Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Come in with the milk

Today's post has nothing to do with milk. I just like saying that. I was also up most of the night because I couldn't sleep and Leo was on the boob tube and every time I see him I have to say, "Come in with the milk." When the kids got up and came in to get breakfast I said, "Come in with the milk." Marian said the milks in the fridge and I just got up. I don't have milk. Chrissy just rolled her eyes and asked if I had peed in any bottles.
Today I was going to stack this lovely pile of wood. The key word was, well, was. It's just too big and I'm too lazy today. My excuse will be that I didn't have anywhere to put Dane while I did it. Since we are do to get another inch and a half of rain I think that the excuse will wash. So to speak.
I took a picture from the barn window to try and show you how our back yard resembles a lake. The windows are so dirty and it's so grey out that this was the best picture of the bunch. It really is this gloomy out. I can't wait to go on vacation. Except for the fact that I don't like to fly nor do I want to put my entire family all on the same flight. That's a story for another day. If I talk about it, all of my irrational fears will pop out and we won't be going anywhere. Except to the mud hole of the back yard.
I have also decided that before we leave the homestead that a few things need to be taken care of. I decided all closets need to be cleaned and at least half of the basement needs to be sorted and gone through. Sounds easy enough. The girls room was cake. In and out in half a day. I also went through all their drawers and sorted winter from summer and did a huge Goodwill run. Danes room was a little harder. You see I haven't got rid of anything of his. Something in my head is saying if you get rid of the baby clothes you will not be having anymore. (Babies) Agh! I love babies. I want more babies. I wanted to have ten kids. I didn't even make it to five. Then on top of that my cousin called me and said she knows a family that really needs clothes and that I should get off my buns and pack up what I have and fork them over. So I have packed up what was in Dane's room and put the bins in the van. (Six Rubbermaid bins full, this does not include what I have in the basement.) So sad:(
Today, if I ever get off the computer, I am cleaning the bathroom and hall closets. Bathroom will be cake. Hall closet is full of my moms clothes. All I can say is, Come in with the milk.
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FishermansDaughter said...

Oy and, if it's any comfort, you're leagues ahead of me in the moving on from no more babies. Bean is 8, yesterday I went downstairs to look for something and tripped over his infant carrier.
Oy. Again.

My word is



Stacy D. Briefing said...

I have a few plastic totes full of baby/toddler clothes too. One day I would like to have a quilt made from them- to keep me warm (inside and out) when I'm older. :)

Good luck on the chore list! All I can say to that is...come in with the Kahlua and milk. LOL!