Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Today is day three at public school for the girls. Day one went without a hitch. Both girls came home with big smiles.
Day two. Not so much. Mimi got off the bus, turned and smiled and waved to everyone, walked into the house and started to cry and she cried and incoherently blabbered about all her woes. Until she cried herself to sleep.
Because (yep I know you don't start a sentence with because) our town is soooooo poor they give all the children free breakfast. So my kids think that is really cool. Mimi doesn't eat anything at home (against my better judgement) and gets on the bus withoput eating a thing. Gets to school and goes to put her backpack in her classroom and the teacher tells her to sit down because once your in the room your in. She tries to say she didn't eat but she still couldn't leave the room. So Marian went without food from 6pm the night before until 11:10am. Something happens to Marian if she doesn't eat. She turns into Marian the Barbarian. It's not pretty. I've had her tested and everything. So here's a kid that now is on the verdge of breakdown. She proceedes with her day only to look at the blackboard and see her name on it. (that's REALLY not a good thing) Then on top of that she gets a C on her paper because she missed part of a question that was written on the whiteboard. Which is why her name got on the blackboard. Whew.....Which leads up to the coming home and flipping out. She doesn't do change well......

Chrissy comes home from school with two birthday party invatations and buttload of math. It took her two and a half hours to do it all. With help from Dave. She could have been done in a hour but I couldn't get her to stop talking. In her class the boys are trying to match her up and become someones girlfriend. She thinks his name is Steve but isn't sure because she's never even seen him. He's in another class.  She also said it's very hard to consintrate because the boys are "very disrespectful".
Chrissy then has basketball practice last night and when we get to the gym the 6th grade boys are still practicing. All of the girls huddle up and become oxy morons. All they could do is giggle, slap at each other and trip over air and fall on the ground. I think the boys really dug it.

So as I'm waiting for the last few minutes before the bus comes I have to wonder about what the rest of this year will bring. Boyfriends? I hope not. (dave said he secretly wishes both girls were twenty pounds overweight so the boys won't look at them) Will Mimi be able to pull it together? Do I let Christina go to the dance? Will I buy both girls a pair of Ugg Boots? (Some poor town huh? the girls are wearing Ugg boots but can't afford food)
Bus is here!!!!!!!!

UPDATE: Marian just let me know that she really has no idea why her name was on the board. The C she received on her paper stood for correct.


Mama Goose said...

Stay tuned for the next episode of "Days of Our Cow Town"!

Sorry. This just sounds exactly like my experience of being the new kids (me and my sister) in school (5th grade for me) in a town of 400 people... Oh! The drama!

Give the girls a hug from me and I'm mixing you something strong and putting an umbrella in it. You WILL get through this. All of you.
Hang in there.

Stacy D. Briefing said...

"C" for correct???! How about "A" for asinine, "B" for bitch slap....sorry, got off on a tangent. ;)

I hope all the kinks get worked out soon! Can you put a snack in her backpack/bookbag for emergency meltdown situations? A girl's gotta eat!

Meanwhile, don't worry too much about the education aspect. Who needs learnin' anyways?! Apparently, it's all about who you get "matched up" with and if you get the UGG boots to go with it ...LOL! Wishing YOU much strength (and humor) to deal with it all!!!

Frank said...

I wish "C" stood for correct all the time...high school would have gone a LOT better...