Friday, May 28, 2010

Weekend Plans

This weekend we are going to mow the lawn. Gotta love a mower without an engine. She's not.
Working in the garden.
Having a bonfire. As many as we can.
And mowing more lawn. And mowing more lawn after that. Oh and we will will go to the Memorial Day Parade. Least We Forget!!!!

Chrissy left this morning at 5:15am for the annual 6Th grade trip to Boston. We were up at 4:00 to make sure she was beautiful in time. I tried to talk her in to sleeping til 5 and wearing a baseball cap but she wouldn't hear of it. She's a real bear unless she's had a half hour shower. Her teacher assigned homework last night. It was to take a shower and put on a lot of deodorant before coming to school. I can't imagine why. Hee hee Parents are not allowed to go, apparently they tried to run the show when they were allowed. Kids aren't allowed to call and texts their parents and vice versa. You can talk about it when you get home. So I did what any parent would do. I stood in a group of parents with my teeth chattering waiting for her to board the bus then jumped into my van and followed it to the interstate. But before that I instructed Chrissy how to sneak in the bathroom to text me if she needed or wanted to. You won't get in trouble if you don't get caught. So I'll wait through this day until she arrives back in town late tonight all tired from her adventure, make her some cocoa and drive her crazy asking her about her day until she falls asleep with head on her arms at the kitchen table.
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Thursday, May 27, 2010

DO not read this post unless you want to know how strange I am

I have had a real humdinger of a few weeks. I've been whiny, bitchy, sad and angry. With everyone. Not all the time, just when the people who love me aren't expecting it. It makes for a nice surprise for them. Then on Tuesday morning I really had a breakdown. You see my sister is in town and we were going out to see her in the afternoon. We couldn't wait to go. I was having the girls excused early from school so we could have a great afternoon.
I was going to make Irish Cream brownies for dessert. (Among a few other things like watermelon.) Dave had other ideas. Even though he wasn't supposed to be going with us. (Work gets in the way) He informed me, no, he TOLD me, that I and his children didn't need brownies and I couldn't make them. And did I really need brownies any way? You can imagine how I handled this piece of information. I went frickin nuts. Then the kids got up and were slow to get moving and my morning got worse. After I finally got them to school and got Dane to quit saying, "Are you mad at me mommy?" I just layed my head on the table and cried. And cried and cried. You never know how much you talk to someone until they are dead. I still talk but I don't get an answer.
I am so lonely. I have no one to talk to about the little things in life. About a month ago Dane and I went to Goodwill and I found a pair of Packers Crocs. A big score in our house since Dave is a cheese head. When I got back to the Church parking lot where I was waiting for Chrissy I called my mom to tell her. We all know how that went don't we? So when I pulled myself together I thought I'll call my Dave and tell him. (Now I should have known how this would go.) Let us say he didn't give a flying fuck about a pair of shoes. Which made me feel even worse. I really am alone. I have no friends. We as a couple have no friends. Which is how my husband likes it. Friends cause problems he says. We don't have time for anyone else. (Before you jump all over Dave, I have have to agree with him, sort of.) My next post will be, Anyone who says that they have a perfect marriage is full of shit.
So anyway, getting back to our afternoon of fun, I picked the kids up from school and when we got back to the house Dave was home. To show a united front for the kids, he went with us to my sisters. Where we had a great swim and an awesome boat ride. The weather was beautiful. I didn't make brownies. I probably will never make them again. I am hurt and confused to why our life is falling apart.
It's probably because I don't have a job and therefore don't bring anything to the table. So to speak.
Oh, there I go off subject again. Sorry. Does anyone know what is in the next picture?
They are moms ashes. Well the rest of them. (sob) Which is why I was so stressed out I think.
And here's my baby girl giving grammy a hug. Well her ashes anyway. We are a messed up family I tell ya! We all miss my mom.
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Monday, May 24, 2010

White Mountains

When I go to work with Dave for the day I know (after going many times) that I'm not going to be able to do everything I want to do. After all we are where ever we are because he's WORKING. So he tells me every time I complain that we can't stop and visit or take pictures. Darn his work. It always interferes with my good time.
I was especially nervous going with him this time. My carsickness and mountains don't mix well. I almost didn't go. Almost.
Though I didn't get sick (thank you baby Jesus and good drugs) our time was delayed because of road construction. A lot of road construction. Because of the road construction (AGH!!!) we didn't get to get a bumper sticker that said THIS CAR CLIMBED MT. WASHINGTON. Because we didn't get to climb Mt. Washington, we ran out of time. I didn't even get to have a nice lunch. Blech. (I truly wonder why Dave still wants me to go anywhere with him I complain all the time)
What I did get was some spectacular views of the mountains. I just didn't get to stop and get out of the car to take pictures.
On the way home I was able to convince my lovey to "pull over" (can you say that like Eddie Murphy in Delirious) so I could take a picture of this:
Pretty neat huh?
In case you can't read it: This Sculpture By
Is Dedicated To The Memory Of
Owners of the
Bryant Pond Telephone Company
the very last hand cranked magnate
telephone system in the U.S.A.
They purchased the system in 1951
and operated it from their home
as a family business until selling it to
the Oxford Networks Company in 1981.
when it was integrated into the
national dial system.
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Friday, May 21, 2010


I never know what's going on in the backyard after dinner. Usually Dave takes everyone outback so I can clean up or do whatever I need to do to try and make our lives run smoothly.
They have been on a plane flying kick as of late. They spend quite a bit of time getting Chrissy's hair out of the propellers and climbing trees to retrieve the planes. Super glue has also been our good friend. So this one night when I was washing a butt load of dishes and trying to get a pan of Irish cream brownies in the oven, Chrissy comes bopping in the house. Her face is flushed and her eyes are shining and she says,"Mom come out front, we have something to show you!" I have to be honest here. I wasn't buying it. I figured they wanted me to get the dumb little plane out of the electric wires or something fun like that. Or maybe the plane landed in poop again. So I was really dragging my heels about going. Chrissy was persistent and when she said I don't know how much longer she can hold on I moved a little quicker.

Isn't this just nice!??? Of all the things we have to do in our backyard, this is what they do!!! I don't think that this specific machine was built for this purpose.
They were playing circus. Imagining that they were dangling fifty feet above the ground without a safety net below them. They were having a ball.
Even Little man got in on the fun. My heart couldn't take much more. I'm so uptight and this was pushing my brain. They weren't even in the backyard where no one would really see them. Nope right out in the driveway. Dave said, "No, no one will see us." "Besides, who's paying attention to what we do."
I'll tell you who was paying attention. At least six different neighbors (one of them was the one who called the police on us because Dave was giving the girls rides on the motorcycle, they were two and four, they were also on the sidewalk) also when Mimi went to school one of her teachers asked what that big machine she was swinging from was really used for. OH MY GOSH!!!! I've been trying to keep the house really clean so when the department of children's services come by I can try and convince them that we aren't bad parents and would never do anything to endanger them.
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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Gifts of Love

Is it fair to pick out your own Mother's Day gift? Only if you want to get what you want.
Last year I told my mom what I wanted. She asked. I told her I wanted a necklace with the kids names on it. She got me this delicate necklace with a mother and son on it. What happened to the rest of my kids? I hate it. It's too dainty. Not me, who is big. It belongs on someone Else's neck. I put it back in it's box and haven't taken it out since. I'm saving it for a special occasion. A very special occasion.

This year when I was asked I was asked by Kadie. What do you want for Mother's Day. Again I replied,"I want a necklace with all of your names on it." Something I can wear daily that's not gaudy. This is what I received:

I absolutely love it! It is exactly me. Except I'm allergic to silver and can only wear it for so long or I look like I have poison ivy on my neck. I had to go buy silver earrings to wear with it and now my ears itch like crazy. LIKE CRAZY MAN!!!!!!!
She ordered this from Hip Mom Jewelry. She said she looked for a long time and couldn't find anyone who did them in gold. So we'll keep looking for one in gold and in the mean time I'll slather Cortaid all over my neck and my ears. I have to tell you how wonderful daughters. Especially older daughters. Kadie knew I'd hate the necklace my mom got me. She even tried to talk her out of it. Little does she know that I'll pass it on to her when she has a son. Hee hee She then can pass it on to her sisters when they have sons, if she wants. Kadie made sure that I would get a necklace that I would wear. As a young woman she knows what she will wear and won't so she knew that it would be useless to get anything else. Now I have to step up to the plate and not buy her anymore clothing that I want her to wear, not what she will wear. Darn. Coogi bathing suits are expensive. So is Coach.

I thought I'd leave y'all with a beautiful picture of me, wearing my necklace. Aren't I stunning? I posed nicely for the camera and everything. I also had a few cocktails in me. It was a great night:)
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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Just So You'll Know

TeaBagged!1. To slap ones balls on another's forehead. 2. To wave ones balls on or near another's head, esp. as a victory ritual in online games

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


One afternoon last week we found this dog on our porch. Trapper was trying to eat him, he didn't seem to mind he just kept putting his head and body in Trapper's mouth and wiggling around. I had to do a very quick intervention.
Since he had a collar on that had John Deere written all over it and no tags we called him JD for something to call him. The girls instantly wanted to keep him. He was very friendly and recently groomed so I knew someone was missing him. He little feet weren't all muddy and his paw pads were not split so I knew he hadn't traveled far. So I stuck him on a leash and walked around neighboring streets to see if his home was that close by. No such luck. Everyone had seen him running around in the past hour but no one knew who he belonged to. Why didn't any of these people try to help find his owner when they saw him running in the road? Jeez. So now I load up the kids in the van and chuck JD in and off we go. He immediately jumps on my lap and hangs out the window. Now I really know someone is missing this little guy. I was starting to secretly wish we wouldn't find his owner and we could keep him.

In order to get to our house you have to go over a bridge. I didn't think JD would cross this brindge on his own. Trapper won't, he swims across instead. Just to annoy me. But I drove across anyway and knocked on a few doors just in case. No luck in this direction either.
So I drove back across the bridge and headed up to Berta's house. You remember Berta!? My moms Hospice nurse. She lives up the street from me. And she LOVES dogs. I no sooner pull in the driveway and she comes out of the house saying,"What do we have here?" Darn I was hoping she knew. She didn't know who he belonged to either and I could see if I didn't find his owner I would have a real fight on my hands to keep him. Then one of our finest drove by and I flagged his non hard working ass down and asked if anyone had reported a lost dog. He said no and said he'd call animal control my way. I let him know that the ACD (animal control dude) and I go way back and he knows where I live. The non hard working finest said he knew where I lived too. hmmmnnnnn I wonder what he meant by that.
Anyway, we went up the road another mile and still no one who JD belonged to, so we came home. We spent two hours of our time that was enough. We took turns sitting on the steps holding JD until ACD came to get him. That was another hour and a half. Marian was convinced we could keep him. It was my turn to hold his leash and get bit by black flies when ACD pulled up in his old beat up truck, his wife sitting right next to him. He always makes me smile. He popped out of the truck and said,"I know who's dog this is, I chased him through fields for hours one night." He may or may not have said something vile under his breath. He told me where he lived so in the future if I found him I could run him home. He lives about three miles up the road from us so little JD really did some traveling.
Believe or not this kind of thing happens to us quite frequently. We are always finding dogs, cats and even horses in our yard and it always takes forever to find out where they belong. How do you not know your horse is gone? Dave said it's because I'll do anything to get out of cleaning the house or making dinner. I think he may be right.

ps. wish me luck tomorrow I'm going to work with Dave and we are driving through the mountains of Maine into New Hampster. I hope my puke pills work! I'll take lots of pictures.
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Tuesday, May 11, 2010


If you come to my house, PLEASE DO NOT SIT IN THIS CHAIR. Thanks, have a nice day.
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Monday, May 10, 2010

It's that time again

Soccer season has begun, no more laughing no more fun........... Remember the Quakers Meeting thing? Mimi plays on two soccer teams. One is an all girls and the other is a co ed. She has practice two nights a week plus two games on Saturdays. So our Saturday mornings are spent at the field. Her first game is at 8:30 and the second is at 10:30. Each game lasts an hour. So we have a hour in between for her to catch her breath. Usually we go to the park which is right beside the field.
This is where the monkeys spend most of their time. Dane loves this park and fortunately for me Chrissy loves to run after Dane in this park. Someone has to watch Mimi play soccer. Though lately I have been very paranoid. We recently watched The Lovely Bones and my lovely over active imagination has been in overdrive. Everyone is a monster. So even though Chrissy and I both have a cell phone on us I still spend my time running back and forth between the field and the park. I'm a nervous wreck. Thank goodness soccer only lasts 7 weeks and we are in our third now. My heart and brain couldn't take it. Chrissy has never given me any doubt about her abilities of being able to watch her little brother. She never loses sight of him and is very responsible. I know she would die to protect him. She wired that way. She also thinks she's tough. The problem is she's just a little thing. Her 9 year old sister is two inches taller than she is. We know this is her year to grow. We hope. It wouldn't take much for some monster to grab her. So you know how my brain works, I'm always paranoid.
Mimi, during all of my running around is playing soccer. She's the one who SHOULD BE running around. Instead as she sits here on the ball looking like she doesn't have a care in the world, her coach is calmly telling her what he wants her to do. I just love her coach. He is awesome. He really explains what is going on and the kids are always learning something new.
When Mimi's last game is over my cousin's son plays. He's four. So we can't leave just yet, have you ever watched four year old play soccer? No, well you should it the best entertainment you can get.
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Friday, May 7, 2010

They do what they know

Recently the girls had a dance at their school. It was called a Mother/Son, Father/Daughter, Family Masquerade. Oh and a Semi Formal. I don't know why they couldn't just call the damn thing the end of year dance.
But Mimi, all she would do was the robot. Everywhere she went she roboted (is that a word?) around. Man that kid has some round eyes. A little side note, I got their dresses at TJ Maxx on the mark down rack for three bucks each. We bought seven dresses that night. I couldn't get the girls to wear a more formal dress. We have all kinds of those on the closet but they wear them to Church functions and its old news to them to dress up. Some of the girls took dressing up very seriously. One little girl in the forth grade had on a pair of heels that were clear. They were taller than she was. Unfortunately for her she didn't get to put them to use on the dance floor. Her mom had a hot date and tried to just drop her at the door and go. She wasn't quick enough for our P.T.O. ladies who headed her off at the pass and let her know she had to stay with her child. That hot date was more important and little stripper to be had to go home. It was sad and I almost offered to keep her with me but than I had flashes of my future and seeing my girls in clear high heels with cigarettes hanging from their little pouty lips that were covered in red goo. Nope the kid had to go home.
Even Dane got his jive thing on. He danced around that place like he owned it. Thank goodness the event only last two hours. I don't think he would have lasted any longer.
It was funny to see them all out on the dance floor. At first the girls didn't want anything to do with each other. They danced and hung out with their own friends. After awhile they sort of gravitated to each other and where they go Dane goes.
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Monday, May 3, 2010

Chocolate Facials

Friday came over over because the girls had the day off of school. She brought chocolate facials with her. They smelled just like chocolate lip gloss. The Smackers kind. Though we were all tempted, we didn't taste. Except for Chrissy. She couln't help herself. Thankfully it washed out of clothing or we would have ruined our shirts.
We also did pedicures. Nothings too good for these kids. Please ignore the messy bookshelves. What can I say? I'm messy. And I have stuff. Oh boy do I have stuff. Anyone want some stuff? Anyone?
Even Dane got in on all the fun. We didn't give him a facial though. Him we wouldn't have been able to stop from eating it. As it was he kept trying to lick our faces.
We're not quite sure what she's doing here. When I asked her she said she thought she was smelling her feet to see if they stunk pretty. Thats my girl. At least she's not chewing her toenails. Not that any of my kids chew their toenails or anything. I'm admitting to nothing. Posted by Picasa