots? (Some poor town huh? the girls are wearing Ugg boots but can't afford food)
Bus is here!!!!!!!!

UPDATE: Marian just let me know that she really has no idea why her name was on the board. The C she received on her paper stood for correct.