Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What we've been doing

Playing basketball. Two kids, each with two practices twice a week and two games on Saturday. At different schools and sometimes at the same time. (Do you see Chrissy in that huddle of kids? She the short one. I hope she grows this year. If not she said she wants to have her legs broke and steel rods installed. Which is why I wish she'd grow.)
Dave's working. All the time. Seven days a week. If he's not on the road then he's in the office. If he's not in the office he's cutting firewood. You get the picture.
This picture isn't about Dane. (Imagine that) It's about my brain exploding because I can't decide what to do with that damn floor. The whole kitchen needs to be gutted but unless I win the lottery (which I don't play) it ain't happening anytime soon. I'm thinking a huge piece of linoleum for now.
What I haven't been doing is blogging. The computer is in this room. Which is/was the schoolroom. It makes me sad.
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FishermansDaughter said...

Getting caught up on projects is a GREAT productive way to take your mind off being sad over the whole school thing. What's wrong with the floor the way it is? I'll post a picture of the car wreck of my kitchen floor - bet it makes you laugh! Sounds like the girls are adjusting well. ((HUG))

My word is hunistas

Latin honey eaters?

Stacy D. Briefing said...

Hmmmm, wonder if it's too late for me to have my legs broken and steel rods installed...probably. Although, I hear old bones DO break easier. ;)

I hear ya on the flooring issue. My tile is popping up again thru-out my downstairs AGAIN. No budget for new flooring. So for now I'm re-gluing it and calling it "Shabby-Cheap" LOL!

Frank said...

I kind of wish I had steel rods in my legs...I'd be like the bionic man. Or at the very least, I wouldn't get stress fractures when I run like I did in college...