Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Cookie Day

This past weekend we had had two days of marathon baking. I mean I like to bake as well as the next person but two days standing in the kitchen takes alot out of you. We did have great amounts of fun. Only Kadie can get these kind of smiles from her sisters. They drove me crazy asking when Kadie's coming and when we had to make a trip out to pick up important items I forgot to buy (like butter) they kept saying hurry home Kadie will get there before us. Jeez, you think she was company or something. Personally I think she only comes to use the washer. As a matter of fact, I'm expecting that kind of a phone call any minute.
Saturday I really didn't have to do much. I made the dough and Kadie and the girls did the rest. I became chief dish and bottle washer. I didn't mind. It was more fun watching Kadie as she tried to explain to her younger siblings what to do next without throttling them. Every once in awhile Kadie would look at me and say," I wasn't this bad was I?" In which I would just laugh. She was an only child for eleven years. She was so easy to amuse but if there would have been two of her I just don't know.
This is slacker. All she wanted to do is drink my Dr. Pepper, made with real sugar and go outside and play. I don't think she decorated as many cookies as she ate.

I thought Sunday was going to be an easy day. Or sort of easy. We have church at 8:30 and it gets out at 10:00. We need to leave by 8:05 to be on time for check in. When we get home we have a lunch and this Sunday we thought we'd work outside. We have an early dinner and I take Chrissy to Youth Group and stay in town until she's ready to come home. Nothing works out.
At 7:00 am we notice steam pouring out of the wood boiler. This means that the boiler is too hot and the boiler is releasing steam to cool itself down. (I'm not sure why it does this maybe so it won't blow up or wreck all of the pipes and motor it is connected to.")
Anyway, its not good. (This happens rarely) What we have to do is use hot water to bring the temperature down. So I put three kids in two showers and told them to have at it, they could stay in as long as they want. Or until we yell for them to get out. I ran the dishwasher and washed a load of whites in hot water. Plus I took a shower. The darn thing was still running hot. AGH!
Dave gets it under control and I take the girls to church and he's going to shower and bring Dane with him. The girls and I were twenty minutes late for church and Dave and Dane were thirty five minutes late. (Our service runs at least ninety minutes)
Then on the way home Chrissy tells me that the boys are doing something different than the girls are at youth group and they are getting all kinds of munchies for free and so to counter that, she wants to make cupcakes. One hundred of them all decorated for spring. Oh, and she wants to bake them. I won't bore you with the rest of the afternoon I'm sure you all know that she got bored after the first batch and I got to do the rest. We made it to youth group by 5:30 and hung out in town until 8:00 and then slugged our way home and fell into bed.
What happened to Sunday being a day of rest?
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Stacy D. Briefing said...

100 cupcakes by 5:30....WOW! You definitely get extra Mommy points for agreeing to that! I too wonder what happened to the day of rest around here sometimes. :)

Mama Goose said...

Seriously? 100 cupcakes? Holy Hannah, woman! You're a saint!!

(and my word is "truper" - so it's true!!)

Looks like the kids had fun!