Monday, March 8, 2010

Barn Door

I ran into a little problem over the weekend. And this darn door caused it. Last week when I was out taking some pictures, I snapped this photo. This is the same barn door that fell on top of Mimi when she Dane's age. Dumb door. It's on an old slider and we (meaning Dave) thought he had fixed it. Him being pretty good at stuff like that I was surprised to see it on the ground. So I snapped a few pictures of it and went on my merry way.
The problem started yesterday when my loving husband went to go cut some wood. He came back inside a few minutes later and said,"The barn door fell." I didn't think anything of it and I said,"Yeah, I knew that." Then in my excitement of telling him not only did I know that but I took pictures of it.
His reaction wasn't quite what I expected. I'm not sure what I expected to be honest.

Dave: You knew the door had fallen?

Me: Yes, I just said that.

Dave: Your not just being a Monday morning quarter back here are you?

Me: WTF? No, I just told you it was on the ground and I took pictures of it.

Dave: When?

Me: When what?

Dave: When did YOU take pictures of the BARN DOOR ON THE GROUND?

Me: I dunno, the other day, maybe Tuesday. But I think I heard it fall last Friday when the wind was blowing really hard. I heard a big bang that day.

At this point Dave's face is looking a little funny I hafta say.

Dave: So let me get this right? You heard a big bang over a week ago and you didn't go see what it was.
(This was not a question people) Then when you do finally go out back and see that the barn door is on the ground, you take pictures of it. Is that right?

Me: Sighing, ummmm, yeah. At this point I'm thinking is this a trick question.

Dave: Did it EVER occur to you that maybe on Friday you should have told me about a big bang? Or even better yet when you went out back and saw the door ON THE GROUND. Maybe instead of taking pictures of it for your BLOOOOGGGG, you should have told me?

Me: Humph, I wasn't even gonna post those pictures, but now you've given me something to write about I think I will. Thanks.
Dave: Your Welcome, glad that I can be of service.

I don't think he was serious though.
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Stacy D. Briefing said...

LOL! You should innocently tell him you were not taking pics for your bloooogggg... But being the organized, insightful, totally on top of it quarter back that you are-you were taking photos of all the items inside the barn for insurance purposes- in case anything was stolen before the barn door was repaired. Hee-hee!

Got your back girlie! :)

carsick said...

I love it Stacy!!!!! I wish I could have been that witty. But alas I'm just a Moday Morning Quarterback.