Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I aint got nothing

I've been a terrible blogger as of late. I can think of all kinds of things to write about but I just don't do it. Partly because I have been sick, partly because all of my kids have been sick but mostly because I'm lazy. I like lazy.
If a job came available for someone to lay around or walk aimlessly around the house I would be your girl. I have it down pat. I haven't even been watching much TV. Well I take that back. Monday I was  sick but had to stay awake because Dane might get into the FLUFF again, and I watched an entire day of HGTV.
I now know how to buy, sell and decorate a house with a little money or a huge amount of money. Too bad some of these people didn't have taste. ICK and double ICK. I truly am addicted to some of these shows.

I am finally almost over my head cold. I didn't think that much snot could come out of one person. Neither could my husband. He, on more than one occasion, claimed that my snot was going to make him puke. I now feel bad for my kids. They all had this before I did and now I truly know how awful they felt. Especially Dane because he still hasn't got the hang of nose blowing yet.

Well I'm done for now. We are getting ready for more crazy weather. Will it rain or will it snow?


KimberlyDi said...

I aint got nothing either. Don't feel bad. I'm in a rut. I have a routine and I'm keeping that routine but anything above and beyond that? Nothing, nadda.

A creative thought? Nope.

I am thankful that there is nothing terrible wrong with my life that insires me to write. There's that. :)

FishermansDaughter said...

I'm hoping for rain and weather above freezing to avoid a repeat of that whole nasty ice storm last year. So far so good. Sorry to hear you're still not feeling well. (HUG)

Stacy D. Briefing said...

Sorry you all have had "the crud".

If you need an assistant at your new job...let me know. :)

HGTV-how did we ever exist before this channel?!!!

Eagerly awaiting spring....

Mama Goose said...

"I'm your girl"!! Snort!!!

What weather did you get? All we got was rain and crazy wind. Schools were closed yesterday because of it.

Now that your feeling better lets get planning another get-together, K?

Frank said...

I've been a crappy blogger too. It's not that my life is overly dull and nothing is happening, it's just that the past few weeks I haven't really had the urge to write...hopefully now that it's getting (a little) warmer out, I'll get my mojo back.

I am Barking Mad said...

I've been pretty bad too lately...and it's definitely a lazy AND an "I don't really care" kinda thing. I'm hoping that I'm starting to come out of my shell a little bit.

And now, I'm back to catch up on YOUR blog! Because not only have I been neglecting my own blog, but everyone else's too!

Audrey at Barking Mad!

FishermansDaughter said...

Miss you. Hope you're feeling better.